Sunday, 1 February 2009

Kill a baby, save a tree

Jonathon Porritt, yesterday

From The Sunday Times
February 1, 2009

COUPLES who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.

Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission, says curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming.

I have six children. He may have a point. Where's my shotgun?

Seriously, last week they want to stop us eating what we are designed to eat (meat) and this week they want us to kill our children. In the name of the "environment".

I'm off to punch an Eco Warrior. Really hard.


The Penguin said...

And apparently Muslims are outbreeding Christians.

I wonder who is going to tell them?

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

So do you think population can continue to grow forever? We're doubling about every thirty years or so, so in your kids lifetime we could reach 24 billion people.

Do we talk about that, or just let it happen and try to react afterward?

Barnsley Bill said...

penguin beat me to the most obvious comment.
But you guys will keep taking it until the lights go out.

Old Holborn said...

Muslims outbreeding the rest of us?


Attention has also focussed on the cost for a single mother of raising 14 children. Her parents filed for bankruptcy with liabilities of nearly $1 million last year, but Mrs Suleman said she has now paid her debts.

Her Palestinian-born husband, the children's grandfather, has said he intends to return to a contractor's job in Iraq as a translator to help pay for their upbringing. Ms Suleman, who worked as a psychiatric assistant until starting her family, is on welfare payments.

Screech said...

population control Chinese style heading our way do you think? Could mean less chavs on the streets which can't be a bad thing can it? I've fathered my share so i'm alright Jack.

Mitch said...

Could we apply this monumentally stupid idea retroactively? Browns mom had too many shoot the cunt and as for that Porrit bloke wow! words fail me.

JD said...

The ignorance around 'overpopulation' is staggering. The most prosperous parts of the world are the most 'overpopulated'. People produce wealth. Nature does not.
The best information on this subject can be found in Julian Simon's book, 'The Ultimate Resource'.

Anonymous said...

It's all about extremely difficult decisions. For example, I work part-time in a west African country that has virtually no natural resources, and gets progressively more arid away from the coast. The population increase is about 3.2% pa. As Anon 10.18 says, it doubles in about 30 yrs. Here, AIDS mortality is very low.

Today, the locals can just about make it on traditional agriculture. And, btw, African agriculture can be highly efficient (inter-cropping, for example - mixing crops to deter disease, like tobacco and another crop). A town dweller can eat and survive, just, on about 20p per day. Villagers on much less because they are self-feeding and self-housing. Of course, Aid and International experts stuff everything up: Ooohhh! must have exports! You should wreck an entire county's traditional agriculture and grow an export crop. Cotton! Yes! High price! Loads of pesticides! Super. So they do it and the price of cotton drops. Everyone stuffed, permanently.

So the villagers are frightened and want more kids to protect them in their old age. Not realising that traditional agriculture is the best way forward because it is low cost input and high value output, and they don't need hordes of children to offset mortality. Medicine is vastly improved and freely available and most youngsters survive now; and they know about contraception.

Without food security, everyone wants more children (that's traditional anyway).

Advisors and government want a cash economy based around exports (so they can import cars, energy sources, and everything else).

Dismantling the village economy brings less security.

Less security means more children.

Round we go.

Nobody wants stability - there must be growth. Why? Because it is a cash economy now, not mostly barter. And that means the currency depreciates because it is paper loosely based on a regional economy, unlike their old wealth of gold, so there has to be perpetual growth. Just like here. It is a disaster if there is financial stability. Inflation is endemic and has to be paid for.

It isn't nice, but population growth has to stop. We can't go on eating Chilean blueberries and Kenyan runner beans in the UK. Africa can't go on importing beaten up cars, crap phones and watches, pesticides and medicine that don't contain what's on the label, and secondhand european clothing.

I really believe that there has to be an end to population growth, somehow. End of rant, sorry, it just happened, stream of consciousness and all that.


Where have I heard this before said...

Good to see their real opinions coming out, this sort of thing might mean the other statements of Porritt and others are re-examined and ignored.

Or, do you say to Porritt - great idea!! But lets refine it a bit, try a bit of Eugenics. Got no qualifications? Snip. Live in a council house? Snip. Not a local? Snip. And so on. Pretty sure you could get Porritt into a discussion on the subject, lead him down this route, and assuming a suitable record was kept of his agreeing (or just not disagreeing) the resulting shitstorm would ensure his green statements would never see the light of day again.

