Friday, 6 February 2009

I'm Mandy Fly Me !

Government Ministers and important rich people show why they always fly first class

The Tax Payers Alliance released a report yesterday that despite Government rhetoric about cost efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, 13 Whitehall departments spent over £18.5 million last year on air travel. The report shows that last year a total of over £18.5 million was spent on flights by Government departments and more than half - £10.6 million - went on first class and business class seats.(WTF!) The total bill for public sector flights, including quangos and other bodies, is almost £70 million a year. Shockingly, the Department of Transport is unable to say how much it spends on air travel.

This is the British equivalent of the Soviet Zil motorcade, the rest of us trying to keep business costs down flying Cattle class, Easyjet or taking the train, and half of all flights taken by Government are business class or FIRST Class. Never mind the bollocks about global warming.

Why do they think that because it is coming from the public purse letting rip with champagne in business/first class is acceptable- and yes they do serve champagne foc once those curtains are drawn



Don't forget that they pay £12+ million a year to external PR firms to, er, lobby Government!

max the impaler said...

The British Working Mug...I'm sorry man...has somehow conceived a political monster determined to rape him/her of their last penny.The BBC and these gov.parasites are without conscience.May they rot in Hell.

Guthrum said...

Max- so not keen then ?

Anna Raccoon said...


Mandy is a very important person these days, a Lord of the realm, a Government MInister, an unscrupulous twat, you can't expect him to hang around with the hoi poloi like some cheap rent boy being flown out to Morocco for the week-end.

Guthrum said...

Sorry Anna, you are right, I would not want him pressed up to me on a red-eye to Joburg

max the impaler said...

Guthrum...If hosing money away was an olympic sport, these bastards would have an unbeaten gold medal record.

The Penguin said...

But they now want to ration flights for the proles.

The Penguin

TheFatBigot said...

It is indeed the case that business class and first class travel includes the modest treat of a pre-take off glass or two of bubbles, but it's usually quite ordinary bubbles.

It helps to give one solace from the overwhelming pangs of guilt associated with sitting in large comfortable seats.

Guthrum said...

Lufthansa dish out a rather nice Moet, never quite felt that guilt myself

mikey said...

This is getting well fucking boring. Iceland riots and yet all we in England can be arsed to do is wank over internet pron. I'm starting to lose interest in this shit pit of a country. I want ropes, lamp posts and some action.

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