Sunday, 8 February 2009

Are you or are you not a Domestic Extremist

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left-wing and Right-wing political groups.
The Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) has the power to operate across the UK and will mount surveillance and run informers on ‘domestic extremists’.
Its job is to build up a detailed picture of radical campaigners.

Targets will include environmental groups involved in direct action such as Plane Stupid, whose supporters invaded the runway at Stansted Airport in December.
The unit also aims to identify the ring-leaders behind violent demonstrations such as the recent anti-Israel protests in London, and to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups, animal liberation groups and organisations behind unlawful industrial action such as secondary picketing.
The CIU’s role will be similar to the ‘counter subversion’ functions formerly carried out by MI5.

The so-called reds under the bed operations focused on trade unionists and peace campaigners but were abandoned by MI5 to concentrate on Islamic terrorism.

The unit is being set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) and will be based at Scotland Yard in Central London.

An internal police job advertisement for the ‘Head of Confidential Intelligence Unit’, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, reveals key details of its wide-ranging powers.
The advert says the unit will work closely with Government departments, university authorities and private sector companies to ‘remove the threat of criminality and public disorder that arises from domestic extremism’.
The CIU will also use legal proceedings to prevent details of its operations being made public.
Its chief will play an active part in obtaining Public Interest Immunity Certificates from Government Ministers, and will attend ‘legal meetings regarding sensitive source material’.

Another vacancy, for an administration officer, states that the CIU will be involved in the collection of ‘secret data’.
The job descriptions indicate that the postholders will have links with MI5.

Details of the senior vacancies were circulated to police forces last year - the closing date for applications was November 14, 2008.

The top job was open to officers of at least the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

Mail Saturday February 7th 2009

This government is now running so scared of its own population that it has worked closely over the past 10 years with the ACPO (private Ltd company) in creating a police state.

This latest iteration is without doubt the Stasi in the UK. This now takes internal security out of the hands of the highly trained and regulated MI5, removes judicial oversight and places it in the hands of a private limited company which is accountable to a single political leader rather than parliament. This is political policing in its worst form.

Will the Tories or Libdems repeal this? I doubt it.

The UK can now expect the most repressive form of government control we have seen since the Magna Carta was forged with the Monarchy.

Ian Parker-Joseph Leader Libertarian Party

As highlighted yesterday, ACPO is a private Limited Company with 280 members. People who left comments yesterday drew attention to wikileaks here and here

Counter Insurgency Briefing

Issue 2.0: Mar 07 B-1-5

23. The Legal Adviser will be a member of the Command Group within a deployed
headquarters. He should be readily available to both the commander and staff for legal
advice on matters affecting military operations conducted by that headquarters. His duties
are likely to cut across the usual staffing functions within a headquarters but his
responsibilities for legal matters lie directly to the commander. He may well be required to
act in a legal capacity at a joint service or a multinational headquarters. Thus he will need
to have suitable security clearances and access to information commensurate with his
responsibilities to the commander.

24. In a HQ the Legal Adviser will need to develop close working links with a Political
Adviser and SO1 G3 Operations Support. A commander would anticipate that a Political
Adviser and Legal Adviser work in harmony both to interpret political and legal direction,

If you read these documents, which pre date the Economic crash, it is clear that this corrupt Government has put the all of the pieces in place to ensure its long term survival irrespective of the wishes of the electorate.

Control of the Police has been transferred to a private limited company

CCTV surveillance

Control of Photography

Requiring Accountants and Banks to report 'suspicious' transactions on pain of imprisonment.

Limiting Demonstrations

Control of the BBC as a compliant State organisation

If these are genuine according to these Counter Insurgency Documents from the Army, a 'Political Advisor' has been appointed ( In my day they were called Commissars)

The State has decided that the 'enemy within' has reached stage two, that they need to counter with surveillance and start to control 'opinion formers'.

UPDATE: Thanks to Bill D'Sarse

Head of Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU
City London
Career Level Senior Manager / Head of Department
Industry Public Sector/Public Authority, Local Government, State/Internal Security, National Security

ob Description Organisation: ACPO * Business Area: Terrorism and Allied Matters Job Title: Head of Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) Rank: Detective Chief Inspector Reports to: D/Supt Head of NPOIU Salary: Chief Inspector range + allowances Type: Full time police officer Location: London Main purpose of Role: To manage the covert intelligence function for domestic extremism, and the confidential intelligence unit. The post carries membership of NPOIU Senior Management Team and you will be expected to make a significant contribution to the overall performance of the police service of England and Wales and the

* A Private Limited Company

It is your duty to resist


Damo Mackerel said...

The government is putting all this in place because they know there's going to be massive civil disorder come the summer.

OT, but does anyone know why Electro Kevin's blog was removed?

TractorStats said...

Rumours are flying around about huge trouble being organised this summer, Kevin is ex-police, he's been leant on.

Philipa said...

A new law comes into force on 16th Feb which effectively gives the police power to act however they feel regardless of whether a law is being broken or not. This means their being lawfully allowed to intimidate ANYONE, even those in the pursuit of their lawful employment, even you taking pictures of a wedding.

This has happened without a peep from the Conservative party, without a peep from mainstream media that I’ve noticed. Has it been broadcast on the BBC? Have you heard a furor about this before now? Have Conservative MP’s complained about this on QT or AQ? This issue has been highlighted on Hitchensblog, I can only suppose it will be ignored. But what can the public do if they have no idea what is going on?

