Sunday, 1 February 2009

Get On Your Bikes, Lord Voldemort Tells Unemployed

In a curious echo of Lord Tebbit, Lord Voldemort Of Boys and Hartlepool has infuriated workers unable to get a job in Britain ( in part thanks to NuLiebore's failure to address legislation which disadvantages UK workers according to union officials ) by telling them to get on their bikes and get a nice cushy job in Europe.

"I did it," said Mandy, "There I was, on my very uppers, no one in the UK would touch me with a brass bargepole, so I got on my Brazilian bike and went and found a job in Brussels. Rather nice, as it turned out, lots of foreign travel, good hotels, nice restauarants, and I got to meet some very nice people. With yachts. In fact, I made so much money that I could afford to come back to Britain and buy a peerage."

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Unbelievably I actually find myself agreeing with him on this one. If getting a job elsewhere in Europe is an option for you, why not?

Everyone else can do the same, assuming they have the right skills to offer.

The financial and lifestyle bonuses can be worthwhile - it's never perfect, but you don't really notice what the UK is like until you see it from the outside.

Chris said...

Would this be the same Europe where people are already rioting over the loss of their jobs?

Fvcking Marie-Antoinette wannabe.

Old Holborn said...

I'm hoping everyone takes his advice. I recruit UK Engineers and send them to Germany for a living.

What would you rather earn, £50K or €90K? Where would you rather live? Britistan or Bavaria?

Anonymous said...

"What would you rather earn, £50K or €90K? Where would you rather live? Britistan or Bavaria?"

Actually, I would be quite happy to remain here IF it was still GREAT Britain. i.e. a decent government which put our rights before that of everybody else. No uncontrolled immigration, No selling off all our utilities to overseas concerns, No databases, No Quangos, No armies of useless layabouts living off MY taxes, No fear of being attacked walking down the street. A police force, not a service. You get the picture.

Mitch said...

What sort of engineers do you want ?

DWMF said...

@Anon 15:07 -- I'm an expat, like the people OH deals with, and have been happily working in Europe (and other places) since 1999. The moment the UK fulfils your requirements (which are also mine), I will be back.

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