Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Follow the herd.

Labour's core vote.

There's something wrong with me (yes, yes, I know, but apart from that). Apparently, it is human nature to fit in with the crowd. I've never felt the need. Rather than agree with a concensus, I'd stick by my beliefs unless proven wrong. Browbeating and saying 'well everyone else agrees' has no effect. Never has.

Humans, in general, will go along with any majority decision and actually adjust their attitude to fit with that majority. According to the last paragraph of this article, our brains generate an error signal when we do something that isn't considered 'the norm' and we readjust our behaviour to be like everyone else. This was useful when living in isolated villages but when applied countrywide or continent-wide, it's a dangerous thing.

Whether everyone else is acting sensibly doesn't matter. We are forced to fit in by our biology. Before anyone decides to crow about what a great and wonderful thing that is, consider that the same system is at play in other animals, and reflect for a moment on a scene of lemmings and cliffs. Humans are designed to stick with their immediate crowd and few will question whether the crowd is right. Humans are happy that way, just look at football crowds and marches and parties. Get the history books out and look up 'pub'. It's part of the way the brain works and it's linked to dopamine production. Hence the ban on smoking which interferes with those pathways. Health? No, psychology and control.

It's easy, once you know this, to herd and control a group of people of any size. They don't need to be indoctrinated from the outset. All you need is to get them all doing the same thing. It doesn't matter, in the early stages, what that thing is. In the modern world, a TV show will do it.

Hitler knew all this, hence the Hitler youth with the uniforms and marching, and the smoking ban. Reinforcing that solidarity within a group sets up a group loyalty. Then you can use that group loyalty to gradually get them to do more and more outrageous things and they will not object because they're all doing it. They believe it's normal.

The Righteous have lost their way with this method. They started out well, with reality TV shows and easy-way-to-fame contestant rubbish. Many people were mesmerised and once the group is formed, they can be knee-jerked into pretty much anything. Shop a smoker. Report a litterbug. Denounce your parents. Cry 'racist' to silence those who are not part of the Collective and who resist assimilation. It worked, but it's falling apart now.

One reason it's breaking down is because the Righteous unintentionally set up another group. By continual use of 'racist-Nazi-bigot' and now 'xenophobe' to punish the slightest deviation from their Collective Norm, they have created a group who oppose them. By tightening the rules around every little detail, excluding at each stage those who fail to conform, they enlarge that opposition group and give them common ground. They have all been bullied and victimised for trivia. They all know who to blame. They form their group-loyalty around their hatred of the Righteous, whether they are smokers, photographers, bloggers, grandparents, and many more - they have all been insulted and belittled and in some cases, arrested for non-crimes.

When Hitler applied this psychology he was in sole charge. The Brown Gorgon appears not to be in charge of very much. He has fragmented power among quangos, he lets his ministers and various hangers-on do as they please while he 'gets on' with some unspecified 'job'. The Righteous don't operate under a single leader any more and while their methods are simple and invariant, their aims conflict.

Each one of them wants to be The One. Witness the Draperman's insistence that his was going to be the Greatest of Blogs, by ordering people to think and do as they are told and by picking fights over trivia. Carol Thatcher is excommunicated from the Church of Righteousness for one word, uttered in a booze-fuelled private conversation with two people she thought were friends, and anyone who points out the triviality of the 'crime' is automatically branded 'racist'. Another batch for the opposition group. The BBC edit the speech of striking workers to make them sound racist and will be astounded when they later vote BNP. Why wouldn't they? The BBC have already branded them racist. Count Mandelson considers all the strikers and their supporters xenophobes and insists there's no problem, we can sell our homes (hah!) and move to Europe to find work, because in his fluffy-bunny world, no other country discriminates in favour of its own people. Droves move across to oppose the Righteous. Mandelson thinks he's going to be Prime Monster or failing that, he'll install a new glove puppet. The BBC want multiculturalism despite the fact that it obviously can't work. Draperman wants to be King of Blogs.

Each of them is setting up their own empire based on their own agendas. The Collective is fragmenting. There is panic among the Righteous now, and the denouncements and witch-hunts increase in frequency while they all strive for top position in the news.

