Monday, 23 February 2009

Britain £2 TRILLION in debt

The IMF today

Yup. Truly fucked

The UK’s Office of National Statistics unveiled Thursday a national debt of £2 trillion. The figures took a collosal jump when the Office of National Statistics added the approximately £1-1.5 trillion debt of Lloyds Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland to the public balance sheet.

This change could push the UK’s level of debt to 150% of national income, taking it back to levels around Wolrd War II.

On the very same day that Gordon says 100% mortgages were "foolish" and bans them, we find Prudence himself has signed us and our children up to a 150% mortgage.

You stupid fucking one eyed cunt.


Anonymous said...

And just below this thread your hairy palmed midget is advocating for whatever mortgages bankers deem worthy to issue.

Get your stories straight, lardass.

Martin said...

Anonymong, Protip: different people=different views. Go back to LabourList and toss off to your signed photo of Draper.

Mitch said...

It was about £350bill when nulabia stole power and went on their wrecking spree.

Arseholes said...

Fucking wankers.

(I would have left a message on Fawkes' web site but the silly bugger has had comment mod on for what seems weeks and it kills the place. Please don't feel tempted.)

Anonymous said...

The country is going down the shitter spectacularly yet Sky/BBC are live at the Oscars for hours on end.

defender said...

2 trillion quid, 2 trillion quid. Can some one help put this number in some sort of perspective, it is such a large number it defies what has been up to now a number which would not really need understanding.
Whats the next big landmark number, is it Zillion.

Wyrdtimes said...

stupid fucking one eyed Scottish cunt!

Gareth said...

Gordon's never had a head for figures. He sees the numbers and they get jumbled up. He just resorts to the toddler mentality of 'that's mine' for nearly everything.

Regulations - his.
Success - his.
My money - his.
Blame when things go wrong - er...

What I am getting increasingly irked about is the naked power grab. Angela Merkel is at least being upfront about it - the solution the colleagues in Brussels have decided upon is harmonisation of taxes and regulations. And no one seems to be bothered about it.

Yet they don't have an actual answer - disunity in tax regimes is not what caused this so why should it fix it? Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic is an appropriate metaphor. Commissars machinegunning scared soldiers for stepping back from the slaughter infront of them would be another. To their bunkered and blinkered monds there can be no retreat.

wv - preditab. A predator's favourite smoke.

Anonymous said...

if we lift our heads, ignoring the pigs wallowing at the trough and gaze over the horizon, what do we see?

A contributor to Ambrose EP (in DT today) got me thinking with his comment that "Ambrose understands the relationship between Germany's elite and the German people. The German elite place greater emphasis on making reparations for the 2nd World War than on the views of their own people. Consequently, it is a taboo to question the reparations paid, sorry EU transfers, made to countries overrun by Germany in WWII (as it is a taboo to question uncritical support for Israel and loans to Russia)".

So, FRG hasn't actually finished with reparations yet? This raises some very interesting questions. WW2 hasn't actually ended yet: there is no peace treaty between Japan and USSR/Russia after the Soviet army occupied northern Japanese territory days before the surrender. What else is hanging about waiting for a German-led initiative? Especially one that demand European unity at all cost? Hint: 'loans to Russia'.

microdave said...

"2 trillion quid. Can some one help put this number in some sort of perspective"

Another blog I was reading put it this way: £1million for every year since the birth of Christ - always assuming you aren't offended by the mere mention of anything so anti Islamic...

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