Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Its a Busy Day, So Just a Round Up

Stella Rimmington thinks the Government 'risks' a Police State, wake up dear, its already here thats why you gave the interview to a Spanish Newspaper, not a British one.

Dolly is about to be given the push Dizzy doing the investigating

'Lord' Ahmed to be sentenced by the Crown Court, for Dangerous Driving (Max 2 years) rather than Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. Given than he has intimidated the Politburo over Wilders with his 10,000 Jihadis taking to the streets already, my betting is a stiff fine and a 18 month suspended sentence.

Little Alfie- Its all Thatchers Fault

Yes, there are people who think that what the underclass need is more benefits,more daytime TV, lager and more children. I could not be bothered to post.

The Unions knew about the BMW sackings before Christmas, but lied to their members. Screwed over again comrades. Stop voting for them.

Tony Blair accepts $1M 'prize' from the Israelis- I thought peace negotiators were supposed to be impartial, not accept cash incentives.

Richard Keen QC calls for an end to restictions in Scots Law on class actions against the Banks.I have always liked Scots Law, in English Law we have the precedent that some organisations are just too big to sue, sue a bank, they will turn up with solicitors, barristers, bag carriers, manucurists etc and you have to pick up their costs if you lose. Major intimidation to ever bringing an action for fraud or theft by a bank. The arrogance of Bankers is caused because they know they are above the Law.

Harriet ups her game for her to replace Gordon, the idea proposed allegedly by Merkel is that Brown is put in charge of IMF plus.

The International Commission for Jurists slams the US and UK for repression.

The report illustrates the consequences of notorious counter-terrorism practices such as torture, disappearances, arbitrary and secret detention, unfair trials, and persistent impunity for gross human rights violations in many parts of the world. The Panel warns of the danger that exceptional “temporary” counter-terrorism measures are becoming permanent features of law and practice, including in democratic societies. The Panel urges that the present political climate may provide one of the last chances for a concerted international effort to take remedial measures and restore long-standing international norms.

Government proposes back door closure of ARRSE, who are not keen on Brown

"It's the most offensive thing I've ever heard. We're prepared to die for the country and are treated like children."I am going to ignore it. A lot of the lads are going to do the same."Even officers are not exempt from the rule.

Generals who wish to talk with the media is now advised to ask permission of a Government minister.

It is also believed that Ministry of Defence officials want to stop criticism of defence policy on military chat forums like the Army Rumour Service.

The Tories take a massive 20% lead in the polls

And you think things are going to be any different ?


Tory Poppins said...

Good work! ;-)

Katabasis said...

Guthrum, I really like this format. Perhaps you folks blogging on OH could do this more often? It's very useful.

Shirking From Home said...

What a fucking depressing read. Thanks.

Swiss Bob said...

For those interested it would appear to be active again:

Stanislav's blues

For those who haven't read this:

The tyranny of the apostrophe. A young plumber speaks


Guthrum said...

Cheer up- go over to youtube and have a look at Cherie Blair and Alan Bstard

Snowolf said...

It's this one that absolutely floors me:

'Harriet ups her game for her to replace Gordon, the idea proposed allegedly by Merkel is that Brown is put in charge of IMF plus.'

What? Hahahahaha (deep breath) Hahahahaha, etc.

Jesus, is that all these pricks have left now? It's like making a fanfare about substituting the ornamental turd on your TV for a decaying rat.

They are so, so, so fucked. I've no love for the Tories, but can't wait for the next Gen Election, it's going to be a fucking elephant hunt, and I'll be stocking up on pop-corn, pro-plus and will spend the whole night watching telly, laughing until I'm sick.

K. McEgan. said...

See the Gruaniad?Some honky, public school Judge saying we are "the most secretive democracy" in the world.Newsflash,cunt.Democracy is transparent.No detention without trial if your name is Ali,Faisul or Wesley Codrington.Secret police Special Branch please note!Jah!

Old Holborn said...

The Old Holborn site is being updated very soon to be more of a magazine, with articles, features, polls etc.

Bear with me. I'm currently in Zurich deciding whether to ever come back again

Dave H said...

Kerry has gone rather quiet. I hope she isn't being jackrolled in Jo'burg.

Guthrum said...

Kerry is in Lusaka- believe me comms are not so good in these parts these days.

The phone systems has largely ceased in Zimbabwe because the telephone wires have been stolen for the copper.

Shirking From Home said...

OH - Good luck with the site update. If you're bored go the restaurant half way up the hill on the left, as you look at the hill. Sorry I cannot be more precise. There was a cow on the ceiling last time I was there.

Anonymous said...

The BMW workers video should be viewed by everyone who give money to Unite union.

They should have lynched the fuckers, it was close.

"Give us our money back" Priceless.

Do they realise they are funding Dolly's moderator, I think if they did those Unite twats would not have got off the stage.
All unions are a con trick, they only exist to serve themselves and the Labour party.

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