Friday, 13 February 2009

McCavity Brown, Never Ever Ever To Blame

"The Prime Mincer and someone he doesn't know"

Our beloved Prime Mentalist, The Great Saviour, Supreme Unelected Leader, Chosen By God, Wearer of The Piss Stained Trousers, implied at PMQ's that he barely knew "Sir" James Crosby, the man responsible for wrecking HBOS and for sacking the man who warned him that his business model was extremely risky. Gordon claims that "Sir James merely wrote a couple of reports for the government, and was no longer an adviser.

However, that's being extremely economical with the truth, a trait that runs through Gordon like a yellow streak through a coward, and has led to Fraser Nelson in the Spectator keeping track of the larger "Brownies". It's a long list and I don't propose to repeat it here.

It is also completely unbelievable that the control freak who interfers and micromanages everything did not make it his business to know what was going on at the FSA. Surely that would have been part of his remit as Chancellor, the one person with overall responsibility for the whole system of financial regulation that he himself had set up?

He's got prior form on this blind ignorance as well, claiming that he knew nothing about the huge loans that were bankrolling the election campaign he had insisted on managing, or the dodgy donations by proxy which he declared illegal and said would be returned. Anyone know if they actually have been, or confiscated by the Electoral Commission, or are they still in Labour's bank account?

The Penguin.


Menelaus said...

That picture was taken when Broon opened the offices of Intelligent Finance in March 2001.

I know, because I was standing about 20 feet from James Crosby when it was taken.

The Penguin said...

"I never ever had sex with that man!" claims Gordon Brown.

The Penguin.

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