Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Inquisition in action.

Everyone now expects the Spanish Inquisition.

(Picture detained without charge from here).

Mary Moneybags MEP is incandescent with rage. Amazon were selling a computer game which included a scene where the player raped a woman.

Disgusting. I won't buy that game (not that I buy games anyway, having no Playstation or similar device) and I would be shocked if anyone else gave their child a game like that. On the other hand, it was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn't it? Car theft, shooting, stabbing and more feature in all such games and always have. I can lay claim to having completed Doom and Quake on the tough levels by killing everything in the way. I have never gone out in the street waving shotguns and plasma weapons around, blasting everything that moves. Nor, if I were to see this game in action, would I then consider rape a reasonable hobby. It's not going to influence me at all. Still I think it should not be part of a game, not because it might incite people to copy it but because it's a step beyond my limits of taste - and believe me, those limits are a long way out.

Amazon apologised and withdrew the game from their listings once it was pointed out to them. Good for them. Is that enough?

Never. The apology is an admission of guilt and now that Amazon have made it, they must be pursued and villified and finally tied to a stake and burned while the Book of Righteousness is read aloud. Quoting from it now is Mary of the Righteous herself:

I do not want anybody sacked, but I do want Amazon to be open about what happened. I want to know which “executives” bought this game. I want to know how many “executives” played this game and thought it was “fun” I want to know their names. I want to see the notes on who they thought their market was? How much money they projected making. All these seedy, sleazy men and women who work for Amazon and thought making some money out of rape was mighty fine by them.

She is clearly under the impression that Amazon executives play every game on the site. No doubt she believes they read all the books too, their houses are stacked floor to ceiling with electrical equipment and every cupboard is stuffed with toys.

Of course she doesn't. She knows perfectly well that nobody in Amazon will have played this game. She knows perfectly well that until someone did play it, then complain about it, nobody in Amazon had the slightest idea the game contained this particular scene. As soon as it was pointed out to them they withdrew the game. They did not think 'making some money out of rape was mighty fine' because if they did, they would have left the game on sale. Righteous Mary knows this.

Ah, but Amazon have confessed by apology. They cannot be released now.

I want to know the names of all the contaminated people, not one of whom had the conscience to whistle blow.

Then let’s publish the names on the internet they make their living from, so their friends, neighbours and colleagues know these are the people who think rape is a nice fantasy, and “just a bit of fun”.

The contaminated people. As with those the Inquisition considered contaminated by association with heretics, and Stalin's little helpers considered contaminated by association with capitalists. None of them spoke up, these executives, and so they must burn in Righteous Hell. How could they speak up? If they play every game in their inventory, read every book and play with every toy they won't have time to speak up.

If Righteous Mary wants us to think she truly believes that every shop owner, whether High Street or Internet, has personally sampled each and every item they sell, then she has stretched public gullibility to breaking point. Although don't we all just know that the Unthinking Horde will rally to this?

She knows, must know, that nobody at Amazon had the slightest idea of the content of this game until it was pointed out. She must also know that the only reasonable thing Amazon could do about it was withdraw it from sale and apologise. They didn't publish the game. They didn't write it. The only thing they can control is point of sale, and only their own point of sale at that.

The publisher and game writer are difficult targets though. It would take some work to find them. Far easier to go for the seller who has apologised and therefore confessed.

Never, ever apologise to these people. When you apologise to someone sane, that's usually the end of the matter.

With the Righteous, it's just the beginning.


Spartan said...

So what happens with all the mainstream Hollywood films depicting such scenes. Are they all to be removed also? The TV drama?

Righteous? ... they can f##k off!

the man who fell back to bed said...

oh ffs... so the fact that we're facing a recession to make the 1930's look like a minor blip on the financial radar pales into insignificance next to the selling of a game that in reality, a tiny percentage of people within the UK will play? get a grip.

Sandy Jamieson said...

But does this mean that the National Gallery will have to remove Ruebens' (probably) Rape of the Sabine Women.

Old Holborn said...

"With the Righteous, it's just the beginning."

It always is.

From Derek Draper firstly demanding an apology from Iain Dale to now issuing a Fatwah against every one who doesn't agree with him, 100% on everything.

From Lord Ahmed entertaining Israel Shamir to suddenly raising an army of 10,000 to defend his ears from "offence" by a weird Dutch bloke.

We used to call it taking a mile when offered an inch.

It is now a global industry

Old Holborn said...


Recently, Jug Ears said that nano technology was the greatest threat to humanity because microscopic machines could escape and turn the whole world to "grey slush" (bacteria have been trying this for years, well, billions of years and haven't suceeded yet).

It won't be nanotechnology. It will be the Righteous.

