Saturday, 28 February 2009

Modern Liberty - Fuck Off

It was an interesting day

I arrived in full costume at the Modern Liberty Convention in Cambridge, ready to do battle with anyone who wants to take my rights away

I was faced with 80 people from Academia

I watched two Labour Apparatchiks give the usual spiel of “ with us or against us” whilst grey haired academics nodded and tutted.

Those who say Nay, please walk through the “Noes” door.

Nope. This won’t work.

Two Labour Apparatchiks laughed their fucking heads off today, in the full knowledge that only 1 in 5 of us voted for them. They couldn’t have given a shit.

Tomorrow, academic papers will be published detailing the fall of democracy. Fucking historians.

Bollocks to this. The streets it is then.

God, I’m mad

Hat tip to Frank Fisher who put up a damn good fight.

Fat Trough Pigs Rack Up The Airmiles

Speaker Martin, universally acclaimed as the worst Speaker in the history of Parliament is no slouch when it comes to getting the taxpayer to cough up for him and his chippy missus to have an exotic holiday.

"Mrs Martin has no formal official role as the wife of the Speaker, yet the couple averaged an overseas trip once every four months to some of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

They include a 15-day visit to Hawaii and New Zealand in July/August 2004 and a two-day trip to the Bahamas in January 2007."

However, all of his junkets were approved by a Commons Committee chaired by Speaker Martin.

So that's obviously squeaky clean. Oink! Oink! Ouik!

The Penguin

Fuck U2

I would just like to say that I fucking HATE U2 and everything they stand for. God alone knows how far the BBC can get up Bono's arse. I can see Chris Evans emerging from Bono's tonsils shortly. Let's hope their private jets crash. In an African forest. Cunts

That is all

I'm off to Cambridge to pick a fight with Tariq Sadiq at the Liberty Convention. See you later

PS. I have sent this post by the Vegan Gorilla to Pseuds Corner at Private Eye

Friday, 27 February 2009

Racist Coconuts

Just to put Derek (everyone is racist) Draper and Kerry McCarthy (Lab, Mogadishu East) on the spot, I thought I'd show everyone some good old fashioned multicuturalism and integration in Bristol Council.

Enjoy Shirley Brown (Lib Dem) calling Tory councillor Jay Jethwa a "coconut"*

*Brown on the outside, white in the middle

I'm sure they will be along shortly to tell us all that only white people are racists, eh?

Just keep pushing, one day we are going to push back

The Wild West Yorkshire Police, you know the ones always appearing in Stop Traffic Heli cops every week, have smashed their way into a house because of a suspect heat source that could be a cannibis factory- it was a wood burning stove FFS.

Sir Norman Bettison - Chief Constable in charge of these cowboys.

Following his appointment, Sir Norman said: “Policing is an exciting and challenging job. We often have to deal with the most serious of incidents whilst, at the same time the communities we serve rightly demand the very best standards of policing.

Until we have directly elected Chief Constables this is going to continue

Stanislav on "Cunt"

The use of the word cunt is more considered, subtle and expressive than you imagine, if you do imagining.
In the lexicon of profanity cunt has long been the imprecation of last resort for people whose sensibilities have been basted crisp by the oppressive culture of uberCorrectness, peddled relentlessly by, among others, Mad Melanie Phillips – you can or you can’t say this or that and anyone who disagrees is a Nazi. Cunt is the word you don't say. Fine to say pussy, or arcanely, fanny. Same thing, just a more acceptable set of letters. Somebody decided, quite arbitrarily, that the use of cunt diminished women, even though it doesn't, well, not as much as does cluster bombing them, a la Hoon
Fine to use slang names for body parts, male and female - prick, arse, tit, dick - as terms of abuse, and a custom dating from when, in the Beginning, was the Word - but the cuntword, somehow, recently got locked-away in a box of dirty No-No words, like a linguistic nuclear deterrent; this, its power to offend, given to it by the censors, explains its new currency, you stupid cunt.
When people behave as badly as do those in Westminster there is absolutely no point in challenging them with rhetoric and sophistry, they are too stupid, Caroline Flint, Hazel Blears, Bob Ainsworth, they are fucking idiots; few of them can frame a sentence, let alone marshal an argument. Stupid cunts.
No, it is not infantile, nor teenage to hope that maybe Alistair Campbell's precious spawn, safe from military action, might say to him, one day, Dad, why does everybody call you a cunt ? Is it because you faked the evidence that led to an illegal war, Dad, or were you a cunt anyway ?
It is not infantile nor teenage to wish that degenerate, yet moralising MPs, sucking each others dicks in public toilets while publicly gay-bashing be challenged by their duped wives; why does everybody call you a hypocritical cunt, Mark or Jerry?
Lets face it, when you can see, online, any amount of granny abuse, bestial rape, paedophilia and sadism, one little four-letter word isn't actually going to plunge us further into a Sodom and Gomorrah de nos jours, we are already there. The use of the word cunt in these pages is not salacious and neither is it gender-derogatory nor infantile but revolutionary; it says, I despise your phony egalitarianism, a pox on your values, I shit, clearly and on balance, in a very real sense and the Devil as ever is in the detail, on your nazi jargon, fuck you and your stinking hypocrisy, you are so repellent that I will deliberately choose, to describe you, a word which folks in your own cosy self-satisfied milieu consider barabarian, de trop, taboo; I don't give a fuck for your linguistic conventions, I am more concerned about you eviscerating Iraqi babies, you cunt. I eschew your assumption that you are civilised, that there are civilised words, and uncivilised words, you cunt Hoon; you are the fucking obscenity. I call Hoon and the rest cunt, not out of some wish to write on a cyber toilet wall but because I know that foul, rank, blood-drenched, hypocrite war criminal that he is, his feathers will be ruffled; a poor substitute for life imprisonment but the best I can do.
Its not the use, here, of the word cunt over which you should tut-tut; it's the cunts themselves.
The above was inspired, in part, by Mr Hoon, the cunt, who has since attained a scatalogical grandeur all his own, his very name now an epithet in itself, whether he accepts it, Kirsty, or not.

je touche le chapeau a Messieurs SB, GF, OH et M. Quarante-cinq.

Voldemort Rebuts Accusation That Britain Has "Nothing To Sell"

Lord Voldemort has angrily denied the allegation by financier Jim Rogers that Britain is bankrupt and has nothing to sell.

