Wednesday, 4 February 2009

British Jobs For British Graduates - The New Lie

Seemingly blind to the furore caused by the Prime Mentalist's injudicious use of the dog whistle phrase "British Jobs For British Workers", a blatant lie because EU laws prevent any such discrimination, the Minister For Illegal Immigration Phil "Custard Pie" Woolas said that the Government was looking at further tightening of the new points-based immigration system covering migrant workers from outside the European Union. This system has already been shown to be even more useless than the word of a cabinet minister, as a record number of work permits are being issued.

The move comes amid concerns that the 400,000 graduates leaving university this summer will be among the main victims of the economic recession as the supply of graduate-level jobs dries up.

Mr Woolas said that the Government wanted to maintain the "highest possible levels of British graduate employment" in the face of competition from overseas workers.

British Jobs For British Graduates? The same blatant lie, they can't stop graduates from the EU coming and taking those jobs, and when you look at the way that NuLiebore have fucked over Education Education and Education, any sensible employer will take the German. Every time.

The Penguin


Marios said...

I seem to remember that Tony a few years back wanted 50% of British schoolchildren in Uni. What that gives you is an incredibly high number of graduates and a great lack of vocational professionals. So, unemployed graduates of English and Polish plumbers, makes sense.

Oldrightie said...

What a bloody mess this lot have put us in. Dear Heaven above, when will it end?

The Penguin said...

I can remember when we had proper universities.

The Penguin

Gareth said...

50% of school leavers going to university was an aspiration. A handy aspiration too, as it was reason enough to renege on a manifesto pledge over tuition fees and also aided keeping unemployment down for school leavers.

Odin's Raven said...

Hasn't 'graduate level' become debased to 'school leaver' level? Not so long ago I encountered a clerk who had an economics degree, and proudly claimed to be an economist. In fact he was a low level clerical employee, with poor prospects of advancement, doing a job which previous generations would have regarded as being far below graduate level.

Debasing education helps to debase the meaning of words, and helps to fool more of the people for more of the time.

Oliver said...

The PM made an announcement today that 6000 jobs for all the university graduates will be found by Pontins. This is how GB will beat the recession.

beness said...

I seem to remember a few years ago, a survey asking office workers which of the following options would they most be likely to take

A: A salary rise.

B: No salary rise but a more impressive job title.

Most went for option B, says it all

Anonymous said...

Fuck me! What! Not letting in any Asian or African meeja graduates, no more art history fuzzy wuzzies.

Whole sections of the British economy will just grind to a halt without these hard working ( and cheap) essential key workers!

We are finished I tell you, finished!

Anonymous said...

Good picture as well, its nice to see the usualy timid middle classes out on the streets fighting for a fairer country!

(Don't be out too late, and wrap up well Timmy, it's bitter, you know how chesty you get when it's like this).

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