Friday, 20 February 2009

It's Bedlam out there.......

Samuel Reid-Wentworth is just the latest victim of the fashionable concept of 'care in the community'; with pejorative and value laden words like 'a cowardly attack' and 'pre-meditated killing' ringing in his ears, hopefully he has finally found the treatment he had been seeking in Broadmoor Secure Mental Hospital yesterday.

The roll call of (predominantly) men like him is gruesomely long. Michael Stone, Wayne Hutchinson, Richard Thorpe, Christopher Clunis, Sean Perry - too many names to mention all; the one thing they have in common is that all of them had sought help for their symptoms, had alerted health care officials to their declining health, and in every case, 'care in the community' denied them that care, and 'lessons were learnt' - and predictably, failed to be learned, by Hospital Trusts,

It would seem that only after they have murdered some innocent bystander and been labelled 'a danger', 'a pre-meditated killer', or harmed themselves, does anybody listen.

The media is obsessed with their victims - invariable evocatively described as 'innocent', 'a credit to their family', 'a loving father or mother', and I am sure they are - I was myself attacked in similar circumstances and have never been able to work again, I hadn't done anything to warrant such an attack, so I do know of which I speak. That attack did nothing to dissuade me from my view that the person who deserves our sympathy every bit as much as the more 'obvious' victim, is the perpetrator.

Liberal 'society' chose to remove the old hospitals, undeniably run down, but notwithstanding that, a safe environment with a stable and experienced staff, who understood the true nature of schizophrenia, and who would have fallen about laughing at the naiveté expressed in this quote from Lisa Rodrigues, Chief Executive of the Trust responsible for Reid-Wentworth's care:

“Samuel Reid-Wentworth was a manipulative user of our services and thankfully cases like this are rare but when they happen it is right and proper that we learn everything we can from them in order to minimise the chances of similar incidents happening in the future" .

On last night's BBC news, she went on to say that Reid-Wentworth had 'told us that he wouldn't act on the voices he heard'.....and they had believed they released him, to carry out the attack - he had told his psychiatrist six weeks beforehand he was receiving messages from God, Jesus and MI5, who were telling him to ‘kill, kill, kill’.

The day before, Paul Caesar, or rather, sufficient of Paul Caesar to identify him forensically, after hurling himself under a train, was an act which came as a complete surprise to staff at Springfield Hospital, who were preparing him for release into the caring arms of the community after he he had murdered a man last time he was left to fend for himself. Incidentally, 20 times as many schizophrenic patients kill themselves as harm others.

Michael Stone had spent weeks badgering his local hospital to admit him for treatment, treatment which was provided once he was labelled as an evil killer.

Why does society feel more comfortable providing a secure hospital environment to treat 'murderers', and yet recoils from providing that environment for someone who requests treatment?

'Care in the community' is a total misnomer, an unfair burden on those blighted by a disease characterised by lack of insight into their condition and an inability to distinguish between wise and unwise decisions, as much as it is unfair to those innocent members of the public who come into contact with them in the grip of its severest symptoms.

The present system is as illogical as finding that you cannot get effective treatment for your heart condition until you have robbed a bank. It is discrimination against the temporarily mentally disabled.


Oldrightie said...

Welcome to the mad house that is Labours' Britain.

K. McEgan. said...

The same Stone who murdered Taigs on the only occassion when there was no security presence at a republican funeral?Funny how they turned up to save him just as the mob closed in...

Dick the Prick said...

Cheers Anna.

Old Holborn said...

The bottom line being, of course, that we ALL live in an open prison anyway, where the warders watch us on CCTV and listen to our mutterings and plottings.

Only when you when you blatently breach prison rules, do you get segregated from the other inmates.

max the impaler said...

The next bureauocrat/politician who uses the phrase 'lessons to learnt' should publicaly stonned to death.

max the impaler said...

lessons to be learned'. I'm having a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to tell you about scare in the community. Years ago before I saw the error of my ways I ran a contracting engineering company and employed machine tool fitters they worked hard and were very well paid. One whom I had known for years left and started working in the scare in the community. What happened was they closed all the long stay nuthouses down all by the way in highly sought after areas built houses on them. These "Trusts" then rented big houses to put the inmates in. I asked this guy what the fuck he was doing as he had no medical training unless you call the installation of 5 hundred tonne machinery a qualification? He told me that he recieved seminars and heres the best bit "Provided they take their medication they were allright" Yeah well one didn't and stabbed his mate didn't die but sheer luck. Some of the tales he told frightened the life out of me. One of the patients had seizures, as he was not medically qualified he could not administer injections so they had to give the poor sod a suppositry when asked he said he had been on a trainng day to do this I asked who the fuck volonteered to be the guinea pig? also there were dozens of there houses all over the place.
Does anyone think money has anything to do with this?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Scare in the community was brought in by Thatcher's government.

Just thought I'd mention that.

wv - pregatto

Anonymous said...

It was a while ago when all this happened but a nice little earner for the property developers though. Not a lot of fun if the scare in the community just happened to be next door to your pad.

Chalcedon said...

I love your name BTW!! Splendid.

You know, we all said that care in the community wouldn't work. It was a cost saving exercise and quite a nasty one. Many of these patients are very disturbed. Some are psychopaths FFS with no business outside of an asylum. Mental asylums as they were known were places of safety for these poor bastards. Putting them in the community was stupid. They cannot be trusted to take their medication. The only safe way to have them in the community is to lobotomise them first. This is now considered to be cruel. But not as cruel as 21 stab wounds and a very close shave with the Grim Reaper.

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