"Absolute cockwaffle!" declared Mandy. "There's a lot of very nice looking young men out there! And we have all these chavs to harvest for body parts, there's a pretty much endless supply of them, and the obese are coming along nicely ready for rendering down into bio-diesel, which is going to to be hugely profitable when the oil runs out."

The Penguin

Chris Huhne- Social Democrat Chancer

Chris Huhe is a chancer of the first order, I will no longer give Lib Demmery the grace of utilising the word Liberal in their title as they are anything but. The Lib Dems are a Social Democrat Party, period.

On Nov 5 2008, whilst OH went for his walk in Whitehall, the LPUK ran its 1984 campaign of getting members of the public to send a copy of Orwell's classic to each and every MP inscribed with the words this was a warning not a blueprint. Only a few acknowledged receipt, those that did, did not understand the message.

And guess who has hijacked the tagline for his own use, you have got it Chris Huhne,
the man who is now posturing as a defender of Liberty, but will go on TV to defend a n authoritarian measure of keeping a fellow European MP, Gert Wilders, out of the country, when the Government was too ashamed of putting up a speaker.

Huhne, Hypocrite and worse.

One day an Authoritarian, but with a platform at the Convention on Liberty tomorrow, all of a sudden he is a civil Libertarian.

Only the Social Democrats believe they can be a little bit pregnant. You either support free speech for everybody or not at all, even those you disagree with you must defend their right to speak. When he gets up tomorrow I for one will walk out in disgust.

More here in detail

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pouring Oil on the fire

It took only 5 months for the price of oil to plummet from $150 to under $40 in the second part of the year. Meanwhile oil consumption did not even decrease 10%, so what is the real cause of this collapse you may ask?
Hedge funds. Let me explain.

Oil Hedge Funds

During the first part of 2008, Western economies were already slowing down noticeably and hedge funds gradually pulled trillions of dollars out of the market and parked them in energy ETFs. At the time Chindia's insatiable thirst for oil and the "decoupling" of east/west economies had many believe commodities were a "sure thing", a sound enough tangible insurance to protect overinflated assets scavenged from made-up bubbles. On top of that, by using leverage, profits were multiplied as oil went up, not a bad deal in a recession.
But when the banking industry collapsed, hedge funds had to raise cash by "deleveraging", liquidating their leveraged energy ETF positions sending the price of oil tumbling. Anecdotally shorting of banking ETFs was suspended by the US Securities Commission during that time but not shorting of energy prices, and the leverage mania soon found an escape route in utrashort oil ETFs, compounding the speed of this downward spiral. By December 2008 the oil price had collapsed 75% and frankly, who would complain about cheap gas these days?
As we enter 2009 the oil landscape has reversed dramatically from a year ago. The price of oil is lower than production costs and new exploration projects are being cancelled. China flush with cash is currently buying all the oil it can get its hands on to pump into its strategic reserves. Once arrogant OPEC countries are willing to sell oil at any price to fund government programs and prevent political instability.
One constant however is the depletion of major oil fields, worse than predicted at 9.1% year over year as we close 2008. It's a matter of when not if the economy recovers and when it does, expect a strong bounce back in the price of oil.

Current Price $44.65 1 year forecast $51

Steve Austin

So the economy is in freefall, but the price of heating oil, diesel is on the rise. Imagine those scenes again of fuel rationing at the pumps, lorries blocking the motorways etc. The actual rise in crude is marginal, but once you add in the tax that the Government slap on oil/petrol, then slap VAT on top of that.

Once people start getting it through their skulls that the 646 and their bloated State are responsibly for taxing the crap out of us the sooner we can have a smaller state and lower prices and more disposable income.

OK thats enough now- stop it

I have just returned from the centre of my town, after a lunchtime meeting.

Over the Conservative Club in the centre of the town the union flag was flying at half mast FFS.

The loss of a six year old boy is a terrible loss for the parents, I know I have been there, two decades ago. However the suspension of PMQ's has elevated the death of young Ivan Cameron to that of the death of one of the elect that is the political class.The wall to wall coverage on his death and the linked loss of Brown's daughter, was overblown. This was a personal tragedy, not a National one. Yesterday members of of the 1st Rifles were cut down by a roadside bomb. For their families a personal tragedy, but the procession of bodies on a weekly basis through Wootton Bassett is a a National tragedy. I do not see flags flown at half mast here for these young men and women, or Parliament suspended out of respect.

Ivan was not a Prince of the Realm, the mawkish tone of yesterday was off key. Matthew Parris writes on this, and I think he is right.

In my humble opinion I am cynical enough about Brown to believe he did not want to answer anything about the FOI veto, The Post Office rebellion etc, manipulation of grief is an ugly thing.

Daily Wind Up

This might become a new feature. Let me know what you think in the comments

Daily News Quick Wind Up

Nice to see that
violent people on curfew are allowed out to murder innocent shoppers, whilst I expect a lorry driver who stabbed a punch of pikeys robbing his truck will no doubt spend the rest of his life in jail.

On the lighter side, cigarette vending machines are to be
banned in Scotland, presumably in case it makes the heroin addled drunken wife beaters more unhealthy than they already are (personally speaking, life expectancy can’t be short enough in Glasgow) and clubbing seems to be all the rage in the Hebrides

Our Welsh cousins are still doing what they do best, that is helping themselves to as many
welfare benefits as they can lay their hairy palms on and raping children and the Northern Irish have a remarkable day in that no one was eaten, set alight or exploded.

All courtesy of Pravda

Tell me about any other stupid snippets you spot and they'll be included tomorrow
Update: it'll be weekly and thanks to GOT for the image (PS He also has Tractorstats wonderful library)

Fucking Hell, Gordon, Another Day Another Chicken!

And this one's another big chicken. You might think it looks like a vulture, actually.
Yesterday Lord Turner laid the blame for the FSA doing fuck all about the banking "global credit crunch" firmly at the door of Gordon Brown, who set the system up and tied the hands of the regulatory authority to "light touch only".

Today Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank Of England said much the same thing.

It's no use pretending that it's nothing to do with you, Gordon you Moron, it's got your chewed up snot stained fingerprints all over it.

The Penguin

OH Update: If you would like to watch them squirm, 13 minutes in

Taxpayers to refund excess bank charges

I notice that now the taxpayers money is being thrown at banks like confetti at a wedding, the infamous bank charges court case, enabling millions of customers to sue their banks for unfair charges is rearing it’s head again

It appears that the Office of Fair Trading now has the right to decide if £38 is a fair charge for going 28p overdrawn.