They will demand that black people are at a disadvantage in Ice Skating at the Olympics so must be judged seperately, they will demand escalators on Everest for the handicapped, they will demand Downs Syndrome astronauts, they will demand that the blind be allowed to start on the front row of a Formula One race.

Nothing is too far fetched for them to demand in the pursuit of "equality"

Eventually, all that will be left is "grey slush".

Wait and watch

Anonymous said...

So what appears to be a US based vendor using the Amazon marketplace (i.e. not Amazon themselves) offers to sell on a used copy of a game inside the US.

A game that's apparently been out for a while, and was only ever available in Japan, with no versions, support, retail or anything else offered for other markets.

In summary a game that was never directly or indirectly available in the UK, and that you probably couldn't play if you wanted to due to it being all in Japanese.

Obviously it's distasteful as a product but this is just some false outrage put together to fill a blank space in the Telegraph.

Calling for action against Amazon is a waste of time, they didn't do anything - and nothing even happened in this country.

Note how she doesn't mention the Japanese themselves anywhere as a target for action; this product is one of many (legally) created for that market which you'd think would trigger some sort of comment? And Amazon does itself sell all kinds of books, games and videos in Japan that would be considered deeply illegal elsewhere but I see no mention of that either.

The action she calls for is pretty fucking distasteful in itself, what makes it even worse is that in her Righteous indignation she couldn't even be bothered to check what she was talking about.

I assume she's probably committed an offence herself somewhere in the statements she made (incitement maybe?) - anyone want to clarify?

(Given the product itself was never actually available I won't comment on it - in any case I prefer a bit of mass-murder simulation via one of the perfectly acceptable games the whole industry is built on...)

Chris said...


You forgot blind PCSOs!

All Shook Up said...

Nothing is too far fetched for them to demand in the pursuit of "equality"

Jowells is already calling for 'fair access' for women in the Olympic Greco-Roman wresting. (Personally I'm all for it)

charcoal said...

But these righteous bastards do like rape - the rape of the public purse by every last one of them.

Anonymous said...

Tessa Jowell? Hmmm...we've been ignoring her for too long, I think the heat needs turning up.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is though its not just one scene. Its the entire game.

However, having played the game out of morbid curiosity I can safely say it is a massive pile of steaming turd and if anyone attempted to mimic it in real life they'd end up either slapped, arrested or beaten to death by bystanders before they got halfway though the second "mission". Its some sicko's fantasy, nothing more. You get worse on 4chan. Somethingawful did a review of it that'll try and dig up.

Beer Breath said...

I thought it might be something like Rapelay. Yes, it's very tasteless and has been taken down. I've read reviews of the games and it seems rather unrewarding and pointless. The saddos who like this sort of thing would be better off watching the rape scenes in the uncut Death Wish II instead.

Shirking From Home said...

The righteous need to be smoked out of the woodpile pronto.

Michael said...

Is this rape as in the Harriet Harman version where rape can be defined as any woman (for it is only women) who regret their actions next day.

I'd like to think this MP would get just as steamed over all the immigrant sex offenders who drive taxis, but as usual I won't hold my breath.

I think the rape game should be allowed no matter how hideous, imagine if these censors start ripping chapters out of books they don't like. Thin edge of the wedge. I don't trust these fuckers one inch. Allow everything, ban nothing. As long as it doesn't incite or infringe on someones liberty it's OK.

Leg-iron said...

The game itself is unpleasant in concept and Amazon did the right thing by refusing to sell it once that was pointed out to them.

Not enough though, not enough. They must self-flagellate forever to atone for their sins.

It's not about the game. Like the Carol Thatcher story, like Draperman's current cries of 'Racist' at all and sundry, it's about continued persecution of those 'contaminated' by association.

Mind games and psychological tricks. Browbeat with accusations of racist/sexist/homophobe and the opposition will give in. It's worked well for over a decade.

It's not working any more. The Righteous are cornered now and they will get more desperate as their little empires fall apart.

Careful, they could get nasty.

max the impaler said...

Never apologise to the righteous...the steaming pile of shit they call brains will eventually cause arteriosclerosis of the commonsense organ and then they will implode.

Anonymous said...

IUnknown said...

I want to know the names of all the contaminated people who still in the polls say they want to vote Liebour.

Skulls meeting baseball bats spring to mind.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I bought a book from the inappropriate self confessed rape-mongers at Amazon last week. Is it enough to burn it or should I confess straight away ?

Old Holborn said...

She keeps popping in (from Reigate) to check what we write here.

Well, let me tell you you're a cunt Mary. And when the time comes, we'll find a lamp post for you.

It's all you deserve.

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