Friday, 20 February 2009

Let me explain 'Quantative Easing' to the Drones That Vote Labour

It is as if you are a beer-maker and the Government pitches up at your warehouse in the dead of night with a truck of water and a truck-load of barrels. It breaks in without permission, waters down your beer and takes away barrels of beer for its own use. Because it gets first dibs on the barrels, those least diluted will be taken away. You wake up and count your barrels and all seems ok. When you come to sell your beer you find there is more in the marketplace and what you have is weaker, so the price you get is lower. Your beer is now less valuable yet the State has beer - money - it never had.

It is theft, pure and simple.

Tim Carpenter

H/T Obnoxio- The Chicago Tea Party

Congratulations to Alex Hilton- Labour Candidate for Chelsea & Fulham for bailing on Nick Ferrari's Show recorded last night 'How Corrupt Are Our MP's'

Questions may have got a bit sticky, so best not get asked them Eh ?

Have You All Had Enough Yet ?


Letters From A Tory said...

Ah, what a beautiful sight - politics explained through the medium of beer.

And yes, Hilton is an idiot.

Gordon Brown said...

I am the man - the very fat man - that waters the workers' beer.

And pay packets.

And savings.

wv - vullva

Mark Wadsworth said...

You have explaine what Labour hope to achieve (subsidising home-owners at the expense of savers), but the credit/asset price bubble was far too big and is bursting faster than they can put new money in.

Like Japan's 'lost decade'.

As a net saver, I'd prefer tight money and deflation, but seeing as I made my money from selling property (itself a form of legalised theft) it would be hypocritical of my to whine too hard. A Daily Mail reader I am not.

WV: longsmob

Oldrightie said...

Labour destroy. It is in their genetic make up. Scorched earth policy has been updated by Snotty and his shit crowd to Armageddon.

AngryDave said...

These fuckers will not be happy until they have destroyed the whole economy, then they will nationalise EVERYTHING, and will control every aspect of our lives and spending. Which is what they wanted all along.

Anonymous said...

Thieving cunts! Actually an incentive for Sharia Law (no, not really). But couldn't you just see them all with their bloody stumps?
I'm surprised at Alex Hilton bailing out of the programme - I thought he was one of the Labour 'good guys'. However, he appears to have been 'got at' by the 'Party machinary' over that asinine Dez Drooper's threats on LabourLost & LabourHome & has probably been 'got at' again over this. When Labour want someone to express an opinion, they'll tell them what that opinion is......Freedom, ah, don't you just love it? Well, I will when I see some in the UK.

Gareth said...

Perhaps Labour would rather see lots of people renting homes from nationalised banks, and let hubris and greed do it's stuff to achieve it.

A number of them will be gleeful at the taxpayer's recent purchases.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a picture of Her Maj in profile, facepalming?

I hope to do some "quantitative easing" of my own.

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

I do not agree with Alex Hilton's politics, but I do wish this fellow political blogger a speedy recovery from the bacterial meningitis which seems to have confined him to hospital

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