I did a little research this morning when I heard that RBS is losing £24B this year. Sounds a lot eh? Well, in the past ten years they’ve racked up £67 BILLION in profits.

So now that the tax payer is basically taking the place of fleeced customers, it seems they are going get to the taxpayer to repay the fleeced customers for the past 6 years greed.

I’m trying to find out how many lamp posts there are in the City. I think we’ll be needing all of them.
Courtesy of Guido, it appears that Zanu are hosting a Bankers Gala Dinner tonight in Docklands....

Mandy gets a kicking

President Picks A Dog

News is coming in that President Obama has made good on his promise to get a dog for the White House.

He has chosen a Poodle, from a re-homing charity called the New Labour Party of Great Britain.

The poodle, an adult male called Gordon, is believed to be in need of a new home. A veterinarian spokeman for the White House said that the animal was in a poor way, and that the President had taken pity on it because of it's fawning nature and inbred cowardice. It has only one eye, no friends, and lots of fleas.

The Penguin

So very troll.....

This morning I have risen at dawn, as I have done ever since I accepted Old Holborn's invitation to be a guest author, and started the daily task of removing from my moderation file the overnight turds laid there by a foul mouthed ranter, quoting excerpts from my posts on Old Holborn who is incensed by my temerity in imagining I can -quote- 'play with the big boys, sonny'.

My crimes are, apparently, in descending order, not being a professional writer, being an 'upstart', poking my nose in where its not wanted, and failing to understand that if I don't stop, 'all' will be revealed. 'All' has never been defined.

In between these little bons mots, there have been several attempts to access the server of my own site, by one of the many IP addresses used by my troll, and a spoof site set up lampooning my own posters.

I have no idea if others who author on here are similarly afflicted, if they are, they must deal with it in their own way. I only know that I am bored witless by it.

I had imagined that Libertarianism was a broad church, inhabited by all who wish to see this totalitarian government brought to account, who wished to see personal freedom and personal responsibility reinstated. One would imagine that there was enough work to do on that front to keep any number of idle hands busy, but not all apparently.

Now I could understand if my assailant was arguing with my politics, that is his right and I uphold it - but the attacks are quite specific in that his objection is to my appearing on Old Holborn's site, and my writing style. As such, he is welcome to 'win' the argument, and I am asking Old Holborn to remove my name from his list of links and guest authors. I am sure that some will say I should 'stay and fight my ground' - my answer to that is that my time is too valuable, and what time I have I would prefer to spend fighting this monstrous Government, not petty bruised egos.

Anybody who wants to read what I have to say knows where to find me, regrettably I have been forced to put comment moderation permanently on my site to prevent this little twat from ruining the very happy atmosphere on there for my own band of posters, but my site will continue to lampoon this Government, and will probably continue to do so with many a misplaced apostrophe, for I am a blogger, not a frustrated professional writer.

OH Update: A quick call to the charming Anna reveals that somebodey wants her voice silenced. Sorry, won't work.

Remember, Remember

Creedy: [desperately shooting at the approaching V] Die! Die! Why won't you die?... Why won't you die?

V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Waiting for that riot.

Watching you now.

(picture spotted, monitored and apprehended here)

We all expect riots soon. All those Europeans have been at it and they don't even have the Brown Gorgon and his collection of anencephalic witterers to contend with. We all expect it. Some have been trying to foment it and it might not be who you think.

We hear that the police expect a summer of rage in which stockbrockers and accountants will wave placards saying 'Hang on a minute' and 'Careful now' and perform random audits of the remaining High Street stores with malice aforethought. This is what we are led to believe, anyway.

That 'activists' are 'plotting' to stage violent protest. Well, there have been violent protests in the past. I recall one where the crowd wanted to cut off heads. As far as I could tell, all heads in the vicinity remained firmly attached throughout. This summer, they expect something worse. I can't work out what anyone could threaten that would be worse than cutting off heads.

These Brits stubbornly refuse to riot. When the Brown Gorgon stole their pension funds, they muttered. When they are passed over in favour of immigrants in all situations, they grumble. When Christmas is cancelled, they grit their teeth. When they find out about Government fiddles and expenses cheating, they shake their heads. When photographers are stopped, searched and arrested for taking photos, they swear a bit. When old ladies, assailed by thugs, defend themselves and are criminalised for it, they tut-tut. When they are fined for a bin that won't close, when old men on rollerskates are hauled into court, when council snoopers invent crimes and get a conviction anyway, the most the British can be induced to do is write a strong letter to the local paper.

I mean, it's not as if Labour haven't tried. They have poked and prodded and needled and Tazered the sleeping beast of Britain and all they managed to achieve is to make it shift a little in its slumbers. The British still refuse to riot.

So now our government has resorted to ordering us to do it. 'There will be riots this summer', they say. 'Your invitations are in the post and we expect you all to be there'. Weather permitting, naturally.

Soon we will find shotguns banned. Note the clever psychology in this story. Read it, stop halfway and ask yourself where it happened. You won't find out until very near the end. There will be more shotgun stories, so the public (who are, by and large, pretty dim) will be primed to agree that these weapons must be taken away. They want those riots from us. They don't want us to win.

We will see many more petty arrests and idiotic charges. Adding to those CCTV cameras (of which we will be reminded, often, that there are many), the police are testing out a new toy helicopter to spy on anyone, anywhere. A few of those looking through windows should get the anger going. Remember the dates of those riots? Not to worry, there will be reminders. Bring a packed lunch.

Following the murmured threats against bloggers comes the news that kid's computers will melt their brains. They must be discouraged from social networking. It's for their own good. That'll be the teenagers sorted. They can always be relied on to blow their tops.

So many insults and abuses, too numerous now to list anywhere.

Try telling the average pub-goer that the government actually wants riots this summer. That they would dearly love to have us all march, shout and break a few windows. They won't believe you and quite right too. It makes no sense at all.

No sense at all, apart from that Civil Contingencies bill, Labour's Enabling Act. It's gathering dust and the Gorgon is itching to play with it. Once he has that under way, no more elections, no more tedious discussion in Parliament and no more irritating democracy. The Gorgon will no longer need even the Labour party. He can just do what the hell he likes and there is then nothing more we can do about it.

He can't just set it in motion. He needs our help to do that.

He needs a riot. Preferably more than one, preferably in different cities. Down comes the already-suggested curfew laws, food rationing because we've already been told we're all obese, huge taxes on booze and cigarettes (for health reasons) huge taxes on gas, electricity and petrol (to save the sparrows) monitoring of all travel and communication (because there might still be 'activists' out there plotting to kill us all) monitoring of all spending (in case someone's stocking up on explosives) rewards for shopping thought criminals, compulsory identity papers and cameras, cameras everywhere. For our protection. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, will be the new Slogan for Britain.

