Monday, 9 February 2009

Just Who Gave Hospital Doctors The Right To Imprison Us?

Disturbing tale from Poole
, where a young mother was effectively imprisoned for 3 days and nights after doctors decided she was possibly guilty of harming her child, who had suffered a small burn from a central heating pipe. This despite glowing references from her health visitor and family doctor.

What happened to the presumption of innocence? Who gave these NHS doctors the power to imprison innocent people? Why do these institutions seem bereft of common sense?

What will David Cameron and his Tories do to reverse this nonsense?

The Penguin


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Over-cautious re-action to Baby P probably.
What is to be done ?

Guthrum said...

Not a lot

Anonymouslemming said...

Hang on a sec... Didn't this blog get up in arms over the Baby P thing? Weren't people here shouting for more to be done?

Well, now more is being done. Turns out that's not such a good thing after all.

something must be done said...


are you as venal as the mob that is engerlaand

im sure you whined like a bitch against the paediatricians involved in CP work and supported the campaign against them

then whined like a bigger bitch when the trailer trash in this country abuse and sometimes kill their own kin

why do paediatricians no longer want to work in child protection. they are vilified by ill informed, reactionary this as pig shit characheters not unlike yourself

did you not call for a 2 minute silence and book of condolence for baby p while visiting london social work departments to give "dirty looks"

and those doctors. trying to poison our poor children with mmr to make them autistic. and you cant even beat children any more.

whining bitch

The Penguin said...

Yeah, something should be done - like getting you to learn how to spell, or type, or both.

If you can't see that this was way way out of proportion then you are a bigger cunt than you appear to be.

The Penguin

mothers against paediatricians said...

if one suspects a child has been or is the victim of abuse, those charged with the care of that child are honour bound to keep said infant in place of safety - such as a hospital word

while it may inflame you delicate senses, this country is packed to the rafters with uncaring, violent and abusive parents

if chubby mummy was kept in hospital for a few days and missed trisha and chips and a pint, so be it

nhs direct said...


and i went to a+e and they put me into prison on a ward

and they gave me poison in my veins - they said it was medicine but how stupid do they think i am

how very dare they

i know my rights

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