Meanwhile, those they have driven away are forming into a new group. This group has no formal structure and no leader, but are bound by the commonality of having been victims of Righteousness. The Tories should have seized on this but they have not, preferring to add their voices to the political-correctness and control-freakery of Labour and the EU. The Lib Dems... well the Lib Dems probably haven't realised anything is happening.

This group is an army waiting for a general. The Righteous will scoff and say 'Minority of whingers' but they are not a minority. They are a very large group of people indeed.

Taking leadership will not be easy. Since the group are composed of evil smokers and drinkers and fat people and those who have been denounced as 'racist-Nazi-bigot', the leader will naturally be seen as someone detestable and vile. That leader will have to bear the vitriol of the Righteous. They will have to be able to withstand constant accusations of racism and intolerance. They will need to be accustomed to being reviled.

The Righteous have already set up such a leader. They have a group who they gleefully target with suggestions of sending 'poo through the post' and with hints like 'wouldn't it be just awful if a black power group got hold of that list'. They have immunised a small but growing party against their accusations and their hatred.

We all know who I'm talking about here and really, we can't blame them for taking full advantage of this situation. The situation was made for them, and they for it. By the Righteous.

I would, however, like to see an alternative or two.

UKIP could make some mileage here. The root problem facing the strikers is EU law and the EU will not change that. The only way to escape it is to leave. I know many UKIP members detest the BNP but did you know that labourites now refer to UKIP and BNP in the same breath? There's also the Libertarian party, too small to put up many candidates so far but increasing. Libertarians naturally detest the authoritarian BNP and in some cases, UKIP too, but haven't you noticed the 'right-wing' and 'xenophobe' tags have now been applied by Labour? The Righteous are scared of all of you.

The BNP are making their bid for leadership of a large group of disenfranchised people and whatever your or my feelings for that party, they are doing exactly what any small party should be doing right now. There are votes in that group for UKIP and Libertarian parties too. Don't let the BNP hog the show.

The worst thing that could happen now is fighting between the small parties. All three main parties have a vested interest in seeing that happen and will do their best to make it happen. I know the small parties are diametrically opposed on many issues but there is one really big issue that should be dealt with first. Once that's done, fight all you want, but do this first.

Get us out of the EU. There are enough loose voters out there to do it. There might be enough to bring down the three big parties. That group of anti-Righteous is huge now.

Worried about a BNP government? So am I, but then we have no government at all at the moment. We have an administration under EU laws. There's no point worrying about who governs this country until we take our country back. Voting Conservative will never achieve that. Voting Labour or Lib Dem will make it worse.

You need to get all those people working on the same thing. They now know what the EU laws on free movement really mean. That is enough to bring them together and show them what the rest of the laws really mean. You don't need protests. You don't need a war.

You just need to form a new herd. Or three.


Ampers said...

You wrote: Humans, in general, will go along with any majority decision and actually adjust their attitude to fit with that majority

There was a word for that, often used in cowboy films. It was lynching

The trouble is, the smaller parties are led with people with gigantic egos. I was on the NEC of Veritas and atteneded the NEC of UKIP in my capacity as head office manager. Patrick Eston's ego was pretty big but noway as large as Nigel Farage (I did like them both).

Although I hate the BNP and all that they stand for, it might shock the Righteous if they managed to get an MP in parliament. But I wouldn't like to see more than one, and I wouldn't like even that to be for more than one term.

A BNP win would set the cat amongst the pigeons that's for sure.

Once he had achieved a shake up, perhaps we could arrange a sticky end. Accidental hanging of something?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

We will see more and more of the righteous denouncing each other to assert their Über-righteousness which will be great fun ( Carol Thatcher, Praying Nurse etc.).

It is not only the stroppy and curmudgeonly that have become annoyed; so have many of the professionals as their blogs show, The Police, Teachers and Medics included ( also local authority workers if you speak to them nicely in private ).
Nu Labour and their middle class fellow travellers may indeed have pissed off enough people to spark some kind of poujadist reaction though without central leadership and unity the two and a bit main parties will collectively see them off.

Libertarians ? Too small

BNP ? Too much history

UKIP ? Nigel Farange comes over very well in his Youtube vids at Brussels.