This used to be the sole preserve of the tinfoil hat brigade. I wish I'd listened to them sooner because now, most of that list is in place already. All that's needed is activation of the Civil Contingencies act and it's complete. He has a little over a year to provoke those riots. It's going to get pretty surreal in the coming months. But we have to grit our teeth and face him down.

If we don't riot, Labour are likely to be obliterated in a general election.

If we riot, there won't be one.

The Chickens Are Coming Home, Gordon!

"It wasnae me! It wasnae me!"

Devastating evidence given to the Treasury Select Committee today by Lord Turner, new-ish head of the FSA, set up by one Gordon Brown and his side kick Ed "So Weak" Balls.

"In damning evidence to the Treasury select committee, Financial Services Authority chairman Lord Turner said there was clear “political” pressure not to question the business models of banks such as Northern Rock, HBOS and Bradford and Bingley."

Started in America? No one could see it coming? Bigger boys did it and ran away?

The Penguin

Text not Ahmed's name in vain

Our Lord in Belmarsh,

Hallowed be thy name,

Thy hubris come,

Our will is done,

+++Lard Ahmed of Tub goes down+++

I'm hearing that Ahmed has been sentenced to 12 weeks for manslaughter of an innocent man.

Allah Akbar - Out in 6 weeks

UPDATE: Does anyone else find it ironic that THIS Muslim will serve 42 days after being convicted, yet they want US to serve 42 days without even being tried?

Telegraph Blues - By Stanislav, a young Polish Plumber


Mr Christopher Brooker, a veteran, second-eleven scribbler much esteemed by himself for his personal battles at Democracy’s Barricades, works for the feudalist Bizzarro Brothers at what used to be, twenty, thirty years ago, the Daily Telegraph but is now a lightweight, consumerist, celebrity dailyrag, filled with frothy rubbish, ballasted by the occasional, purple-faced, repetitious spluttering of Simon why-oh-why Heffer, a professional twitterer, overweight, overdressed and by any normal yardstick overpaid and by Janet why-oh-why-Daley, a would-be grande dame in the Heffer mould, though less rotund; Mary Fish-Out-Of-Water Riddle, formerly of the Arsebridger stable of greedy, pretend-liberal bastards, fleshes-out the reactionary, whining bones of the other two with occasional rehearsals of humanity, tolerance and decency, like a saint fallen among sinners. Mr Brooker’s contribution to the Daily Bizzaro consists of nit-picking, hair-splitting, cheese-paring deconstructions of this-or-that piece of EuroLaw – Look, readers, at what I’ve found to anger you, to-day. Mr Brooker, a former public schoolboy, was among the founders of Private Eye magazine.

Private Eye was initiated, it is claimed, to satirise the Establishment; they manage, however, the Eye and Power, to rub along comfortably, after fifty years, old friends, sat on their parkbench like book-ends, giving each other prizes, contracts and commissions; gossipy, spiteful but a relationship beneficial to both; the public school and Oxbridge dominate still, as cack-handed and untrustworty as ever; war, plague, famine, disease, depression, slump and now Earthcrime, all hatched on the playing fields and in the debating societies of the English public schools; the Eye’s pretend editor a repulsive stalwart of the BBC, his silly-face-pulling schtick as funny as leukaemia. And how cool, how so satirical is all that? A ghastly Insiders’ Merry-Go-Round; more wit and clarity in five minutes of order-order or old holborn – largely written by the people - than in fifty years of the Eye’s turgid re-cycling of schoolboy jokes; sharper, more brilliant fire crackles from volunteer sniper regiments all across the Op-Ed pages of Cyberspace.

Our friend, Mr 45 Govt., has never taken a penny from Democracy’s enemies - like Lord Black of the Florida Penitentiary System or the would-be Channel Islands dictators, the Barclay brothers - even whilst such a great man as Mr Brooker has been happy to do so. These public schoolboys, what are they like, eh? Whores, slags and pimps.

Our friend, Mr 45 Govt., has never, to our knowledge, launched an illegal war, endorsed torture and kidnap, money-laundering and blackmail, neither is he a bully, a sanctimonious hypocrite, a scheming, plotting egomaniac with delusions of grandeur or a gross, nail-biting, lying, manipulative, bad-tempered control freak and there is no evidence of him eating the contents of his naval cavity before a global television audience, like a schoolboy dressed in his Dad's suit; Mr 45 Govt. has not cut and trimmed his life history to suit political necessity, he has not had ghost-written books published under his own name, he acts his age and does not pretend to be a young parent, like other young parents, half his age; having run his own businesses, generating employment and revenue, rather than poncing gold-plated terms and conditions from the taxpayer, he must be a thoroughly nasty piece of work, then, Mr 45; or so says Mr Brooker, the bought and paid for Bizzarite and scourge of the Euro legislators, well, not the last bit.

“Can there possibly be,” bewails Mr Brooker, “a more unpleasant person than 45 Govt….” Oh, yes, Chris, there can, where do you want to start “….who rather than commenting prefers to pour the most foul bile on anything to do with Gordon Brown……..why should Daily Bizzarro readers have to put up with this ordure?” You can almost feel his pain. Well, Chris, you don’t have to read it, do you? Millions never read anything with your name on it. And none needs to read Mr 45 if they share your distaste; such, matey, rather than the shape of bananas, is democracy.

The difficulty with most like Mr Brooker, public school bullyboys, effete layabouts, twitterers, of course, is that democracy is something to be written about for a few quid but absolutely not to be practised; not by them, massed on the Opposition benches, awaiting Buggins’ Turn. Play up, play up and play the game, Yah!

Our most undervalued social commentator, the late Mr Quentin Crisp - infinitely more prescient, tolerant and insightful and, God bless him, amusing than the trainspotting Mr Brooker - used to say that Manners were about bringing people in, Etiquette was about keeping people out; Mr Brooker with his faux indignation at Dirty Words - as if - and his breast-beating at Mr 45s wholly legitimate blackguarding of the revolting Brown reveals what a very bad-mannered chap he really is; calling for the censoring, the exclusion of Mr 45 he stands, instead on Etiquette, not quite the right thing, old chap. Best leave political commentary to those who know what they’re about. Trust me, Im a worthless hack. Got any freebies ?

