Monday, 16 February 2009

How Could This Have Happened In The First Place ?

BBC4 is re running Malcolm Bradbury's The History Man, if you want an insight into the tossers that are currently running this country, watch it. I was at University in the seventies and saw it close up.

The 'trendy' left wing radicals spouting absolute psuedo-psycho babble Marxist-Gramscian bollocks. Their desperate need to out leftwing each other, browbeating anybody who failed to see any merit in their cultural Marxism of which they were going to be the vanguard elite showing us the 'correct' way to think.

OK so they were only kids, shagging their brains out justified by femminism, smoking pot and generally having a good time. However whilst the rest of us grew up, forged careers and had kids etc, this lot carried on playing at being Marxists, whilst accruing the titles,honours, upper middle class lifestyles and milking the system for every penny, whilst telling us that they had the 'correct' way for the rest of us to live.

Not having had jobs, just being professional Marxists, running the country has not turned out quite like they hoped it would. Much the same happened with Agrarian-Marxism taught to Pol Pot in the fifties by trendy Parisian Left wing 'intellectuals', when transposed to Cambodia.

Graduates of the 'University of Watermouth' of the Seventies

Gordon Brown Author of a Parasites Guide

Jack Straw Man of the People

Jacqui Smith in Charge of Drugs Policy

And our beloved next leader of the Labour Party- Harriet Harman

An ultra-feminist gender warrior trapped in a student radical time-warp. Her Orwellian 'equality' agenda is not just sinister - it's unhinged - Melanie Philips

I could go on, but what I am hoping is that we have had enough of this faux-student Marxism, and that this controlling, corrupt, banal version of the Labour Party is going to be cast into the outer darkness forever , and that its advocates rot in the House of Lords that they once so despised whilst sitting around the Students Union.

The unfortunate thing is that this crowd are next in line

Be afraid! One of these men could be the next Prime Minister. God help us.( Which one though ?)

2) David Cameron
8) Boris Johnson

I wonder what their student politics were other 'than bash the oiks and vote for me'


Dick the Prick said...

Excellent Guthrum. Watched it last night and the parallels are weird. Anthony Sher's brilliant. They got the casting right with the birds too - booze and pot would be needed to clamber on board - typical Labour types.

Blackbeard said...

On the pic with Boris and David: is it possible to have a list of names for the rest? So that we know who to look out for...

Anonymous said...

Frightening. Harperson looks exactly the same now as then - picture in the attic perhaps.

But why have you published a photo of Spandau Ballet with numbers all over it?

Guthrum said...

1) Sebastian Grigg

2) David Cameron

3) Ralph Perry Robinson

4) Ewen Fergusson

5) Matthew Benson

6) Sebastian James

7) Jonathan Ford

8) Boris Johnson

9) Harry Eastwood

Anonymous said...

You forgot the picture of Balls dressed up as a nazi.

Arseholes said...

What a gruesome collection of total fuckwits. Cunts.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, you will be in the shit for revealing THAT picture. You know the one that never existed as good old David Fuckwit wants to deny his past the cunt.

R Nosgrove said...

I also attended a trendy 'Uni' during the early 70s and toyed with the same pseudo-marxist claptrap at the taxpayers' expense.

Then I left Uni, got a job and grew up.

The problem with Brown, Harman, Straw and all the others is they've never had to do a decent day's work in their lives and therefore they've never grown up. They're still playing student politics and we're paying the price.

Tory Poppins said...

"OK so they were only kids, shagging their brains out justified by femminism, smoking pot and generally having a good time"
YUKKKKKKKKK!! The thought of Chocolate Brownie doing any of those things makes me feel SICK to my stomache!!

reimer said...

IIRC Mr Kirk is depicted in the story as writing a book on the abolition of privacy.

Very prescient.

Gareth said...

You'd think if Brown had done any of those things we'd know about it by now.

All we do know is he was shit at rugby and wrote a deluded screed on conning people.

Wiff Waff said...

Bo Jo for PM assuming there is something left to govern

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Guthrum. Just when I'm beginning to think you're a soppy old liberal you go and pull a gem like this out of the bag.

However, I've got a question for you - what exactly are numbers 3, 4 and 5 looking at ? And why is number 3 wearing shades ?

Anyway, I'm still voting BNP - I just can't see any other alternative and its *not* just because I want to give Comrade McBroon a bloody nose at the elections either - I genuinely want rid of all of these fuckers forever. And, no, that's not as sinister as it sounds...

Blackbeard said...

Thanks about the list Guthrum, I've updated my list accordingly :-)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes, there were a lot of credulous fuckwits and University. Strangely though, the clever ones stayed there.

I remember being in seminar for my (unfinished) MA in Literary Theory - Someone said, "You know, everything is meaningless, signs can be interpreted in any way you want"

I said, "So, if you see a sign that says, "Danger, hole in the ground", you will ignore it, right?"

The stupid woman just looked at me as if I had kissed her rather ugly face.

After that, I never had the will to carry on with the course.

max the impaler said...

I was at Uni at this time.I used to fucking despise these Marxist bastards.Self opinionated, drug addled,superior than thou attitude...raggy-arsed and just full-of-it.And the really irritating part was that the shit-pot socialist lectures couldn't bend over far enough for them.

BulloPill said...

Anon 13:11 - You might not think voting "BNP" is as bad as it sounds, but have you considered how authoritaran-leftie they really are? The big fear is that if they ever won an election it would be the last one for a very long time.

I realise there's not a whole lot of choice between the main parties. It's just a disaster that the politicos are almost all such a shower of unprincipled, troughing shysters.

Anonymous said...

It makes me pleased I failed my 11 plus. Started work at 15 and got a life. I would hate to be stuck inside of their heads.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

It is not just the weasels that attained high office that are the problem.
Those wankered up tossers who left the Polytechnics in the 1970's now run the public administration ( the first thing they did was to redesignate their alma maters as " universities" to make themselves look bigger and cleverer than they are). They staff the senior levels of everything from Local Authorities to Sport England with the junior level entrants coming from any old minority, the easier to control.
This is the reason why every fucking day we read of nurses and teachers being pilloried as inappropriate for expressing our own cultural background. Their monstrous soaking in Diversity and Inclusivity ( mutually contradictory IMHO ) is at the root of most of our problems.

One small example. When did you vote for blocking off bus lay-byes ? What is the purpose other than to create problems for other drivers ? Where was it decided to do this all over the country ?
At the Association Of Local Authority Road Planners (tax funded ) AGM Blackpool 2004, or somesuch similar.

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