Friday, 13 February 2009

Geert away wi' yer!

'Second Home' Secretary Jacqui Smith decided that Geert Wilders is an ‘undesirable’, and ordered the UK Border Patrols to intercept Wilders’ arrival and arrange for his immediate return to Holland.

She had no qualms about allowing an ex Russian army officer, Vitas Plyntnkas, convicted of a vicious killing in Germany in 2001, into the country. Germany had formally deported Plyntnkas to his homeland of Lithuania in 2005, but that didn't ring any alarm bells.

In the UK, he carried out some minor thefts that came to the attention of the local police, but it was not before he had cut off the head of a fellow Lithuanian and stuffed it into a Lidl carrier bag (amongst other minor details) that anyone questioned his right to roam free within the EU. He is now facing life in a Scottish prison - and presumably someone somewhere will - eventually - be considering whether they might possibly think about asking him whether he might mind if they deported him.

The 'public interest' question that was so speedily applied in Geert Wilder's case didn't get a mention.


Gregg said...

I saw one of my neighbours with a Lidl carrier bag this morning. Steering clear of him from now on.

Excellent post by the way.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Did you pinch that'no entry' sign off a teenage boy's bedroom door?

ukipwebmaster said...

Shouting fire in a theatre:

Sue said...

The Lone Voice has just blogged about (and he used the "C" word), I guess he's really angry :

AN AIR ambulance will bring Guantanamo Bay terror suspect Binyam Mohamed to Britain — at taxpayers’ expense.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband also sent a medic to treat Mohamed, who is on hunger strike.

The Ethiopian — whose right to live in Britain expired five YEARS ago — was set to arrive yesterday, but was too ill.

A Commons statement last night read: “The visit will help us make preparations for his return.

“A medical examiner may assess Mr Mohamed’s condition himself and report back.”

But critics blasted the costly operation.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Why should any additional cost be placed on taxpayers when the prisoners of Guantanamo all wanted the camp to be closed?

“This illustrates the problems with our entanglement in the Human Rights Act. It molly-coddles the people who deserve least protection.”

Ministers must let Mohamed stay in the UK. MI5 say it will cost a fortune to watch him.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Here's a link to the speech that Wilders was due to deliver:


As for Mohamed - we can barely afford to run Air Ambulances up and down our own motorways never mind a return trip to Guantanamo for a failed asylum seeker.

Katabasis said...

Christ, - twice in one day:


it's either banned or compulsory said...

America, do us a favour and let him die before the ambulance gets there.
Why do we take any responsibility for this cunt who wants our destruction ?

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