Saturday, 24 January 2009

Was this the usual Rent a Mob Lefty Protest in Iceland? No it is not !

An anti-government protest in front of Lithuania's Parliament in Vilnius. The sign to left reads 'Stop destroying business' Photo: REUTERS

That was one of the comments left on the previous posting, no it was not see above for the translation on the banner. The Imperial EU is now having a summit on Law and Order because of the rising unrest. WTF since when as Law and order been the preserve of the EU ?

There are going to be two outcomes to this social unrest baton charges,teargas and even more restrictions on our Civil Liberties under 'Emergency Powers' or the ousting of the Darien Regime of Brown & Darling.

It is the Euthanasia of Government advocated by Godwin that we should be following, the 646 are scared as they should be, they know the tide is turned rapidly against them.

"People obviously are seeing what is happening in other countries in the rest of Europe, such as Greece, and they thought 'Why are we so calm?'."
Yet no mention of riots, a European Prime minister and Head of a European National Bank resigning on BBC/Pravda. How strange. More here
We are being taking for fools. To quote the Icelandic public
"We are the ones we have been waiting for "


Ampers said...

Being calm doesn't really mean that we are calm.

It means that throughout the country everybody is hurting and slowly beginning to seethe against the government. There are undercurrents everywhere you go if you look for it.

All it needs in the UK is for the right incident to set it off.

I am sure it will come, but because we have all kept it bottled up, it will be much more violent than Iceland and Lithuania.

Old Holborn said...

I agree Ampers.

People have had enough, they just don't know what to do about it. That will be academic soon enough.

Mitch said...

It just needs a "poll tax" moment to set it off.

no longer anonymous said...

The concern is that people will start demanding big-government solutions to the problem and turn to socialism.

We must emphasise that this mess has been caused by a unfree distorted market awash with government-enforced privileges. Dismantle the central state and you dismantle the causes of economic instability.

Guthrum said...

The concern is that people will start demanding big-government solutions to the problem and turn to socialism.

No- the riots are against big government and socialism which are destroying their jobs

Harrithebastard said...

I have heard the quote " Beware the British can turn to brutish very quickly "

Maybe in 1940? but no sign of it since, taking the 1970's football hooligans out of the equation, it appears that the british stiff upper lip has taken on another all together different meaning?

Appeasement is the worse form of Cowardice ... how many people took to the streets and felt plods wrath at the end of a truncheon because that particular fraternity liked to hunt down foxes in good old British tradition ( British tradition? that needed stamping out? ... bastards )than appear to be overly concerned at the loss of anything remotely connected to freedon or democracy? ( having fun ! have the Labour Marxists not had a crackdown yet )

As the old saying goes ... " you give up a little bit of freedom , for a little bit of security, you will soon find out you have lost the lot "

I do not live in the UK anymore , but living in an ex-soviet bloc country has one advantage, most folk here know the danger signs of impending crapski around the corner and WILL fight it one way or the other, Yes i know that most of the former soviet bloc countries fought long and hard to resist the scourge of communism only to join the European Union? me too ? whats the fucking difference.

The men in big hats are still alive and kicking , which is more than can be said of the British stiff upper lip? you have to hand it to the bastards, they had a 'plan ' they stuck to it. and now ... its all down fucking hill for Great Britain.

Anyway, now thats off my chest, i can carry on getting with the Vodka and my journey to my happy place? and no, no Marxists , trots , Dollys or fuckwits allowed in .

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Be careful, the British can turn from Chamberlain to Churchill in an instant.

First time I saw that it was a German warning a muzbot.

A German ought to know.

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