For any chance of a voice these three groups, and others, must at least not stand against each other in Local, Parliamentary or European elections.

( Is this sedition yet ? )

Curious said...

What is the problem with the BNP?

Many commenters here and elsewhere pussy-foot around the issue of their getting a seat in parliament etc. Underneath however there is a climate of "it would be good if they got x% here y% there but not too much".

This is the sort of attitude that makes this country as sick as it is. Not just in politics but society as a whole. Either the BNP is a force for good or it is a force for bad. You either support them or you don't support them. Make your bloody mind up!

Not a Beef Eating Surrender Monkey said...

I voted BNP in south east London, I will continue to do so.

The Penguin said...

Leg Iron,

I doff my hat in admiration. You enunciate so clearly and without the swearing that litters my own (by comparison) puny efforts.

I am currently circulating an earlier piece of your round all of my e-mail contacts.
Up to "G" so far. Might I suggest everyone do something similar with tracts they like?

The Penguin

Baaaaa said...

Very good but the lemmings were pushed, they didn't jump.

Which is probably what will happen to 'us'.

Anonymous said...


The New Labour gang have achieved something remarkable: in 10 years they took effective control of the daily life of a nation without killing 20 million people in the process. Genghis Khan and Stalin, doff your caps.

It wasn't an army of mounted archers, wanging away from the saddle at full gallop and not the gulag. It was the Quango and it's bedmate the PFI. Placemen outside the public view controlling vital national activities, with the support of their enthusiastic bureaucracies all paid by the public purse and appointed by their fellows. All under the carpet. Just as a big example, did you know that the Environment Agency is a quango? What about the NHS?

As Brussels took over Westminster, administration of the UK was handed to Quangos. Of course, industry and treasure had to be sold off, partly to fund this madness. The nomenklatura have achieved a position of wealth, power and freedom whilst the new 'working class' can kiss their ass.

Moaning is one thing. Getting back to an honest and responsible system is another and I'm stuck on that one. Are you?


Anonymous said...


You're spot on. But the media are the key. Until such time as the BBC actually report the news and not the latest weather forecast, all will be lost. The BBC control the vast majority's thinking of what is actually going on.

Someone said the other day that when everyone agrees, no one is thinking. And there's your problem - the vast majority are not capable of coherent thought, in particular the under-30's whose education has been used as s social engineering tool (No offence meant to those who can! And I didn't say the 'g' word!).

The same with political debate. UKIP have got something to say but where can they say it? If you're not invited to the party...

And when they are, they are, like anyone who disagrees, labelled as 'xenophobic', 'nationalist', you name it. They have no chance, they have no voice.

That's the key. Destroy the media manipulation and the truth will out.

Truth will become the Nu Spin. And many in the electorate simply can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Very good Leg-Iron. Personally, in any upoming elections, apart from Council ones (I have 3 absolutely brilliant Limp Dems Councillors) I shall be voting BNP. I never thought I would come to this but neither Call Me Dave nor Cleggover appear to have the guts to sort out the EU & personally, I've had a bellyfull of traitors to my country. Slightly O/T just watched Jay Hunt, Controllor of BBC 1 (I think) pronouncing on Pravda about Carol Thatcher. Smug, sanctimonious, self important & doctrinnaire ZaNuLab PC. Overpaid & underskilled in my opinion. Also, IMO, lying - according to her the dictionary describes 'gollywog' as a 'grotesque' toy. Mine merely says a soft toy so I've texted Pravda, giving my opinion & asking which dictionary? Also said her decisions on Ross & Thatcher provided a very good reason to withold my licence fee. She was really just like one of those brainwashed Nazis - her opinion is the right one & the only one - I could hardly believe it. She needs to get out more & get a life - and a job more in line with her abilities!

cornyborny said...

I saw the saddest/funniest thing the other day, walking with my gf to her mum's house. 10-12 blokes, freezing their spuds off outside, smoking. Around the front door of the local Labour Club. I'd have taken a picture if I'd had my camera: pictorial record of this mad country kinda thing. Still, you never know. The conjunction of smoking ban, global cooling, wrecked economy, crooked politicos and a media that doesn't seem to reflect lived experience might just help the average kneejerk Labour voter to reevaluate their outlook.

