Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Looks like thats my house

H/T Praguetory


Trough said...

Red ditch.

Says it all really...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

O/T Recently 'removed blogs'

Machiavelli ( too much about drugs' n stuff ? )

Bobs Blog http://paddyheartguinness.blogspot.com/
which recorded OH's little walk.

Electro Kevin

Maybe because Guthrum called him a fuckwit at OH the day before but who knows ?

Tractor Stats


Anonymous said...

Anti Government Bloggers in Iran are now arrested and thrown inside.
There is no doubt that is what Labour are heading for.

lilith said...

Banned or compulsory,

E-K has just stopped for a bit as he has a lot on. I don't think calling him a fuckwit would stop him blogging :-)

Guthrum said...

calling him a fuckwit would stop him blogging :-)

I should hope not !

Captain Swing said...

Anyone know what happened to Tractor Stats.
Has he given up or has he been

Anonymous said...

No doubt the nomination papers will soon join the election records from Glenrothes, in becoming "lost" before any more inconvenient truths come to light.

Rightwinggit said...

Can you make it bigger?

I can't read it.

Anonymous said...

That fucker Guido set up the sunshine centre for open politics with Young Tory arsehole friends, but deletes every comment to that effect on his blog, because it makes him look like a dick.

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