Sunday, 22 February 2009

Coarse fishing for Grayling......

The Sunday Mirror  is standing in the icy water of voter disillusionment with Nulabour governance this morning, fiddling with its flies and trying to hook a Grayling. A knee jerk reaction of partisan politics at its worst; 'they've got our 'Second Home Secrecy' Jacquie Smith, on the hook, we'll have a go at theirs'.

Back in 2001, when he first became an MP, Chris Grayling  bought a studio flat in Westminster. I know the block well, I sold my own flat there to Keith Stainton MP many years ago, he bought for the same reason I imagine Grayling did - office accommodation for MP's in those days was dire and cramped, having a private office within sound of the division bell where you could also sleep after late night sittings, essential. Here's a suggestion for both parties - buy the entire block and keep it as a hotel for MP's who need late night accommodation. 

Unable to conflate Graylings 'second home' with Jacquie Smith's claim that staying with her sister two or three nights a week constituted her 'main home', they have resorted to whining about the possible capital gain to be made on a future sale of this property.

Blair swept to power on a ticket that appealed to many women, that of a 'third way', consensus politics. It has since fallen by the wayside. Women are not enamoured of the macho 'my Dad's bigger than your Dad' style of traditional politics, with the contestants spraying testosterone up the door posts as they slug it out, supported by their partisan media.

Women are less concerned with the political process than with the outcome and delivery of policies. Deborah Mattinson, of the political research and consultation firm Opinion Leader Research, says. "It may sound old-fashioned,but I think that women especially are looking for politicians to be public servants."

While men hurl abuse and scorn on the 'opposition', and then vote for the same party time after time, the women's vote is much more likely to swing towards candidates that offer honesty, dedication and representative government.   

I don't see such a candidate on the horizon, just endless mud slinging that alienates 50% of the voting population.

Wake up boys! 


Anonymous said...

'....that alienates 50% of the voting population'

Many of which go on to vote BNP?

Dick the Prick said...

I loved the Frankie Boyle joke about gay dads.

'My dad's gonna batter your dad'.

'My dad's gonna fuck your dad, and he'll enjoy it'.

Too right on buying a block of flats - student halls of accomodation style - you'd kinda think it would improve communication & efficiency too. Could bring a sense of community and give rise to security savings perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Even more outrageous is this:

The auditors have proof MEPs are corrupt and have allowed MEPs kept it secret - the TPA have published the full, secret report!

Mitch said...

Too right on buying a block of flats - student halls of accommodation style

better yet one of those Japanese hive hotels a pod with a bed and a phone,pack em in like chavs in a council flat.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Mattinson - Surely a joke? She's the one that field tests Brown's spin and soundbites.

Stan the BNP man said...

I expect that we will be held to this policy, we mean what we say.
Mind you it seems that the EU is fucked anyway, but if it needs a good push to get it over the edge, we shall with pleasure.
EUROPE - back to British independence!

We are opposed to the Single European Currency, and support the overwhelming majority of the British people in their desire to keep the Pound and our traditional weights and measures.

At the same time, we are for the best possible relationship with our European neighbours and believe that the nations of Europe should be free to trade and cooperate whenever it is mutually beneficial, though without being forced into a political and economic straitjacket - political unification.

Accordingly, we stand for British withdrawal from the European Union. In place of the EU, we intend to aim towards greater national self-sufficiency, and to work to restore Britain’s family and trading ties with Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and to trade with the rest of the world as it suits us.

Following our withdrawal from the EU, the BNP will use the £43 million per day net contribution Britain at present makes to the European Union to fund many far more useful projects at home.

Gareth said...


The pod people would represent a high value target to freedom fighters.

I'm all for it!

On the subject of voting - we have a massive problem with voter apathy and no solution to it. MPs regularly proclaim that people not voting means they are okay with the situation. It isn't. It's that a bulk of the electorate know their voice isn't heard.

PR may or may not be a better solution. Coalition Governments tend to get stuck, unable to make vast headway due to internal disagreements. This is good at maintaining a status quo. It also strengthens the notion of a political class - they on one side and everyone else on the other.

A box to tick 'non of the above' might be a start. But then, what to do with such a massive lump of disenfranchised voters?

Does a constituency have to return an MP? Does that MP have to be an individual?

A simple thought: A corporation of volunteers, parachuted into Westminster on a fortnightly or weekly basis. No one allowed to do more than say, 4 weeks a year. Vote how you like. Accommodation in a cheap hotel. While not in Westminster you can do a few weeks of constituency work.

An MP beyond compare, truly representative of the people and hopefully unable to coalesce into a grasping, shifty lizard.

Failing that idea, an MP who actually asks his constituents what they want on voting matters. A mini postal-referendum on a few issues each month.

Katabasis said...

Anon 11:12 - thanks for that link from the TPA - holy crap:

"It has been calculated that due to the generosity and laxity of the MEPs' allowances, expenses and pensions system, it is possible for an MEP to personally save enough money to become a millionaire over their 5-year term."

Call me Infidel said...

Dick I see the sense in your argument...

"student halls of accomodation style - you'd kinda think it would improve communication & efficiency too. Could bring a sense of community and give rise to security savings perhaps."

However they will then claim that putting all the pigs in one sty makes it easier for anyone to blow them all up!

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