Friday, 13 February 2009

Just How Did We Come To This?

I'm stunned at the recent outbreak of anti-Christianity that the "establishment" is revealing. The individual cases themselves may seem petty and trivial, althoughthey obviously blight the lives of those involved, but what are they symptomatic of?

Can you imagine the same being meted out to Muslims?

This is a supposedly Christian society, even if fewer and fewer go to church; it has a long history of the church being involved in every aspect of our lives, from health care through education, and many reforms and improvements can be traced back to the church. So can some old atrocities, but by and large the established church and the country of Britain have muddled along well enough through the centuries, like warp and weft in the fabric of our lives. Even those of us who have no faith are still involved, as our celebration of Christmas shows.

Now we have drifted blindly into a situation where an alien culture is subverting our own, and we are doing nothing to stop it.

We have an odious "Lord" threatening violence against free speech and a feeble Parliament seemingly unable or unwilling to stand up for itself and for our rights as British people to hear the arguments and to decide for ourselves. I sincerely hope this little shit goes to prison for the killing through careless driving of an innocent person.

And we have a nurse suspended from her job because she offered to pray for a sick patient.

And a primary school receptionist suspended and facing an investigation and possibly the sack because her 5 year old was talking about Jesus and Heaven and Hell.

A headmistress who is forced out of her post because she thought that seperate "Muslim" assemblies were divisive.

I'm sure that many more examples can be found. But I'm not sure how we correct the problem without there being serious trouble.

The Penguin


Old Holborn said...

Bring on the serious trouble

We will have to sooner or later.

Dungeekin said...

Well, no need to worry.

The Goonvernment will shortly be announcing 'social cohesion' legislation that will solve the problem.


Swiss Bob said...


Feel free to shoot me down in flames but 'serious trouble' will just give the Government an excuse to stick a bullet in your head. I can assure you that the army will be quite happy to mow you down if so ordered.

A more radical approach and one that should be quite safe, for those not wanting to get their heads blown off would be to start going to church. That will really worry 'them'.

Going for a walk with enough people is another, but does have its risks.

Non-violent protest did for most of Eastern Europe, it should be enough for this bunch of cowardly sleazebags.

Biluś said...

Good God, the eastward position, and all creation groaning! Isn't it about time we just parcelled these fairy tales up and stored them away in the loft? I mean, don't 'ban' them - they LOVE that! - just agree that it's all a little bit daft and get on with our lives without unnecessary distractions.

Oldrightie said...

Most Church goers, myself among them, do not wish to force their faith down other peoples' throats. It is a goodish thing to do. The Muslim faith is in our faces 24/7. They are strangers to our history and our culture. They seek dominance just to feel more at home. Our State finds all religion a problem but Christianity the more troublesome.
Soviet Republic State of Britain, a tiny member of the powerful EUSSR.

Damo Mackerel said...

It's like as if they're trying to appease the muslims by oppressing us christians. They're scared of the Islamist, like we all should be. Appeasement never works.

Old Holborn said...

I'm not scared of the Islamist.

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Bob,

Given that all of the legislation influencing this sorry state of affairs, from immigration, to border control, to freedom of speech, to yuman rites, comes from The EU, and the ECHR in particular, I don't think getting rid of the cowardly sleasebags is going to help us very much.

Not that it's not worth doing on its own merit, mind you.

Ampers said...

I really don't know the answer, but we are having all our freedoms eroded, one by one, by an insidious government.

I am reminded of the poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller And then they came for me" It is interesting that Martin died in 1984, the year that Eric Blair's book was all about!

The only solution which would be effective but highly improbable to get working, would be a million people all to commit one of the "stupid crimes" on the statuate books on the same day throughout the United Kingdom. Then after a week of the authorities trying to cop[e, a further million doing the same, and a week later a further million.

But as I said, highly improbable.

Old Holborn said...

Eastern Europe managed it

They had the threat of utter poverty (criticize the state and it takes your house, your job and puts you in a salt mine for ten years) hanging over them and they managed it peacefully.

max the impaler said...

What is really needed is some vociferous support from the Sikhs,the Hindus,the Buddhists,the Russian Orthodox,the Wiccans,the Druids, and the Jews and anyone else who holds different views to the Muslims.It's in everyones interest to maintain freespeach.Will someone from these belief systems please have the balls to stand up and say so publicly.

Old Holborn said...


Anonymous said...

"Now we have drifted blindly into a situation where an alien culture is subverting our own, and we are doing nothing to stop it."

You Libertarians may well be doing nothing to stop it but some of us are :

Join The Resistance !

Anonymous said...

Just for your interest, I spend time in West Africa and have noted the enormous pressure there exerted by proselytising moslem religious leaders. They are converting animists and declaring jihad on Christians. Nigeria, for example has serious problems even though they have a huge Christian population. Problems means serious bloodshed.

Where I spend my time there is no religious or tribal strife - it is amazing, but broadly speaking, the sub-Saharan zone is undergoing a radical religious transformation.

Does it matter? Ask the French, because the area is largely French speaking and the ultimate destination of even the poorest person is Europe (France and Belgium).

I suspect Europeans have no idea of the determination of these people. Those who have no family to club together and buy their ticket will walk and hitch-hike across the Sahara to get to the Med, then somehow wangle their way across with the aid of the gangs. Hence the crime - it all has to be paid for.

You don't believe me about the walking and hitch-hiking across the Sahara, do you? Burning sands, Lawrence of Arabia and so on. It isn't like that. There is only one longish stretch of piste in Niger that isn't notionally tarmac. When that's finally done with EU Aid programs, the migrants can go by bike as well.


Man with Many Chins said...

Fucking hell @ the primary school teacher being suspended.

Unless she discussed confidential items about staff in her PERSONAL email, then there is no professional misconduct.
If she gave opinions, as long as they were personal and not being represented as coming from the school, there is no disrepute.

And the head should be similarly censured for having an illegal copy of her PRIVATE email. Perhaps she should add a disclaimer to her private emails in future!

And where the hell do they get off telling a Christian child not to discuss her beliefs with other you think they would similiarly treat a Muslim child in this way? I think not. What a bunch of wankers

JD said...

Serious trouble it will have to be.

brassbanjo said...

Swiss Bob is absolutely right.

Don't use force against the government - that's what they want,
they then have all the excuses to use Force Majeur against you.

The following 4 things
would put the fear of God into
these wicked people:

1. Turn off your television,
throw it away, and save yourself
the licence fee.

2. Make sure you never, ever,
to or believe what a government
spokesman, EU minister, or any
other agent of the state has
to say, about anything.

3. Start going to church.

4. STOP WORRYING about what some
twat in Westminster is going
to put into next years
"Yewman rites" act!
Instead learn to love,
and inwardly digest
the teachings of Christ,
and use this as the inspiration
for everything in your life.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

All people with our sorts of attitude to the government are probably going to need this one of these days:

The Prisoner's Prayer

Never fear them
Never believe them
Never ask them for anything.

Memorise that.

Katabasis said...

OK, got to keep up my daily regimen:


p.s. Henry = I like that prayer.

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