I think a fundamental difference in perception will do for the Righteous in the end. 'They' (be it ASH, the EU, local councils, Jacqui Spliff) see all the little and not-so-little curtailments on personal liberty that we've been subjected to as done deals; as irrevocable steps on the road to socialist nirvana. I think they really do (though it doesn't feel very nice to imagine that mode of thought). I imagine that the wholly committed genuinely believe that each 'initiative' tangibly helps remould society/human nature. Ready for the next step, hurrah!

Whereas, of course, sane people see, and feel, each restriction for what it is and grow angrier and angrier with each successive one.

It's just like a bear being poked by an idiot.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great article Leg Iron.

As you say though, there needs to be a focal point as it is difficult to get people out of their lethargy. Building the small parties up will take too long. By then, the damage could be irreparable.

We're all going to London for a stroll on November 5th this year, aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Let's look at it from the other side for a moment. Example: last week I went to a meeting in the Netherlands, near Venlo in the east. The place runs like clockwork. The province of Limburg (where I was) looks like it has been manicured. All the trees down the roads have been pruned properly. Their roundabout system is brilliant. Fields are full of stock, even deer farms, hedges clipped, ditches dug, grass mown. Seriously - it's remarkable. No litter. NONE. The towns and villages are amazing: full of PROPER shops and businesses. People dressed well, cheerful (I only talked to a vanishingly small sample though).

Holland is in the EU. They like it.



killemallletgodsortemout said...

Excellent post.

For the past few years I have voted BNP in local elections. Not because I agree with all of their manifesto, but because a candidate who apparently has the interests of this country at heart MIGHT make a difference.

I would like to see BNP MPs in Westminster - to provide an alternative. I suppose I am one of the "bloody nose" brigade, who just wants a change from the run-of-the-mill sleazebags that are the government and the "opposition".

It's all very well reading Littlejohn and Clarkson and enjoying their observations, but until someone of their seemingly common-sense ilk stands, I'll continue to vote for, dare I say it, change.

defender said...

Lets face it, we all hate the liblabcon, not for emotional reasons but for many many reasons. We can see what is coming and it is not what we the people want. They know this hence no vote on the EU.
To those of you who are still looking for a perfect opposition and the right semantics its time to get over it. There will be no perfect political opposition. We have to go with what we have and if we can make a change we can workout the finer details when we have regained our liberties.
Libertarians, you need a country to have liberty in, a free country, an independent country a country which respects democracy, a country which puts its citizens first.
As you well know, at present the liblabcon are gunning for the BNP, they have united in their fight against the BNP, see the leaflets for todays election in Tameside, liblabcon unite against BNP. Do you think you will fare any better?
The working class have had enough of this and they are starting to be defiant. What are the middle classes doing? who is speaking up for them? Is it you.
This country is deep in the shit, some have sunk to their nostrils, there are those who are not yet too deep in it, but its only a matter of time before they too are suffocated, then we will all be in the same cesspit. What liberty will you enjoy when you are skint and have no hope, not because you are not clever but because there is nothing to be had or you dont fulfil the critria.
I ask you to think, this is about freedom or submission.

Old Holborn said...

Now I want you to imagine a scenario where Derek Draper is rewarded for his loyalty, his spin, his tantrums.

He isn't elected, but is given real power. Power over you and me and any others he feels are not towing the party line.

He is of course, perfectly qualified to take control of a new Ministry. The Ministry of Internet & Communications. He has no idea how it works, he just knows it works.

Step forward Derek Draper

haddock said...


"Building the small parties up will take too long. By then, the damage could be irreparable."

Can I plead that in the EU elections you all lend your vote to UKIP. I say lend, not give, once we give the big three parties a bloody good kicking they all will be more amenable to listening to their electorate. You can then give your vote to your party of choice.... or none.
I'm worried that a proliferation of small parties, with the best of intentions, will fragment the vote and let the EU steamroller carry on flattening us all.
In parliamentary, council, parish councils UKIP will get handfuls of votes.... in the EU election in June it will get shedloads, they are building on an already strong base from the last Euro elections.
so LEND them your vote, just once may be enough

Not a Dolly Fan said...

