Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Is this cunt blind to what is happening?

In an interesting rant in the Grauniad today, Blunkett tells us not to be so paranoid at being watched all the time.

Some great quotes from the man himself.

If, in the name of liberty, we allow individuals to act in a way that damages the wellbeing of the whole, it will inevitably mean the breakdown of mutuality, thereby changing the very nature of our society.

We are not a "surveillance state" – only those who have lived in a police state can appreciate just what that term means.

We need principles upon which we can base actions that, in the name of protecting freedom and decency, may otherwise become oppressive, intolerant of difference and self-destructive.

Meanwhile, the Police are now equipped with a fantastic new camera for photographing crowds (remember, you are no longer allowed to photograph them). Zoom in on anyone in the enormous crowd. Wow.

If that wasn't enough, they now have 360 degree "chuck" cameras to throw at us if we get too uppitty.



The Penguin said...

How would that cunt know what a surveillance society looked like anyway?

Would the fucking dog tell him?

The Penguin

Cato said...

Since the twat has never lived in a police state, how would he know what one is?

'If, in the name of liberty.....' WTF is he talking about? There have always been individuals who act in ways that society doesn't like. What's new?

Stevie Wonder said...

Fucking idiot. Can't he see whats happening to the country? Talk about the half blind leading the blind. Open your eyes man. Take a good look around. like what you can't see? Oh aye.

Guide Dogs against Labour said...

The Police State is already here but Blunkett cant see it.His guide dog has more sense in its tail than this pratt does in the whole of his body.

Anonymous said...

While looking for an article by Theodore Dalrymple I found this:

Which starts with the line:"I HAVE LIVED under a Latin American military dictatorship where daily life was freer than in Britain today."

Which pretty much demolishes Blunketts argument and the article's 2 years old.


Anonymous said...

You should'nt hate people with afflictions but in this instance I will make an exception.

Kinderling said...

Lollypop Ladies now have cameras on their headgear and sticks.

Kaygee said...

So what he's saying is, in order to defend our liberties we must crush them?

When do we get to shoot these useless bastards?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, unfavourably compared his experiences under communism with the current situation in the EU.
He was loudly slagged off, a la Blunkettbucket, but got away with it because he is also currently President of the EU itself. Be wary of country strolls and lonely mountainsides Václav .

spark up said...

hi old holborn

this is rich

though not many comments here

my imagination, or you guys being a bit shy on this one? at least the police admit that they snoop, unlike your pals staines and leg-iron who have, at the very least, been privy to, if not instrumental in organising, a comprehensive surveillance operation on myself and god knows how many other bloggers and politicians - which involved mobile-telephone tapping/tracking, installation of spycams on private property, and monitoring of private pcs, and which, as far as i'm aware, could be still be in operation right up until this very day. i suppose it's all pretty commonplace these days in the hi-tech digital age, we have to expect this kind of thing, and everybody's doing it, but i'm not - and i daresay i would have been happy letting it rest had i been offered some form of explanation, but i have not. so, given you and your companions' obvious embarrassment when i approached you after the demo, do i take it that you too are in on this scam? such a pity to say this (old holborn being a site devoted to free-speech and all that) but why not keep your gob shut on this subject 'til you've got your own house in order, and avoid looking hypocritical, cunt.

Old Holborn said...


take your medication

nuls points said...

don't worry spark up, being smeared with insanitary is par for the course when attempting to expose the corrupt truth - and when you get shunted off to the funny farm we'll know you were onto something for sure!

zig-zag freeloader said...


is that so they can film their favourite happy-slapping moments when terrorizing motorists?

chris mccausland said...


fuck off wonder and get back to your day job

studfuhrer sadie said...


"Would the fucking dog tell him?"

why not drop by and ask me penguin? if you're hungry for the truth.

oh no! tippex on my nip-lens again said...


jacqui squiff's got one concealed in each tit in order to gather evidence of male cabinet members wanking off when brown inspires her to slip into a coma. so far, she's not got any of it to stick.

full-frontal-vision said...


not a problem. i just give each nip-cam a good hard suck, or lick, as circumstances dictate.

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