Thursday, 12 February 2009

360,000 searched, none found

Using Section 44 Terrorist legislation to randomly search innocent civilians is not very nice. Some might say it's a complete fucking waste of everyone's time and resources, others might say it's a great way for the Police to remind ordinary worker drones that they must behave and conform.

Carry one of these in your pocket and when PC Thudbutt of the Yard tells you he wants to look in your pockets to see if you are carrying a suicide bomber, show it to him. Remember, he works for you. You pay his wages, his training and his pension. He should call YOU Sir, never the other way round.


mc_nebula said...

People going to have these on Monday? I might bring a few to hand round... That's not going to be illegal, is it?

Ampers said...

Can one get these anywhere, or do I just save the jpg and print it out myself - alas that will look a little amateurish.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Prince Harry is being sent to a Zanu-Labor re-education camp so that he will come out of it loving the taste of Islamic cock almost as much as you Libertarian stooges do....

What strange, creepy, Stalinist/Orwellian times we live in when there are fools such as yourselves who are spoon-fed opinions by the State (BBC) and yet you *still* think you are independent 'thinkers'....

Idiots. Wake up. You're dreaming...

Chris said...

Nice way of checking they are literate as well.

I was once stopped by a couple of cops - (not s44) and was asked for my name. I took out my driving license and pointed at my name.

"We asked for your name, not your license."

"You want my name, I want to make sure you can read. I'm helping us both out."

The male cop went purple and reached for his baton. The female cop, also very angry, restrained her colleague and they both walked off, fuming.

Police in general and ACPO in particular are a cancer growing on this country and the more we can do to frustrate, humiliate, belittle the "Police Family" the better.

It is rightly a crime to assault the police - it's a complete no-no but police morale is a commodity to be assailed at will. Destroy their morale in every way possible and they will be less and less effective.

I hate them so much - the sight of a police officer weeping for a dead colleague is a sight to behold - it really cheers me up and the best two words in the English language are "Officer down."


Waiting for it to kick off. said...

Yes yes very interesting but has
Geert Wilders arrived on British soil yet and has Lard Achmed arrived with his 10,000 man mussie army to storm parliament.We need to be told!

Bemused Wolf said...

Anonymong, 11.13,

What the FUCK are you talking about? The vast majority of libertarians that I know, fucking despise the BBC, and all their government serving propaganda bullshit.


MI5 said...

You do not need to be told anything Waiting for it to kick off. And we know where you live.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Chris - you're a nasty piece of work.

The Penguin said...

No wonder they just ignore most real crime, they just don't have the time to deal with it.

The Penguin

clochoderic said...

I had a crustie mate who was always getting stopped and searched by the Old Bill in London.

His tactic of choice was to fill his pockets with miscellaneous rubbish and insist that plod make a meticulous list in order that his "belongings" were not being taken from him.

To wit:

Item: 1 used match.
Item: 1 mars bar wrapper.
Item: 1 Rubber band.

Etc. - You get the idea...

Apparently it drove them wild as they were trapped within their own procedure.

Anonymous said...

Chris bet you are on drugs and claiming social you cunt?.

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