Tuesday, 3 February 2009

"I will not minimise my reasons so that they are palatable... I do not answer to the state"

I had not come across this before, even though it was on Samizdata this time last year. I came across it on the Oxford Libertarian blog.

I recently had the unpleasant experience of being 'interviewed' by a civil servant 'with attitude' ( unlike the relatively passive Canadian civil servant) it was not an interview its was an interrogation. Even so my hat goes off to Ezra Levant for the fury he displayed after being dragged in front of the Alberta Human Rights Commission following after he republished the Danish Cartoons, and two muslim groups complained.

"It is my position that the government has no legal or moral authority to interrogate me or anyone else for publishing these words and pictures. That is a violation of my ancient and inalienable freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and, in this case, religious freedom, and the separation of mosque and state. It is especially perverted that a bureaucracy calling itself the Alberta 'Human Rights' Commission would be the government agency violating my human rights... We have a heritage of free speech that we inherited from Great Britain that goes back to the year 1215 and the Magna Carta. We have a heritage of 800 years of British Common Law's protection of free speech, augmented by 250 years of Common Law in Canada... For a government bureaucrat to call any publisher, or anyone else, to an investigation to be quizzed about his political and religious expression is a violation of 800 years of Common Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our Bill of Rights and our Charter of Rights... It is a system that is part-Kafka, and part-Stalin."


Oldrightie said...

The days of a "civil" civil service have been lost in the overbearing PC, soviet state Labour have brought us to.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Little David was in his 4th year of primary school when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.

All the typical answers came up - fireman, policeman, salesman, builder, etc.

David was being uncharacteristically quiet, so the teacher asked him about his father.

"My father's an exotic dancer in a gay club and takes off all his clothes in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some man and make love with him for money. "

The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little David aside to ask him, "Is that really true about your father?"

"No," said David, "He works for the Labour Party, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.

AntiCitizenOne said...

> The days of a "civil" civil service have been lost

So has the service aspect! Now 100% captured by the employees.

WV: blerism!

Harrithebastard said...

I have watched this twice now , and observed the ' thought police women ' writing something twice? .. i am assuming that she wrote something along the lines of ...

Dissident Cunt ....

Boy is he in the shit? bigtime.

I wish i had his diplomatic skills , the temptation would have been overwhelming for me personaly to lean over the desk, steal her pencil and stab her in the eye with it?

And then in a calm and polite fashion to explain to the fucking poor excuse of a female nazi ... NOW you have something to get fucking upset about?

Total cunts.

Old Holborn said...


Something like THIS?

Harrithebastard said...

OH , almost like that only not so quick ?

No pain , no gain.

I just knew my grade 5 CSE in arts & crafts could be put to some good use at some point in time.

Anonymous said...

off topic sorry, but this is what should have happened in Kensington....


you have a nice day now :o)

Shirking From Home said...

Please can you e-mail me the cartoons?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Knighthood for Ezra Levant.

I am still waiting for the opportunity to arise when I can tell a Civil Servant to stop beeing so bloody rude and that her job is to administer and not to judge.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait, create

Two weeks ago I got two PCSO's to pick up litter in the park.

They were standing around, doing fuck all so I asked them to pick up litter.

After much argument, they agreed they were public servants and this member of the public wanted them to pick up litter or arrange for it to be picked up instead of standing in a park in full uniform doing fuck all.

Remind them at every turn that YOU pay their wages.

bofl said...

strike news .i have a mole!

hope you dont mind o/h.....

Anonymous said...

I will allow Muslims to criticise the west when they start building churches in Saudi Arabia,allowing women to wear mini skirts and bube tubes allow us to export priests there (and what a good idea that is) the list gos on. So in the meantime please shut the fuck up theres a good Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to to point out that these enforcers of marxist political thought crime always tend to be unghappy looking fat women ?

Guthrum said...

There is a good article in the Telegraph today about the role of women in the SS state, they were not all unattractive, just had unattractive minds

Anonymous said...

I love this video.

One long, richly deserved bitch slap that manages to surpass Littlejohn's Toynbee put down by a country mile.

Well done that man.

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