Or (best of all) do you try to encourage him and other Greens to discuss the 'solution' of Euthanasia - such a nice clean word that, much better than what you'd normally say. I'd have not problem if he started with himself and the others with his views, but I suspect like others before him there'd be vital reasons for a special exemption for him and the others.

While I could accept an argument that those existing purely off the State should be encouraged not to breed (as in not given any incentive/payment to do so) - if you want to, make sure you're in a position to afford it!! - the views of Porritt and the others in the Times like that doctor are scary. It's like we're on a full-blown return to the most unpleasant parts of the 1930s.

Though of course, just like the 30s for some people things will be great; they'll get the money, the power, and an opportunity to force their (in their minds) Righteous ideas on the proles.

Thank fuck I've got a way out sorted.

Dick the Prick said...

Best get some good porn and have a wank then eh?

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 10.18 - Europeans aren't doubling their population - it's immigrants and immigration. As mozzies can't drink and rape anything that moves they just churn out the little inbred fucks.

Ok - bit over the top. I was watching the excellent John Adams series last night and got to wondering whether our system of government has just run its course.

The 2 main arguments for nation status are a national bank and army. Why not build down instead of up. I don't fucking know anything anymore and not being able to drink is getting right on my tits.

Anonymous said...

Just enough of me a little too much of you is that right?
Some cow in the Guardian was on about the same thing now if these middle class socialists think there are too many people its obvious what to do. Go on you know it make sense top yourselves now.

Henry North London said...

|Ah yes but lets face it if the obvious cultural and sentimental sensitivities were taken down one year old babies are very tender and roast well in an oven

So you save the planet and eat meat at the same time.

Of course I'm going to be flame grilled for suggesting that we eat babies but what are lamb, veal, and chickens but baby versions of the animals that they are.

If the oil runs out and it will in our lifetime and there are shortages which there will be I can see that some inconspicuous cannibalism is going to creep in

After all why feed an extra mouth when it can feed you for a few days

Of course Im talking about a scenario that thankfully will never happen but already Afghans are selling their children to rich people who will look after them It doesnt take much of a jump before children would be sold as food directly...

Depends on the desperation of the situation and no I would find it morally reprehensible but depends on how hungry and starved I was in a chaos and anarchy situation.

Bring on the flame throwers

Chalcedon said...

I have three daughters. My wife and I are criminals and must be punished with compulsory sterilisation or some such no doubt. Now if these twats in government want a stable population, firstly they shouldn't let in a few million non-EU nationals as they have in the past 11 years. They should also stop handing out work permits and national insurance numbers like sweets. And they should stop acting like they hate everyone in the country so much, ease taxation and stop trying to crucify anyone who drives a car, to stop the mass exodus.

Chalcedon said...

As for the overpopulation of the planet. There won't be enough water. There will be wars. Someone will decide the best way to reduce the global population is to turn a fair old bit on Earth to radioactive glass. Problem solved.

0x1B said...

That fact is that we will eventually have to implement population control.
Unfortunately, humans are too stupid to do anything difficult until well after it is unavoidable.
The ONLY good answer to the worlds' problems is to reduce the population to the point where we can sustain ourselves and our planet.
One day, we would/will be able to support 6 or even 20 billion people, but today we do not have that ability and we should recognize it.
This effort should start in countries where there exists sufficient social systems for the aging. We should not expect 3rd world countries to solve this problem

Anonymous said...

I think i just threw up.

Labour will have to rig the election(nothing new there)
to even get a single vote!

Hands up those who still think the NWO is a myth? no one want to say tin foil or Lazards? go on - it makes you feel warm fuzzy and ignorant!

You sure?

penny finally fucking dropped has it?

Anonymous said...

"some inconspicuous cannibalism is going to creep in"
It already has it's called Chrisianity this is my blood and this is my flesh ooh yummy!

Henry Crun said...

0X1B: "The ONLY good answer to the worlds' problems is to reduce the population to the point where we can sustain ourselves and our planet"

So who do we start with first? The Jews? The Muslims? Or the Niggers?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Quite Henry, some mad bitch found her way into my car some months ago and started moaning on " oh, there are so many cars, oh, there are too many peeeeple... "
"You are so right, who should we kill first ? "
That shut the barmy bint up.

Population Control; read Malthus An Essay on the Principle of Population on the other hand, don't bother since he was spectacularly wrong.

Anonymous said...

demolish a mosque and plant a tree

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