Sunday, 22 February 2009

Brown is just running one large Ponzi scheme

Ponzi schemes continue to work on the "rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul" principle, as money from new investors is used to pay off earlier investors until the whole scheme collapses. For more information, please read pyramid schemes in our Fast Answers databank.


Heard this one on Radio four this morning-

Madoff gets arrested for running a Ponzi scheme,Stanford is under investigation for the same, however Brown pedals the same lie and is still at large , that if you buy into (forced into) the State Pension scheme you will get a living pension.

The only people this will apply to is MP's and Public sector workers- the reality is that the rest of us will be compelled to work until we drop, still paying tax and NI.

Understand that the FBI are looking for Brown, alternatively you can join the LPUK who are committed to abolishing Income Tax and NI, and instituting root and branch financial reform.


Brown signals the end of 100% mortgage deals- more populist claptrap. A mortage is a private contract- nothing to do with the State you tosser.


fearless frank said...

National Insurance has been a Ponzi scheme from day one, so you'd have to accuse every govt for the past century, not just Ruin McBruin.

Waynetta said...

If you don't pay your taxes how am I gonna buy my Stella and Fags you twat

Gareth said...

Brown was all for big LTVs for 12 years. Debt is wealth to him. Will anyone in the media ask him why he didn't see the problem of personal indebtedness on the horizon.

Year after year He held the telescope to his eye and said "I see non ships" the arrogant, deluded bastard.

Anonymous said...

I would be fascinated to know the levels of old age pension paid out to recent immigrants as they approach old age. Do they have to have a show levels of NI payments over the years or has this been quietly forgotten as I remember reading recently that Nulabour thought it was 'the right thing to do' to make sure that every elderly person had an equal pension regardless of payments made.
OR am I being ripped off paying taxes for the rest of the world to retire?

Speaker of the house said...

OR am I being ripped off paying taxes for the rest of the world to retire?

22 February 2009 11:57

No retirement for you sunny jim.
Oh, and you are not being ripped off, its your duty to give every penny you think you own and a bit of debt would be most welcome.
We like to call it quantitive easing or as we like to say shitting on you from a great height. Thanks in advance sucker.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that large parts of twattish middle England were willing participants in this Ponzi scam, "my house has gone up £20k this year, arn't I clever, do you like my new Merc".

Time to take it up the arse now you greedy twats.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I'm worried that I appear to have turned into a nutjob. Since RIPA in 2000 it became obvious that the laws introduced, despite Labour's protestations to the contrary, *could* be used against innocents but *would* be used as such if we were unfortunate to elect a less benign government. It boiled down to incompetence -v- intent. After the CCA in 2004 I thought it must be intent.

In 2003 Deutsche Borse made an unsuccessful takeover attempt of the London Stock Exchange.

"Meanwhile, within Europe, nationalistic bickering especially about the future of London as the financial centre of Europe is weakening Europe’s interests. Too many aim to repatriate services from London and seek the illusory prize of becoming a significant financial centre."


or here

or here

and, for good measure:
"It is sometimes overlooked that after WWII, and increasingly so after the British Pound was brought down by George Soros in 1992, The City (accumulative, not clear of adjustments) increasingly became ‘owned’ overwhelmingly (almost 75% of trade) by foreign banks, mostly from continental Europe that set up shop in London because of its much more liberalised financial regime.

The Anglo-Saxon liberal corporate governance attracted banks from all over the world and foremost from continental Europe. What these financial institutions were not allowed to do back at home in Frankfurt, Paris, Milan or Madrid found the perfect environment in The City."


So, the outcome of all this is this:

European leaders have agreed in Berlin on the need to regulate all financial markets including hedge funds

We've had social engineering, with disastrous consequences, and now financial engineering.

Thanks to Eric & Ernie for providing the answer to the question, "What do you think of it so far?"

Apologies for the long post.

wv: pedstl - something this government should be shaken from asap.

Katabasis said...

Good post GV.

By the way, I'd recommend reading the recently released 'City Boy' if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

A mortgage has nothing to do with the government until they cause the biggest asset bubble and financial collapse in all of human history requiring your government to bail them out with public debt into the next 30 years.

Profoundly ignorant about sums you up.

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