Sunday, 1 February 2009

Coming Soon The Dog DNA Database

Following trials in Germany our Home Economics Secretary is to give local authorities the power to set up DNA databases of all the dogs in their areas. Then, in a move to help the long term unemployed, thousands of Dog Turd Inspectors will be unleashed to collect samples from the streets to check against the database, with fines of up to £1,000 slapped on the naughty owners. Naturally, police dogs will be exempted, as will any dogs owned by politicians or celebrities.

The Penguin.


max the impaler said...

My dog tags say licensed to kill.

Shirking From Home said...

When will the bastards just fuck off?

Susie said...

OMG there must be bugs in the streetlights!! A few months ago, after treading in some, I exclaimed in exasperation " They want to id us why don't they do something useful with the technology and dna test this shit and fine the owner?" It was a joke!!for fucks sake!!!

Anyway to really confuse 'em, chuck some catshit on the pavement!!

Chalcedon said...

Nothing more unpleasant to find than a nice big steamer, spiralling onto the pavement. Even worse when it has the tracks of a pushchair or other such vehicle in it. Our dogs are trained to go in the back garden. Should we be walkimg one and it gets caught short, we scoop it (the turd, silly) up into a bag and deposit in in appropriate bin or take it home. This is pretty rare though as we have small dogs. I think DNA testing and a £1000 fine are both over the top though. And no bastard council official/Hitler impersonator is getting to swab or take blood from my dogs either. Anyway, how will these Hitlers identify who has a dog? Are they in league with the supermarket loyaly card schemes? Or do they go through your bins looking for dog food cans and packets? Or is this just a load of old bollox story?

defender said...

Its for practicing their nazi skills. If they can track shit back to a dog, how difficult to track you.
The dog shit trackers can change to the you and me trackers before you can say What the fuck.

Anonymous said...

I could see where a dog poo poker may relish the chance to move up to something more, er, uplifting. Most be hell having explain his job as a dog poo investigator, his children certainly wouldnt like that getting out.

The Penguin said...

They're planning to include the dog DNA details on your ID Card database to be sure of getting everyone's dogs.

Crapita are doing the software.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Dog whistle politics?

man in the street said...

Big business meets big government.

Fuck off.

The Penguin said...

No, they have it all worked out, it creates around 60,000 new jobs which are suitable for almost anyone, as it doesn't take much training. It will raise a lot of money through the fines, and can be spun as being environmentally friendly.

The Penguin.

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

It's all part of his 'British jobbies for British Workers'.

The muzzies won't do it will they?

The Penguin said...

Hidden away in the detail of the ministerial order is another bit of creepy Big Brother 1984 stuff. The fines will be collected using the speeding camera fines system, but they will be graduated based on the analysis of the faeces such that owners feeding their dogs on expensive pet food or too much real meat will get hammered.

The Penguin.

Priorities, priorities... said...

We really need to get these shits out of "government", eleven years of incompetence, lies, spin, corruption, waste etc etc and this is top of their agenda

for fuck's sake fuck off you cunts

UNLESS, of course, this is the zanulabia plan for their mps employment when they get wiped out of power. hazel, twarriot, balls etc sampling dog turds, about their intellectual level

Anonymous said...

Not a job for taking your work home.


The Penguin said...

DOg owners are to be advised to take bacteriological wet wipes along as well as a plastic bag and a scoop, to ensure that no trace is left on the pavement which might be sufficient for a swab to collect a DNA "finger-print" from, as there is no degree of leeway in the draft order as to amount of faeces. Even a trace amount and you are guilty.

The Penguin.

stanislav,a young polish plumber said...

Tales from beyond Armageddon


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It is in an old, roofless, dilapidated building, without windows or doors, more a few piles of rubble than a building, set in a devastated, once-urban wilderness, two hundred years hence, it is night-time, a handful of dirty, hungry people huddle together.

An Elder speaks: “Gather close, where the walls meet, against the cold, we last few people of the Tribe, we, the remnants of a once mighty people, throw more shitcake on the fire, set Watchmen against the coming of Others, and I will tell you the tale - as my Sire told me and his Sire told him and his Sire told him, back, way back, since the coming of Gordon’s Ruin. These, children and friends, are the legends and commentaries, the hymns and prayers of stanislav the Polish plumber; make unto each other the sign of Ruin and say, after me, the first commandment of stanislav the Pole: Up against the wall, motherfuckers………”

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“and it was a land of inebriate, cross-dressing, wife-beating, child-molesting Jock sonsafuckingbitches”

