Monday, 9 February 2009

Ed Balls starts to confirm what we have been saying

Ed Balls has let the cat out of the bag, The Tories are pleading with him not to frighten the horses ie us proving that they are de facto supporting the current Government.

"The economy is going to define our politics in this region and in Britain in the next year, the next five years, the next 10 and even the next 15 years.

"These are seismic events that are going to change the political landscape.

"I think that this is a financial crisis more extreme and more serious than that of the 1930s and we all remember how the politics of that era were shaped by the economy."

The Tories are now pulling in 'business experts' to advise the shadow cabinet how to deal with the Recession/Depression, as 'professional politicians' they have never actually had to work in industry, thus proving they have not got a clue what to do either.

Brown has screwed the economy for over ten years, he is now lying to himself and us because he wants to preserve his legacy.

He has been reading a book about the 1930's so expect a call for a National Government any time now.

I have today written to my Tory MP, asking direct questions as to why the Security and Policing function of the State has now passed to a private company ACPO.

Might be my last chance before Brown calls a state of emergency

PS Douglas Carswell MP (one of the good guys) says Parliament is now redundant and pointless.

Heard on Radio 4 Tuesday morning- The select committe described as the Star Chamber and Right wing parties not being proscribed 'for the moment'


Swiss Bob said...

Thanks for that.

Just one more confirmation.

Be prepared, dib, dib, dib.

I have to. WV damyt.

Guthrum said...

Either that or Balls has decided to make his move for the helm because the Captain has gone mad.

Anonymous said...

And some of you guys think you'll get a chance to vote this fat cunt out?

No chance.

Anonymous said...

Just been watching another fat cunt, in fact, the only fat anorexic the world has ever seen.

He really, really hasn't got one fucking idea of what this is about, not a clue,

One thing I've learnt. if you don't know the front end from the back end, keep quiet. You may make yourself look a pillock. Oh, of course, every one knows Prescott's a pillock already.

Ed Balls said...

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Bollocks!

Tory Poppins said...

"Brown has screwed the economy for over ten years, he is now lying to himself and us because he wants to preserve his legacy."
Legacy as what precisely? Grotesque, dough-faced, smelly,fat-arsed, hallitosis-ridden, one-eyed wank-stain?
(Least I didn't call him a Golly-Wog

***Appologises for use of none-Poppinsesqe language***

Anonymous said...

Good, the British or rather the English will get a dose of very strong and unpleasant medicine, living beyond our means and pretending to be economic powerhouse when in fact we are a debt laden bunch of effing bean counters.

Bring on reality we need it.

Gareth said...

I expect this will merely lead to a coalition Government, painfully high interest rates and actual, gripping poverty for many.

I don't see Ed Balls as much of a problem. He, like most MPs, talks shite most of the time. It's management gobbledegook on a good day and rampant scaremongering bullshit that he wants to say before anyone else says it on a bad day.

The problem I see is this: So much Authority is no longer under the cosh of MPs or Councillors but farmed off to civil servants, quangos and private companies. We are very much a corporatist nation now. No political party is minded to stop it. They have become wholly used to farming off their responsibilites towards us and towards the Country, to agencies outside the reach of the ballot box.

Chancellor Brown promised us a bonfire of the quangos. I guess they got the better of him.

With MPs and Parliament sidelined in this way there is no person to represent our interests and no court in which they can stand. Our colonial chums once insited on no taxation without representation. Maybe it is time we did the same.

Perhaps that is why the Government is so excised to get the Bank printing money. The corporatist bodies require money. Lots of it. If the UK populace cannot provide enough then the difference must come from somewhere. It is not that the Government won't trim spending it's that it can't. They have given up thorough oversight of department budgets so they have no legitimacy in insisting spending is reduced.

Barnsley Bill said...

Before anybody starts thinking well of Balls, let us not forget that this TWUNT was a key economics adviser to the one eyed mental jock poof before felching his way into parliament.

He should get the lamp post one side of Brown. The other side is for Blair and the letter box mouthed Kunt.

Dick the Prick said...

And he married a bloke.

10/10 OH said...

OH i will hand you this one, you are spot on!

So what is the answer?

Guthrum, still swimming around in your goldfish bowl i see, very sad.

john pressgut said...


"Just been watching another fat cunt, in fact, the only fat anorexic the world has ever seen."

You may well laugh laddy. But for your information, anorexia is an EXTREMELY complex disorder - in that, whilst YOU may view me as just some common old conglomerate of cheap pies (barely out of proportion rolling down the average British high street), I, TRAGICALLY, see myself more in the mould of le MONT BLANC of European lard mountains. It's all psychological, you see. Christ Almighty, I consider myself most FORTUNATE if a week doesn't go by without me being assailed by the horrifically surreal vision of George Lazenby and Diana Rigg skiing down my bloody arse man. What we need in this country is a return to some good basic socialist values like in the olden days. What price a little compassion for the afflicted of this world, eh?

Mitch said...

So that's every MP in the trough and no elections....hmmmmm I will take to the streets and I know where my MP lives.
Piano wire(check)
Pliers (check)
MPs (here shitty shitty I got free money)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What is the government for ? It has ceded powers upwards to the EU, sideways to the Quangos and downwards to the EU budgeted Regions that no-one asked for.

Noel Edmunds of all people finaly speaking up for We, The People

Noel gets angry " ( named Council Wanker ) I want to fight people like you because I think that you are at the heart of what is wrong with this country "


The Economic Voice said...

"I have today written to my Tory MP, asking direct questions as to why the Security and Policing function of the State has now passed to a private company ACPO."

So have I. Didn't get a reply last time so not holding my breath.

They're all so busy troughing, they haven't the time to stand up and look around at what is really happening in case they miss some tasty morsel.

Lesson learnt: if you want to control the executive, legislature and judiciary just give them a large enough trough and sufficient room to squeeze their snouts in.

Markbaldy said...

Gordon Brown's legacy will read like this:-
"Mr Brown took credit for a miracle economy that was shown to be nothing more than a sham - it was all based on borrowed money and was totally unsustainable.
His only real achievement was the partial banning of supermarket bags.
He was forced to resign in 2009 when the UK went bankrupt and committed suicide shortly afterwards" - we live in hope eh...

Dave said...

Brown to die in assisted suicide.

Balls and Mandy slug it out for top spot.

The winner will suspend elections for the common good

Jacqui will issue tasers to every council worker

The gummint will then do a deal with the yardies and make all drugs legal in return for a cut.

Once the smoke clears and the rioting stops the survivors will be rounded up and put in camps "for their own safety"

Population to drop to 10m through a combination of war, famine, pestilence etc

The New World Order is established

The 2012 Olympics are postponed as the venues aren't ready

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