Millions, around the world and at home, share Mr 45’s view of our stuttering, bullying, incompetent, lying, delusional, unelected prime minister; ever more millions will come to share it as the full scale of Brown’s catastrophic, bombastic misjudgements emerges. Countless innocents maimed and killed abroad, millions made refugee, our system aligned with kidnap and torture and frame-up, our liberties trampled, our money burned, our gold given away, jobs and homes forfeit to this snot-eating lunatic’s vanity. There aren’t enough dirty words in existence to adequately reprove this horrible man, Brown, the Mad Hatter; and if you cried, you know you’d fill a lake with tears, but I say, old chap, less of the filthy talk, upsets the ladies, eh.

The post below originated, like many others, thanks to Mr Fawkes’ Order-Order, a political blog, then unmoderated and had been, like many, all of his back pages, forgotten about by stanislav the plumber. A friend suggested recently that it be re-posted here, Mr Brooker’s How Dare They? outburst revitalises it a little.

This was written in response to a Brookerite who had complained of bad language on Mr Fawkes’ blog, apologies to those who have read it previously but it is here re-dedicated to Mr Christopher Brooker, the cunt.
OH Comment: I've lunched with 45Govt. He passes the port to the left. As a gentleman should. Unlike Brooker, who eats like a fucking monkey.

Hanging my head in shame part II

This is Alma Harding 4ft 11 who whacked a 13year old scrote who swore at her, because she objected to him vandalising church property.

Her reward for refusing a caution from the idiots in blue, nearly £2500 of costs, an absolute discharge, and a criminal record for battery.

FFS what hell is going on. The scrote should have been in Court, and standing alongside the pillock who thinks they are the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall to explain what they are playing at.

This is a complete travesty, anybody starting a fund to pay her cost, put me down for £50, I am incoherent with rage.

This is the Chief Constable of Devon & Cornwall, you have to pay to use his photograph. Idiot

OH here. Found one

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Geert Wilders trashes the UK

Geoff Dornan- I reserve the right to do what I do harmlessly- Fined

This chap is a hero and has made me smile today.

71-year-old Geoff Dornan was hauled into court in Southport, England for endangering pedestrians by rollerblading on busy sidewalks.

Mr Dornan, who has a 2,075-person Facebook group devoted to him, is extremely upset because police have confiscated his skates. Police are upset because when they asked him why he does this he replied, “Because that’s how I roll.”

What Freedom of Information Act ?

The Cabinet Minutes of the meetings, lies and half truths of the Blair Government that lead us into an illegal war, costing lives and national treasure has been supressed by the Government.

The Information Tribunal ruled last month that they should be published.

They had rejected a government appeal against the Information Commissioner's ruling that the papers be published because decisions taken in the run-up to 2003 invasion of Iraq were "momentous" and controversial.

The government could have appealed against the Information Tribunal's decision in the High Court, but has decided instead to use the ministerial veto for the first time since the Freedom of Information laws came into force.

Mr Straw told MPs that he had not taken the decision to block the minutes "lightly" but that it was "necessary" in the interest of protecting Cabinet government.

"There is a balance to be struck between openness and maintaining aspects of our structure of democratic government."

You are supposed to Act in the National Interest not Party Interest, you snivelling excuse of a man, and you want to be the next unelected PM !

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear

Is this cunt blind to what is happening?

In an interesting rant in the Grauniad today, Blunkett tells us not to be so paranoid at being watched all the time.

Some great quotes from the man himself.

If, in the name of liberty, we allow individuals to act in a way that damages the wellbeing of the whole, it will inevitably mean the breakdown of mutuality, thereby changing the very nature of our society.

We are not a "surveillance state" – only those who have lived in a police state can appreciate just what that term means.

We need principles upon which we can base actions that, in the name of protecting freedom and decency, may otherwise become oppressive, intolerant of difference and self-destructive.

Meanwhile, the Police are now equipped with a fantastic new camera for photographing crowds (remember, you are no longer allowed to photograph them). Zoom in on anyone in the enormous crowd. Wow.

If that wasn't enough, they now have 360 degree "chuck" cameras to throw at us if we get too uppitty.


Perfect Pravda

Tonight, the BBC have decided to lecture us white devils about the evils of racism in the UK, using Eastenders as the publicly funded vehicle to do so.

With perfect irony, tonights show will only allow black actors to perform. Yes. Really. I'm not joking.

When it is decided that the UK is a less racist place to live, Chelsea questions this, saying it still exists but in a less obvious guise.


UPDATE: QUOTE OF THE DAY FROM killemallletgodsortemout

"For fuck's sake, if they want more blacks on the BBC, just show Crimewatch four times a week"

Gordon offers 100% Mortgages

Spotted at Guidos

Gordon Brown, after grabbing the soundbites with "no more 100% Mortgages" actually runs his own 100% Mortgage scheme


Update: Fellow seditionary Bofl points out that the BBC investigated corrupt mortgages 4 years ago

Watch Your Back, Lord Voldemort!

And don't go drinking any cups of glowing tea any time soon with any visitors from Russia. Keep away from Bulgarians with umbrellas. And tear up invitations for a run round the Mediterranean on that big yacht.

You might like to consider investing in some additional security measures.

Best to be on the safe side. You know it makes sense.

The Penguin

Police Apology

Essex Police have at last issued an apology to the family of Stuart Lubbock, who was fool enough to accept an invitation to an after hours party Chez Bawwymore. Of course, no one will be punished any more than anyone will be prosecuted.

Assistant Deputy Dog Chief Cuntstable Knackered said, "We are sorry that when officers attended the scene they accepted a large bribe and failed to notice the billiard cue protruding from the deceased's arse."

The Penguin

Mandelbum's Sack is EMPTY

Well, well. It appears that the supply of soma that keeps 7 million drones working (and voting) for the Gummint is running low.

The Post Office pension fund is running dangerously low and may collapse.

