Friday, 27 February 2009

Just keep pushing, one day we are going to push back

The Wild West Yorkshire Police, you know the ones always appearing in Stop Traffic Heli cops every week, have smashed their way into a house because of a suspect heat source that could be a cannibis factory- it was a wood burning stove FFS.

Sir Norman Bettison - Chief Constable in charge of these cowboys.

Following his appointment, Sir Norman said: “Policing is an exciting and challenging job. We often have to deal with the most serious of incidents whilst, at the same time the communities we serve rightly demand the very best standards of policing.

Until we have directly elected Chief Constables this is going to continue


Anonymous said...

'Until we have directly elected Chief Constables this is going to continue'

No chance. It would take away power from the fuckheads and hand it to the people

Anonymous said...

and they are always banging on about how policing is 'intelligence led' these days.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

They are increasingly wasting their time looking for heat sources. These days the best cannabis farmers use water-cooled lighting. The heat goes down into the sewers.

How do I know this?

You may well ask ... but I wasn't always squeaky clean like I am now.

Chris said...

And they wonder why everyone hates them.

Todays police have the same social status as paedophiles - in fact I apoligise to any paedophiles who may be reading this message.

Fucking tosspot wankers - hope their tetra sets give them a painful form of cancer.

Dazed and Confused said...

I love how the police say in the article itself - "We will pay for the repair of the damages caused".

What? Out of their own pockets?

For every action, there must be a reaction, especially when these imbeciles get it completely wrong, and in New labours modern Britain that's no longer the case at all. These people self serve themselves with contemptuous impunity in regards to the general public.

Little Weed said...

I believe the clever people are now using LED lights, which are more expensive to buy but use very little power (no longer any need to bypass the meter!) and produce no heat at all.

Add an efficient odour extraction system and you have an undetectable cannabis factory.

Giolla said...

Radiant barrier insulation is also rather handy these days, keeps both heat and light in.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Dhimmi twats were saying to themselves 'Phew, thank God the bastard was white...'

Just imagine the fuss and subsequent arse-licking they would have had to do if it was a family of Pakis whose door got caved in.... and let's face it, this is West Yorshirestan so the odds would have been quite high..

Anonymous said...

Hey don't burst their little fantasy that they are fighting 'organised' crime. Might affect the funding for the WOD.

Literally millions of people in the UK smoke weed, the supply and usage has gone up in direct proportion to their 'efforts' to combat it.

It's neither right nor wrong that people smoke, it's up to the individual to choose what they ingest not the state.

If the masses were actually denied their smoke then I would assure them that the riots that NuLabia long for would make Black Hawk Down look like a panto.

If the plastic stormtroopers of the nanny state want to boot in doors based on heat signatures then they are bigger fuckwits than even I thought.

Dick the Prick said...

Dunno you know - there are some right cunts who live round here. That's because the fucks with warrant cards think they know more than the Intel Analysts - 'act now - fuck questions'.

Never met this cunt but met the guy before him (who took the easy option and pegged it). I know it ain't Londonistan but we loves our pot up here.

Not completely sure this is a story really Guthrum old dude. You should see the amount of spy planes over Dewsbury - too fucking right also - never a more bunch of inbred fucks have I seen in my life - the ones that don't have niquabs you fucking wish would.

Spartan said...

Whats the odds it was all captured on police video? ... now no longer in existance of course :-)

Wearside Jack said...

They've always been useless cunts.

Joke doing the rounds in the Leeds & Bradford areas c.1981:

"News: The Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has escaped from custody.

West Yorkshire Police say they are looking for a man with a Geordie accent..."

Fucked Off said...

and please can they stop giving out gongs to athletes too. All they do is go whore themselves out on tv selling eye jobs etc.

sorry, this is the right blog isn't it?

Spartan said...

These fucking cunts in authority have no fucking brains at all ... just automatons.

My sisters husband died suddenly 28th Dec. Tax office informed in Jan of his death. Today my sister received a £100 fine for him for not filing tax return!

She rang them and they wouldn't listen ... just went on about they need a tax return which upset her even more.

l'm driving up there on Mon and paying them a visit ... it won't be pretty!

Dick the Prick said...

'Declare your interest, declare your interest'

I was an intelligence analyst with supporting attachment with WYPD for nearly 5 years.

In that time I learnt to never ask a copper his opinion, trust his judgement or believe his word knowing full well it could be over-ruled without any say of his own.

Coppers destroy each other - that's how they get promoted. It ain't brains, success (largely unable to be measured), diplomacy (eh?), ability or determination. It's a segregated community - it's all very well niggers & muzzies whinging on about the police being institutionally racist but get in there and race has got fuck all to do with it - it's 'fuck you apartheid'.

I wouldn't sell myself so cheap to that banner, to have to listen to Blunkett, Clarke, Straw, Smith, et fucking cetera. But, fortunately for them, brains aren't that useful.

ACPO is the target, not the coppers. This government has attempted to turn them into social workers - great! Like we haven't got enough useless cunts.

I'm certainly not stating that coppers shouldn't be held accountable but like teachers - just leave the cunts to do their job.

Seriously, word to the wise - don't take your abuse out on the 1st copper you find - ask him how they're doing - be polite, treat them like a shop keeper. When you need to get rough & tumble - cool.

The 7/7 bombers came from here and no-one had a fucking clue, we'e got more crystal meth than you can shake a large stick at, more random immigrants doing credit card fraud than Jim could fix and politicians being 'culturally aware'. Bollox.

Let's put money into committees instead of Inspectors or CI's devolved budgets - that's bound to work. Dam right elected police chiefs - dam right. Get the fucking politics away from coppers.


Hey, OH - am surprised you haven't included this putrid mess in your Worst Blogs Ever section: Nothing but socialist secretion.
Good comment, Dick The Prick, by the way.

terry said...

Just fucking lagalise it.

How much does it cost to stick plod in the air to look for fucking fires in winter?

Haven't they got anything better to do than play in the sky.

Oldrightie said...

Just getting some practice in for after the state of emergency is declared, Sir.

Gareth said...

I'm sure their thermal imaging cameras will come in handy for Policing carbon credits too...

Delphius1 said...

Next the council will be having vans snooping on our heat signatures. Mainly to give the self-righteous bastards another reason to have a pop at us, this time for wasting energy, but also to sniff out those cannabis farms.

Oh, hang on its already happened:

I just wonder when spying a hot shed give the Police grounds to break in without first trying to contact the owner.

Fucking heavy handed morons.

Anonymous said...


The fine for the return shouldn't have happened, because what I'm about to tell you should have happened shortly after his death, but a return may be needed as it's probable that your brother-in-law will have paid too much tax in this tax year (because he died part way through it and won't have used up all of his personal allowances). That's why the return is needed, to work out if a rebate is due. If one is due, your sister will get the money back. It'll be a pain in the arse for her, but if it gets her some cash, it'll be worth it. Good luck.

FireForce said...

After this all the politcians say "Oh no we don't have a police state"
The police like power, the labour government(s) like power, therefore they scratch each others backs, they have a common purpose, a police state.
They are banning freedoms at an ever increasing rate, action needed before it is too late, wind bag cameron not a lot better.

mikey said...

Sir Norman...

"I'm not going to argue with you" ....

That's what you train your plods to say isn't it you fuckwit...

It's meant to intimidate us and insinuate that you are about to nick us. Fuck you fella...

From this day forth my reply will be "Do I look like someone who thinks you can offer an argument worth bothering with?"

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