Derek Draper is a lazy thick cunt who couldnt run a bath.His Labourlist site is truly awful and he looks like he should be sitting on a street corner drinking special brew and smelling of vomit and crap.

All in all well suited to a job as head of the stasi in charge of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Its no big deal, the British are a stupid, hypocritical and selfish race, incapable of building a decent society and acting in a fair and rational way. We just can't help telling those below us where they went wrong but at the same time hoping they won't ascend to our level.

Chalcedon said...

I must be a racist, Nazi bigot then as I wrote in to the Mail, Times and a few others denouncing the witch hunt againt Carol Thatcher. It was trivial. a perfectly sound word. It referred to the guys hair rather than anything else. Of course talking like that to two right on lefties is asking for being reported to the Stasi authorities. She is better off out of the BBC. Good on her for not offering some blanket apology. I wasn't offended at all. I bet very few were.

Frankly I've had enough. I'm not voting conservative anymore, put it that way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Its no big deal, the British are a stupid, hypocritical and selfish race, incapable of building a decent society and acting in a fair and rational way. We just can't help telling those below us where they went wrong but at the same time hoping they won't ascend to our level.

So what are you doing here? We are what we are and no amount of social experiments will change that. Who said you were right, or for that matter wrong. We do not like being TOLD what to do by anyone including you.
Very liberatian of you.

JD said...

Excellent article. I have long thought that the power of peer pressure is not given the respect it deserves. It is quite scary in the way it can cause emotions to override reason.JD

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the logic of you Libertarians' thinking with regards to the BNP could be summed up like this :

"I fucking hate the BBC me. Bunch of smug, Left/Green, Righteous fucking liars the lot of them. But I believe everything they tell me about the BNP. They don't lie about them...."

Its fucking ludicrous. Can't you please think for your fucking selves and stop just peddling the same Marxist BBC bullshit about the BNP ?

Or are you all just a bunch of cowardly fucking keyboard warriors who just like to moan about life but are secretly shit-scared of any genuine social change.

Well tough shit because it looks like that change really is coming (slowly perhaps) and you will just get swept along with it...

This isn't an attack on Libertarianism - for what it's worth I really enjoy reading this blog and I like your thinking on a great many issues - its just that I think there's a gaping hole in your reasoning when it comes to the BNP.

Flame away comrades !

max the impaler said...

Anon@13.07...don't call me 'comrade'....I'm prepared to give the BNP a platform.I want to hear your policys.I want you on the Bolshy Broadcasting Corp. telling me where you want to go.And the more they denigh you, the more I'm convinced you've got a good case.Your biggest hurdle is to convince the MSM to give you a voice.If only some of these media bastards would actually print the truth.

Wyrdtimes said...

There's only one party that stands for my country and that's the English Democrats.

Anonymous said...

@ Max (14:45) the 'comrade' comment was just a little joke - lighten up, FFS.

And I'm afraid you are completely missing the point when you say "If only some of these media bastards would actually print the truth" - do you honestly think that the State controlled lie machines are going to give anything approaching a fair platform to the BNP ? Don't be ridiculous - the Righteous are not going to give up the reigns of power that easily.

And I'm afraid the BNP haven't even begun to experience the full arsenal of dirty tricks and depths to which this odious Zanu-Labor gummint will sink to in order to destroy any genuine opposition. Leaking their membership list online was merely a start of the process.

And as for the English Democrats, well I employ a personal 'Litmus Test' for any 'Nationalist' political movement and it is this - 'Are the Righteous screaming 'Nazi' at them ?'

If they're not then I'm afraid it merely shows that the organisation in question has been vetted for suitability by the Righteous and is, by definition, merely another element of the State or a handy 'safety valve' for dissent. The SNP and Plaid Islam are perfect examples of this.

Multiculturalism promoting cunts the lot of them.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Haddock @ 11:00:

After talking to UKIP in Brussels last week, that's exactly what I'll be doing in June, for the precise reasons you state.

I still think it will take something more dramatic to wake the pleblic up though. :-(

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