This is no longer a ‘free country’. This legislation is not just the fault of Labour because of the mechanism of parliament. The Conservatives did what exactly?

How can we resist when we will be breaking the law, the NuLab law?

PS: EK's blog was deleted by EK because he felt like it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

There have been a fair few posts on this 'blog recently, which all boil down to the basic rule that in an authoritarian or police state, there is a more or less inverse relationship between the severity of a crime and the extent to which the Powers That Be will try and solve it and punish offenders.

What we are moving towards is a state where The Powers That Be just declare quite innocuous behaviour to be A Crime, more or less at random, it's about creating that all-important climate of fear.

Goodnight Vienna said...

"If you read these documents, which pre date the Economic crash, it is clear that this corrupt Government has put the all of the pieces in place to ensure its long term survival irrespective of the wishes of the electorate."

Quite right Guthrum. I've been saying this to all and sundry since 2000. One only has to look back at the Acts passed since 1997 which purport to be innocuous for law-abiding people but which hold enormous powers if a dictatorial govt came to power. Such laws have so many loopholes they should never have been enacted and it's an indictment of a weak Opposition, a weak House of Lords, and a weak Monarch. The last redoubt is the people ourselves. As ever. And it's a fecking sorry redoubt we're in and no mistake.

I've asked (emails/blogsites) whether the Conservatives will repeal all these terrible laws enacted since 1997 and the only response is, "we're looking into it." There's never a straight answer to a straight question.

I suggest that the time has passed and we actually *demand* a stronger response from anyone who wants to govern this country in the future.

btw I'm very glad you read the links but I am not 'people'; I am one person. The important thing is to spread the word and I salute you, OH, RP, LI et al.

Anonymous said...

Not a peep from the opposition. Not even from the Lib Dems who affect to be hot on liberty?

There seems to be a preoccupation with rendition flights and Guantanamo bay detainees while *our* rights/privacy are being openly undermined almost without comment?

The Economic Voice said...

Keep writing to your MPs ( and get anyone you know to write. But use a personal approach, not templated letters.
It may seem tame but numbers do count.
At least then you can say 'we did try writing first your honour'.
Then get the pitchforks out.

Shirking From Home said...

As a few have pointed out earlier, the complete lack of an effective opposition over the last decade has contributed greatly to the parlous state of this once great nation.

The media has been equally as disgraceful. No sensible and balanced reporting, debate or investigation.

Every institution has been politicised, fucked about with and corrupted.

This is serious shit.

Bill d'Sarse said...

The job advert for the Head f CIU is here:

Bill d'Sarse said...

Better url

Mitch said...

I saw nothing
I know nothing
I know no one

and I am sure as fuck not telling you anything! complete ignorance will be our only weapon.

Orwell will be spinning.

Anonymous said...

As Shirking from Home says: This is serious shit.

Democracy: We fight for it in foreign lands, yet we lose it in our own in the long run. Where's the sense in that? It's time to call the troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan. No one declared war on us except on July 7th 2005 but it was an internal war.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales - fuck it, the more I think abt it the more I think ...

Anonymous said...

Damo Mackerel said...
The government is putting all this in place because they know there's going to be massive civil disorder come the summer.


The government has been putting this in place since 1 May 1997. The bricks have already been laid and now the roof is being tiled - it's becoming weather proof. These people are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing and have been since day 1.

They want to take away any form of independence. The economy is about to blow into a million little pieces and take away financial independence for all those who have bought into the bullshit over the last 12 years and over-extended themselves on debt.

They have already bought interest rates to such a low level that it will destroy many others, particularly pensioners, who will now have to eat into capital to survive.

Those that are left will have their savings confiscated, Argentina-style, over the next 12 months. They'll put a savings tax on deposit accounts and, when the economic tsunami gets bad enough, confisacte all private savings.

Buy gold abroad and store it abroad. it's your only possible chance.

Jock Coats said...

So it was fair to be a bit paranoid when the helicopter was hovering over my pad last night?

Are *they* organizing this summer of discontent by the way, just like a communist was organized to burn the Reichstag?

Anonymous said...

Be very aware when showing sympathy to 'fellow' dissenters, as the State will create such groups as a means to trawl those who they deem as a threat, what public disorder is planned? is this the same bollocks as the so-called anarchists/anti-globalists organised and were meekly herded into a police-pen? Nah, the best way to show dissent is to do it in small groups or as individuals, in the full knowledge that someone somewhere is also doing the same.

wh00ps said...

Jock, I've heard helicopters recently too... flying at night without any lights on (which i'm sure is illegal, isn't it?). At the time I was just furious that our air ambulance has to be funded from charity boxes on pub bars, and the police had enough cash to keep THEIR helicopter flying around all day and all night looking for trouble. Now, I'm a little more worried.

Anonymous said...

Just remember to switch your landing light off, as a house in Cardiff ended up with a helicopter in the roof a couple of years back!

gadgie said...

will this really be operated across the uk? Scotland has its own laws.I doubt they'll comply.

Jock Coats said...

No, they will *all* be subject to surveillance and monitoring. The more extreme especially - such as the Highlands and Islands, Cornwall, Angelsey and Aldburgh.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

They set up the Goon data collctors last year if you recall
"They will ask for and file reports on named troublemakers whose political activities are considered to be raising community tensions."

Damo Mackeral I don't know whay Electro Kevin is down, his blog is fun but hardly seditious. Machiavellis was pulled a couiple of weeks ago but he did glorify drugs n stuff quite a bit.

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