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stanislav is not clear about the legend of the rocking horse but it is fabled among other Ancients scholars that Gordon, among his male intimates, did often act and dress as an infant, an gross, vile, bloated infant wearing nothing but an cloth around his privates, into which cloth he could warmly and moistly soil himself and be, for a few minutes, happy, squelching in warm shit, shit filling his snotty nostrils, shit oozing-out from the towel, down his fat thighs; shit Paradise. And it was said that one of his counsellors did fashion an image of Gordon the Shitty Ruiner, sat astride an rocking horse, a pink, naked, blubbery babyman, clad in only a shit towel, or an nappy, pouting. And, for fear of it being shown to the Ancients in the place of England and in All Over The Fucking World, Gordon, the Ruinous Shitman Gordon, would permit the image-maker every license, tolerate his every offence until, eventually, terrified, he appointed him as Deputy Ruiner, which, for the Ancients, marked the true beginning of the end, with the coming anew of Sneaky Pete, now Lord Peter, the Foul Cocksucker, the Age of Ruin had properly commenced and an ruinous feud poisoned all, beyond help or redemption...……”

“The night blows, now, cold and rainy and we must find shelter from the storm, behind piled rocks with sticks sharpened against Beasts and Others, who would bite and tear at us, steal our shitcake, our dried ratflesh and all our treasures. Tomorrow is an day of Scavenging, we might find an tin or two of baking beans, in some Holy Retail Ruin. And if so there will be Feasting and I shall continue the Saga of Gordon the Ruiner. Make, friends and children, the Sign of Ruin to one another and say, after me, the second commandment of stanislav the plumber:”

“And they shall be taken, all, and given an quick rub-down with an housebrick and dropp-ed down an mineshaft”

"And so should it have happened, Sleep well, itinerant paupers, ragged and frightened, cold and huingry, in the wreckage and squalor left us by Gordon the Ruinous. Amen"

(Merci, M'sieu Bob)

The Penguin said...

Nice one, Stan, but a bit off the Dog DNA Database topic.

Back to which, it turns out that a recently "retired" special adviser to the Home Not Fit For Purpose Office is now an executive director and shareholder in KleenIt Ltd who are one of only two suppliers of bacteriological wipes recommended by the legislation.

Does that smell?

The Penguin.

Aardvark said...

Without wishing to spoil a good story removing reliable evidential DNA from faces is not possible as it also contains DNA from whatever the subject has eaten (i.e. the meaty chunks in Pedigree Chum) and subsequently passed out.

This story should have been saved for April fools day.

The Penguin said...

Bloody know-all spoilsport! :-)

The starting point was in the news today, so I couldn't wait until April.

The Penguin.

lilith said...

"In Berlin an avant garde artist who tried to clean up the streets by baking dog turds in a kiln in his flat to use as briquettes in solid fuel stoves was forced to stop because the smell was "intolerable" for neighbours."

So that is why you left Germany, Old H.

Stan, I want to sit by the camp fires you sit by.

The Penguin said...

Lilith, that was the sentence that made me write it!

The Penguin.

Bob said...


I'm glad someone else enjoyed it, I'm still crying with laughter.

Penguin, off topic? Not at all, there's a useful lesson there. Save up some shit, you might soon be needing it to make some 'shitcake' to keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Shows just how low one's opinion of the (Mis)government can get as I actually believed the dog DNA story & was busily figuring out how to deny some Council jobsworth access to my dogs. I do pick up after them - one of them has a container of (empty) poo bags on her lead - but I wasn't about to have them touched by Mr/S Jobsworth.

Martin Niemöller said...

When the NuLab-Stasi came for the dog turds,
I remained siled;
I didn't have a dog.

etc. etc.

haddock said...

I'd prefer the council to hire some great hulking ugly fuckers with attitude.... that would rub the dogs nose and the fucking dog owner's nose in the filth.

dirty fucking dog owners.

I've seen the bags that have been mentioned.... full of shit and lobbed into the bushes or over a wall when no one is looking.

dirty antisocial fuckers

Leg-iron said...

DNA technology can't identify the species the crap came from with 100% accuracy. Finding an individual animal from a pile of Brown just won't work. It's a scare tactic. These new Stasi will just follow you home and then claim they found you by DNA testing a pile of poo. Whether you actually own a dog or not is irrelevant.

Don't waste money on 'bacteriological wipes' because it's not bacterial DNA they're looking for. Play a blowtorch over the area. It's the only way to be sure.

Best give the dog's arse a quick flash with the blowtorch too, in case of drips.

As a bonus, you'll soon have the dog trained to crap only when the blowtorch is out of sight.

lilith said...

I lob bags of dog shit over a wall. Otherwise I have to walk miles with a bag of dog shit until I get around to the front of my house with it. Just because someone lobs a bag of dog shit over a wall that doesn't make them a dirty fucker. It may mean they want deal with it when they get home.

Anonymous said...

Im so going to start shitting on the pavement. I suggest everyone else does the same... well unless youve had a curry,that would be very wrong.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

British jobbies for British Workers!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Under this scheme all you would need do to discomfort an annoying neighbour would be to raid his doggy bin stash and scatter it far and wide.

On the subject of DNA testing I understand that criminals routinely gather other folks cigarette ends which they leave at the scene of their crimes just to confuse the forensics.

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