Letter from Jane Newell, Chairman, Royal Mail Pensions Trustees to Business Secretary Lord Mandelson:

Further to our meeting of 13th February, perhaps I could confirm the Trustee's views in respect of the Hooper Report, in so far as it affects the Royal Mail Pension Plan.
Let me reiterate the Trustee's position. The Trustee has a fiduciary duty to protect the benefits of the 450,000 members of the Royal Mail Pension Plan. The Trustee's prime concerns, therefore, are security of members' benefits and the strength of the covenant of the plan sponsor.
As you know, Royal Mail's position is weak in respect of its covenant and there is a significant pension fund deficit, which is a long-term drain on the company's cash. Royal Mail is already balance sheet insolvent.
If the recommendations of the Hooper Report were not implemented, the consequences could be very severe indeed for the Royal Mail Pension Plan and for Royal Mail itself.
In particular, in light of the weakness of Royal Mail, the Trustee would consider it necessary to seek to significantly strengthen the funding basis for the 2009 actuarial valuation.
On a self-sufficient basis this would value the liabilities far higher, resulting in a deficit that would be significantly larger than the £5.9bn quoted in the Hooper Review, which is on the existing ongoing basis. The law gives the Trustee and Royal Mail until 30 June 2010 to agree this valuation.
Whatever its precise amount, the deficit resulting from a strengthened funding basis for the 2009 valuation is highly unlikely to be affordable by Royal Mail, with potentially devastating consequences.
If this were the case, the Plan's financial resources would not be sufficient to provide the full value of benefits, which would need to be very significantly reduced.
At present, in a winding-up the Plan would not even be able to provide as much as 50% of members' benefits.
In theory the Pension Protection Fund would act as a safety net for members, but I would not like to speculate on its ability in practice to absorb the Plan without putting an intolerable levy strain on remaining UK pension schemes.
Consequently, the Trustee of the Royal Mail Pension Plan, subject to obtaining satisfactory guarantees from Government, is in favour of the Hooper Report's recommendations.
We very much look forward to these being implemented, as soon as possible, for
the benefit of all concerned.

Jane Newell

Got that? 450,000 people who generally knock off at 1pm and spend the rest of the day down the pub are not going to get 72 virgins when they retire, as promised by the Unions/Zanu

So now we see Mandy desperate to pump billions into the “vote Labour” fund at OUR expense. Of course he’s going to flog off whatever he can to plug the leaks. He can’t risk half a million pissed up street walkers getting angry can he? The fact that it’ll cost you and me yet more billions is irrelevant .

Let’s break down some figures for a laugh.

Firstly, as it stands, the employees would be lucky to get half of the promised virgins. 2006 figures put the deficit at £5.9 Billion and that has grown considerably. No one actually knows by how much. The Post Office made a profit of £255M last year but is committed to paying in £284M for the next 15 years just to try and catch up the deficit. Opps.

At present, every man woman and child in the UK is going to have to find £983 just to fund the pension fund of Postman Pat. £983 each to make sure that 450,000 keep voting labour.

I suspect the Post Office is the tip of a fucking enormous iceberg that Captain Gordon of the Titanic hasn’t even spotted yet.

(Public Sector Pensions to cost £1 TRILLION, currently 80% undervalued).

I can’t wait to see the faces of 7 million public sector drones when they realise there ain’t no money in the pot after all. I predict a riot.

The 'Chav it all' society......

Large numbers of police forces are planning to cut thousands of officers despite the threat of a recession-driven surge in crime and disorder. Representatives from dozens of police forces contacted by The Times last night gave a grim picture of falling numbers and “significant and painful” cuts.

Who will benefit from this? Only the feckless, the workshy, the thieves, the least productive members of our society. Those with no savings will have their mortgage paid by the tax payer, those with no inclination to work will have all their expenses paid by the tax payer.

We have a Prime Minister who can find time to make 'several' phone calls to support the MCann's, Chav parents who left their children alone in a hotel room whilst they went drinking; we have a Justice Secretary who finds time to concern himself with the consumption of the marriage of that arch Chav, Jade Goody; we have a Chancellor of the Exchequer whose initial response to the financial crisis was to encourage us to buy a new plasma TV; we have a Foreign Secretary who arranges a £160,000 Gulfstream jet to bring home a terror suspect; we have a Home Secretary whose idea of being 'more selective about those who come into the country' is to curb the number of highly skilled foreign workers coming to Britain;  we are governed by a Labour Party whose idea of PR is to support a ranting Chav in the form of the disingenuous Derek Draper to 'present' its image; we have a media so obsessed with Chav approval that the cocaine snorting Kate Moss is deified and Gail Trimble's intellectual prowess vilified.

Everywhere you turn, it is the basest, the shabbiest, the unwholesome, the festering unproductive sores who are supported and celebrated.

The 'Chav' cult has eaten our culture alive, infantilised us, consumed our ability to think critically of serious matters, rewarded the feckless and demonised the productive. Those 'baby boomers' amongst us have been fortunate, we grew up in an age of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

I fear for the young of today.  The social disorder we will see this summer will truly be the end of society as we knew it. 

Holding The Line ? Sod Off

The Police are warning of a 'Summer of Rage' and redundancies in the Police.

Don't come looking for sympathy round here until you do two things-

1- Wind up up the little scam called ACPO which is a private company designed to provide well paid admin jobs and raise a lot of Cash.

2- Each Chief Constable stands for election on his or her record.

The police have gone from being a community service operating on Peelian Police Principles to a paramilitary flying squad armed with guns,tasers,pepper spray and a bad attitude of late.

To recap-

1. The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorder.

2. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon the public approval of police actions.

3. Police must secure the willing co-operation of the public in voluntary observation of the law to be able to secure and maintain the respect of the public.

4. The degree of co-operation of the public that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force.

5. Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law.

6. Police use physical force to the extent necessary to secure observance of the law or to restore order only when the exercise of persuasion, advice, and warning is found to be insufficient.

7. Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent upon every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

8. Police should always direct their action strictly towards their functions, and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary.

9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.

Statements attributed to Peel

* Every police officer should be issued a badge number, to assure accountability for his actions. (I wonder what Hartshorn's badge number is ?)
* Whether the police are effective is not measured on the number of arrests, but on the lack of crime.
* Above all else, an effective authority figure knows trust and accountability are paramount. Hence, Peel's most often quoted principle: The police are the public and the public are the police.

So we have had all the smart alec TV programmes, traffic cops, Helicops etc etc, how about cops that are known and living in Police houses in the community.That are funded seperately from central Government, but by local taxation.I live in a small town on the somerset coast. There is a Police station that is permanently closed, but always has a Police riot van parked outside with six police cars, I often have the urge to bang on the door, and tell them to come outside and start interacting with the locals, instead of shuffling bits of paper around.

Succesive Governments have played around with Law and Order for years, this current lot have made the situation far worse with passing three thousand new Laws in ten years. By feeding 'benefits' to vast swathes of the population, they have been infantalised. No longer knowing how to behave responsibly and ethically, and this goes for Bankers as much as it does for the bloated underclass.

