Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lying To The Judges, Treating Us As Fools

I do not give a rat's arsefuck about the treatment that has allegedly been meted out to some foreign terrorist caught bang to rights in a foreign country and handed over to another foreign country to be imprisoned. I'm not at all keen to welcome the cunt back to dear old Blighty when he has so clearly demonstrated that he does not wish us well.

However, I do not appreciate the 12 year old twat who masquerades around pretending to be the Foreign Secretary blatantly lying to Judges over documents that might incriminate some creeps working in the "security services" and embarrass the government, who want to maintain the fiction that they are not involved in the dirtier parts of the "War on Terror".

Especially when the fuckwit hasn't got the sense to properly cover his tracks.

The Penguin


Shirking From Home said...

Succinctly put. He really is a bit of a twat. It's an embarrassment seeing him meet foreign dignitaries.

Anonymous said...

Having met some twats in my time, this twat is without doubt the twatiest of them all.

Mitch said...

Every time I see or hear him I cringe with embarrassment that he speaks for our country.

Arseholes said...

He's a fucking Bliar lookalike, talkalike and a bullshitalike.

In fact he's everything that is wrong with this fucking country and a bit more.


p.s. Have his balls dropped Mandy?

max the impaler said...

Looks like one of the phoney charity advertisements for genetic defects.

Anonymous said...

Surely, while a Minister of the Crown, he has acted against the best interests of the country he is meant to be serving (the UK for anyone in doubt). Isn't that an Act of Treason?

Anonymous said...

Is miliband the father of that 13 year old kid who recently fathered a kid with that fat slag?
They're ringers.

The Economic Voice said...

Doesn't he still wear shorts?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What an utter embarrasment he is.

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