Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fuck U2

I would just like to say that I fucking HATE U2 and everything they stand for. God alone knows how far the BBC can get up Bono's arse. I can see Chris Evans emerging from Bono's tonsils shortly. Let's hope their private jets crash. In an African forest. Cunts

That is all

I'm off to Cambridge to pick a fight with Tariq Sadiq at the Liberty Convention. See you later

PS. I have sent this post by the Vegan Gorilla to Pseuds Corner at Private Eye


Simple Minds were a better band said...

At a gig a few years ago Bono was on stage, moralising between numbers about the high rate of child mortality in the Sub-Saharan regions. He began to slowly clap his hands. "Every time I clap my hands," he preached, "A child dies in Africa."

"Stop clapping your hands then!" shouted a member of the audience.

Dave H said...

Persuade Tariq Sadiq to go punting on the Cam. I live by the river upstream of the city and frequently piss in it.

(genuine tip: forget what's in the water and take a peek over the river towards The Backs (behind Kings College Chapel). At this time of year, the view is beautiful.)

Anonymous said...

If Bono feels so fucking much for the plight of the Africans why the fuck doesn't he give a percentage of his vast fortune to them instead of acting like a sanctimonious prick & telling everyone else how they should be donating their hard earned money? Labourite brown noser!

Mitch said...

Bono loves Ireland so im told but wont pay his taxes there. There are a few hypocrites bigger but not many.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Billy Bragg/Bono/Geldoff/Lennox to name a few more. Sanctimonious hypocrites. If I had their money I'd use it directly.

It's their money and if they'd rather spend it on ads telling others to give more freely rather than giving themselves, what can I say?

The Celebrity Righteous - you gotta love'em.

electro-kevin said...

They probably do give secretly.

My issue is that they do not do so sacrificially. These celebs actually desire a new World order ... with them still at the top of it of course.

(They don't seem to realise that the West comprises of enclaves of people rescued from poverty by capitalism. No - they'd rather have it that capitalism impoverished the third world and not much else.)

Celebrity Righteous said...

Don't bet on it EK. I might give a few thou here or there but only if the Press is at hand to report it and only if the BBC will promote me.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

EK, the eco-wise in the developed world are doing just that, by demanding that Africa has "sustainable development " ie no electricity.

U2 did a couple of good tunes but otherwise I have no time for them or Bono. That Annie Lennox used to come barging into my pub after rehersals, with that Dave wotsisname in tow. Pair of cunts.

Good luck at Cambridge OH, I only had to deal with Tariq Ali at the Hornsey College Of Art, he was a cunt too.

Anonymous said...

I commend Bono and all the hard work he has done to raise money to fund civil war across Africa and to bring attention to the suffering of glaucoma patients everywhere. Between him Bob Geldof and Gordon the world is sure to be saved.

And im sure he must have the cleanest shiniest arsehole in Ireland after the tonguing it got from Johnathon Ross this week.

Harrithebastard said...

U2 !

I was all okay windswept and groovy with it all up to the war baby thingy , then the bastard Joshua shit tree come out ! and it was all fucking down hill from there on in ?

It was shit then , and is still shit now !

Richard Cranium said...

Here here

Bone On said...

In honour of my friend Sir Bob cunting Gandalf...'just give us the fucking money'

No you Irish cunts, FUCK OFF!!

Leg-iron said...

How can anyone take seriously a man named after a dog biscuit?

As for the Vegan Chimp, those bikes are all very well but I can't ride one. Never could, and never will.

I should have voted Labour. Nobody I vote for ever gets in.

Resistance Fighter said...

"U2 play surprise rooftop concert"

No they didn't. The BBC helped them plan and orchestrate this week-long series of free publicity events for their new album (which sounds exactly like all their other albums to my ears), all paid for by the tax-payer - so how is that a 'surprise' ?

BBC = Zanu-Labour brown-nosing Pravda CUNTS !!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't include Billy Bragg in with the rest of the cunts, he's actually got a mind of his own and is willing to change his opinion if convinced. And he's for an English parliament. Good man, always has been. But Lennox, Bono and Geldof, cunts the lot of them.

WV - hingstor - probably the name of a new chair in Ikea.

Quang said...

Anonymous: Your ill informed opinions are really disturbing. Get your head out of your fat fucking ass, and understand that Bono has given much of his money to this cause-you do nothing slob. What the hell have you done for the earth? Stop ripping on people who give a shit, and start a revolution of your own-you pigheaded fuck.

Anonymous said...

I despise U2, and especially that fucking moron Bono! If I hear "In the name of love" ONE more fucking time, I swear I'll steal a fucking plane, pilot it to wherever in the planet he is, and bury a shovel, right between the bridge of his FUCKING sunglasses! What a prick!
I didn't know it was possible to sing and CRY (Like a bitch) till that whining bitch came along!

Anonymous said...

Quang is a bitch too!

Anonymous said...

Just another whining.......FUCK!

endomorphin said...

fucking CUNTS, the whole lot of 'em.
Come back to the states so I can throw my excremental bodily fluids and the like on them, fucking arseholes!! Fuck U2. Pay your TAXES you pricks !!

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