So not a penny more on Policing until it stops wanting to play Starsky and Hutch, and
starts acting as if it is part of society not a detached paramilitary arm of the State.

OH Comment: An effective Police Force should only EVER be judged by the ABSENCE of crime.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Chris Grayling - Uebercock

A yellow coded curfew is in force. This is for YOUR protection

Just to show us how things could be so much better under the next mob, this complete cockwaft (currently in opposition) has put forward that we should put children under curfew.

"Confined to their homes"

Young troublemakers could be confined to their homes, outside school hours, for a month under plans being unveiled by the Conservatives.
In his first major speech as shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling said those who break curfews "should expect to find themselves in the cells".
Police would apply for a court order to "ground" youths for up to a month.

You utter cunt. We already have laws to deal with scrotes and rat boys. We just never use them. Don't you even THINK about introducing curfews against ANY of us.

Would YOU qualify?

Unqualified? Thick as shit? Can't speak the lingo? Refuse to work? Prefer to sell drugs and pimp sex slaves? Want to blow us up? There's nothing for you here.

I’m going out on a limb here.

I can read the shitegeist as well as the next man and Planet Labour thinks that clamping down on non EU immigrants will placate the hoards currently pouring over to vote anything BUT New Labour. It won’t.

Yet again, the arrogance of our masters rules supreme. They think that the British are about to turn into their biggest nightmare. Racists. Bigots. Right wing.

We aren’t. We like curry too much for that.

So I am advocating the abolition of our borders.

We should welcome ALL to the UK, in exactly the same way we welcome anyone to our capital city from the countryside. We recruit the very best in engineering from small villages up and down the country. We don’t care if your father was a pit pony in some Morlock breeding village in the Valleys. If you can do the job better than the next man and can afford to live in Knightsbridge, we won’t stop you.

So, how do we stop the country being flooded by foreign chancers? Do what we already do. Make it so fucking expensive to live here, only the very best will earn the money to support it. Centres of talent are inspirational dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are not a “local”.

Oh, and stop any cunt with an EU passport (handed out by other states who simply wish to export their Muslim/Asylum problems) from receiving one single penny in benefits for 5 years. Nothing. Come here, work and compete for the jobs or come here and starve. No “hostel”, no cash. Nothing. At. All. If you die, we'll send your remnants back to wherever you came from from 30,000 feet.
Commit a crime and you and your family are OUT to chance your luck elsewhere on the planet.

Abandon your old culture at the door, work hard, work smart and you’ll fit in and thrive. Cling to your outdated ideals and demand handouts to survive and you won’t.

Actually bollocks. Throw EVERYONE out and let’s start again. From scratch. Apply for your old job, apply for a British passport again. Old tax records can be consulted to see if you have contributed enough, criminal records can be consulted to see if you are a bonus or a menace to society.

Would YOU qualify?
UPDATE: Obo has a similar theme running

Prepare for a Summer of Rage- Met

One of the things about being an early riser is that you get to hear stories on the BBC that get sat on by the time the rest of the population is up and about.

Number 3 this morning was a warning from the Met about Middle class people who have never been on a protest in their lives taking to the streets and the Met was preparing for a 'Summer of Rage'.

The BBC had squashed this story by the time their flagship 'Today' programme came on air.

Supt Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan Police's public order branch, said he feared there could be "mass protest" at rising unemployment, failing financial institutions and the downturn in the economy.

The officer that "known activists" were planning returns to the streets, and intelligence revealed that they may be able to call on more protesters than normal due to the unprecedented conditions.

He told The Guardian: "Those people would be good at motivating people, but they haven't had the 'foot soldiers' to actually carry out (protests).

"Obviously the downturn in the economy, unemployment, repossessions, changes that. Suddenly there is the opportunity for people to mass protest."

Mr Hartshorn, who is regularly briefed on potential causes of civil unrest, singled out April's G20 summit of the leading developed nations in London as one of the events that could kick start a series of protests.

"We've got G20 coming and I think that is being advertised on some of the sites as the highlight of what they see as a 'summer of rage'," he said.

The officer added that banks, particularly those that still pay large bonuses despite receiving billions of aid from the taxpayer, had also become "viable targets" for protesters.

Other parts of Europe have already seen large-scale protests against the handling of the economy.

Up to 120,000 people marched through Dublin on Saturday in an emotional and angry national demonstration over the Irish Government's handling of the economic crisis.

The Telegraph

Hartshorn who is an unelected servant of the State, has coined the phrase ' Summer of Rage' we should start to use it every day until this Government has gone.

His crass statement is a warning, which equates to ' c'mon if you think you are hard enough, we are ready for you' just shows that even though there have been no major distrurbances here, unlike the rest of Europe where Governments are starting to fall, the Police are prepared to make threatening public statements that should have been made by the Home Secretary.

When this Government finally falls he is now near the top of my personal list to be sacked.

For the last three years I have had the following two statements on my blog.

Each of should choose which course of action we must take; education,conventional political action or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes,

But let it not be said we did nothing

Ron Paul

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


This is a destructive Government lead by an unelected Prime Minister.

OH Update: A week of Protest beckons and more

Guthrum Update : LBC phone in until 1pm on the Summer of Rage zero confidence in Cameron, even less for Brown.

Mr Hartshorn, considering that he is making public statements on policing matters, is a bit of a secret policeman, very little information can be gleaned other than he is a member of CO11, and met some of the photographers on the recent New Scotland Yard protest

Britain £2 TRILLION in debt

The IMF today

Yup. Truly fucked

The UK’s Office of National Statistics unveiled Thursday a national debt of £2 trillion. The figures took a collosal jump when the Office of National Statistics added the approximately £1-1.5 trillion debt of Lloyds Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland to the public balance sheet.

This change could push the UK’s level of debt to 150% of national income, taking it back to levels around Wolrd War II.

On the very same day that Gordon says 100% mortgages were "foolish" and bans them, we find Prudence himself has signed us and our children up to a 150% mortgage.

You stupid fucking one eyed cunt.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Nice T Shirts

£10 from torybear. Get yours today

(PS Torybear owes me one now)

Racism of the Ripper.

A leaked Home Office memo on immigration, today.

(Picture surgically excised from here)

Jacq the Ripper has decided to clamp down on immigration. Are you out there, Spark-up? You might want to psychoanalyse this:

Although the majority of the people affected by the new measures come from the Indian sub-continent or Africa, Ms Smith strongly denied that they were racist.

Ah, but she doesn't know she's racist, does she? It's deep within her psyche, wearing a little moustache and holding one rigid arm aloft. Eh, Righteous Ones? Look how she continues her denial.

"It genuinely isn't. I hope in our debate about immigration we have got beyond that," she said.

Most of us have, Ms. Ripper, most of us 'got beyond that' a long time ago. Your drones, however, have not. They are still here. Still pointing out racism wherever they imagine it to be. Still regarding every barrier to totally free movement as the work of Satan himself. Anyone who says they are not racist are definitely so, they just don't realise it. That's the training you gave to your collective, Jacqui, and they continue as instructed.

There is a book that all those who head this Righteous movement should read. A somewhat cumbersome but worthwhile volume by Mary Shelly, entitled 'Frankenstein'.

Labour have played the race card to silence dissent since they came to power. They have boosted and encouraged those who wish to label us thought-criminals in order to exert some petty control. They have stated that any opposition to immigration must mean the opposer is a far-right racist of some type. They created a monster.

Now, they want to control immigration. Therefore, by their own monster’s logic, they must be racists. The problem is compounded by the fact that there is no control they can exert over EU migrants, most of whom are white, so all the control is on Asian and African migrants. Oh dear, that monster is going to be very angry indeed.

You know what? I don't agree with what she proposes. I agree we need to control immigration but not by selectively picking out target groups. Besides, it’s pointless. EU citizens are unrestrained. All anyone needs do is gain EU citizenship in any EU country and they can wander wherever they like. This is not control she proposes, it’s deflection. It’s designed to appeal to those who have defected from Labour to the BNP and they won’t be fooled at all, because that wasn’t why they moved to the BNP. The ‘universal racism’ was all in the Righteous monster’s head.

We cannot control immigration as long as we are part of the EU. We can make it hard to move directly to here from a non-EU country, but all that means is that anyone outside the EU just gets Spain or Poland to stamp their card, and then get on a plane and they’re here. We have no control at all.

There is no need for armed guards at the borders. If there were no freebies on arrival, then only those who want to work will come here. Turn up with no intention of working and you’ll be on the street. Unfortunately the Righteous won’t allow that. Anyone and everyone must come here, and the more dependent they are, the better.

There is no problem with people from India setting up corner shops here. There is no problem with African businessmen or building workers coming here to work. There is no problem with Polish bus drivers or Bangladeshi restauranteurs, or with anyone who wants to earn a living in this country.

What people object to are the spongers who are encouraged to claim benefits on arrival, accept every freebie, and then write home and tell their family and friends to come because the British are a bunch of suckers who give away everything for nothing.

Spark-up, you and your kind will call me racist for that last paragraph while ignoring the previous one. It is not, never has been, an issue of race. It is an issue of taxes paying for the dregs of other countries to come here. It is an issue of those who are unemployed here finding that they are passed over in favour of the incoming unemployed.

If a family from Pakistan move here, get jobs and rent or buy houses, there is no problem. If a family from Romania moved here, had no intention of looking for work but were housed and given all assistance while our own unemployed are sidelined, there is a problem.

Despite Jacq the Ripper’s pronouncement that ‘we have got beyond’ the race issue in immigration discussions, it should never have been about race in the first place. The Righteous linked the two, not the people. Now she plans to block Africans and Indians and Pakistanis from coming here while the Romanians and the Italians can come and go as they please, and she says it’s not a racist policy.(OH here, this doesn't apply to Dutch MP's)

Try to grasp this, Righteous, before it’s too late. Most of us don’t care where people come from. We don’t care what colour their skin might be or which God they worship. We don’t care about any of that.

We care about what they do when they get here.

Pay your Taxes, we need it

MEP's become millionaires and claim 47% pay rise

From those wonderful chaps over at the taxpayers alliance comes a shocking report that has been held in secret.

New research for the TaxPayers' Alliance and The Great European Rip-Off reveals that MEPs stand to get a 47% increase in their take home pay this year. Through a combination of increasing pay levels, a new lower tax rate for all EU officials and the plunging value of the Pound to the Euro, politicians in Brussels will see their pay rise hugely despite the rising unemployment being suffered by their consituents. As well as their soaring pay, the new book demonstrates that over and above their salaries an MEP can personally earn a further £1 million during a typical Parliamentary term through their generous allowances and expenses. The research note can be read here.

Key Findings:
After the European Elections in June 2009, British MEPs stand to get a 47% increase in their take home pay. MEPs currently earn the same as a Westminster MP, £63,291, on which they pay British income tax of 26%, leaving them £46,835 in take home pay. Three crucial changes in their pay arragements will increase their salaries sizeably:

i) After June, all MEPs will move to a new, standardised salary of €91,980 - at 2008 exchange rates, that is a pay rise of 16% to £73,584.
ii) At the same time, they will cease to pay British income tax and will instead pay a new, reduced EU tax of only 15%, boosting their take home pay to €78,183. At 2008 exchange rates that means their after-tax pay will increase from £46,835 to £62,546 - a 33% rise.
iii) The new MEPs' salary will be paid in Euros, which have gained greatly in value against Sterling since 2008. If exchange rates stay at around €1:88p, then MEPs will gain a further increase in take-home pay to £68,801. Going from earning £46,835 in take home pay currently to £68,801 under the new arrangements is a 47 per cent rise.

It has been calculated that due to the generosity and laxity of the MEPs' allowances, expenses and pensions system, it is possible for an MEP to personally save enough money to become a millionaire over their 5-year term.

Full methodology and calculations can be found in the research note itself, which can be read here.

Well, Hairy Moneyballs MEP, I know you read Old Holborn. Got anything to say for yourself, you bloated maggot?

It's not just me that's getting very close to hanging the lot of you.


Brown is just running one large Ponzi scheme

Ponzi schemes continue to work on the "rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul" principle, as money from new investors is used to pay off earlier investors until the whole scheme collapses. For more information, please read pyramid schemes in our Fast Answers databank.


Heard this one on Radio four this morning-

Madoff gets arrested for running a Ponzi scheme,Stanford is under investigation for the same, however Brown pedals the same lie and is still at large , that if you buy into (forced into) the State Pension scheme you will get a living pension.

The only people this will apply to is MP's and Public sector workers- the reality is that the rest of us will be compelled to work until we drop, still paying tax and NI.

Understand that the FBI are looking for Brown, alternatively you can join the LPUK who are committed to abolishing Income Tax and NI, and instituting root and branch financial reform.


Brown signals the end of 100% mortgage deals- more populist claptrap. A mortage is a private contract- nothing to do with the State you tosser.

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