Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Unfinished Business

As the second coming will take place in Washington at 12 noon sharp EST as per the American Constitution, Israeli forces scurry back across the border and the Russians switch the Gas back on to Eastern Europe, there is still unfinished business- The Invasion of Iraq.

In 2004 Adam Price MP moved a motion to impeach Tony Blair

Impeachment Motion - Conduct of the Prime Minister in relation to the war against Iraq

That a select committee of not more than 13 Members be appointed to investigate and to report to the House on the conduct of the Prime Minister in relation to the war against Iraq and in particular to consider;

(a) the conclusion of the Iraq Survey Group that in March 2003 Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction and had been essentially free of them since the mid 1990s

(b) the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement that he was wrong when in and before March 2003 he asserted that Iraq was then in possession of chemical or biological weapons or was then engaged in active efforts to develop nuclear weapons or was thereby a current or serious threat to the UK national interest or that possession of WMD then enabled Iraq to inflict real damage upon the region and the stability of the world

(c) the opinion of the Secretary General of the United Nations that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was unlawful

(d) whether there exist sufficient grounds to impeach the Rt Hon Tony Blair on charges of gross misconduct in his advocacy of the case for war against Iraq and in his conduct of policy in connection with that war.

That the Committee shall within 48 days of its appointment report to this House such resolutions, articles of impeachment or other recommendations as it shall think fit.

The legal advisers to the speaker approved the wording of the motion on 17 November 2004. The motion was tabled for the first day of the next session (the day after the Queen's Speech) on 24 November 2004. However, the main three parties forbade their MPs from signing the motion and it was never selected for debate.

If the motion had been selected, it would have allowed MPs to debate matters that parliamentary language otherwise forbids. For example, on March 17, 2005, the anniversary of going to war, Adam Price accused Tony Blair of misleading the house. Because this breached the rules of parliamentary language, he was required to leave the House for the remainder of the day. However, such rules only apply to debate within the House. In press and radio and television interviews, other MPs have accused Blair of lying to the House and to the British People, including then opposition leader Michael Howard.

Our involvement in a war of agression against a sovereign state is coming to a close, we the people demand that an inquiry is held into this War, and that the impeachment of Tony Blair is too long delayed. The 646 have held the people of this country in contempt, with a few honourable exceptions, by blocking this motion. Democracy is about accountability.

Lower down the food chain, Directors are held personally liable for their actions in Law, so are District and County Councillors, MP's are not even required to produce receipts for anything under £25, because it is too 'exhausting' to account for.

George W Bush by all accounts has made sure that he has assurances from the incoming Obama Administration of his own indemnity against prosecution for prosecuting an illegal war of agression (The term used at Nuremburg) and the illegal use of torture.

Tony Blair has the full protection from prosecution courtesy of the Labour,Conservative and Liberal Democrats, these parties are covering each others backs in total contempt of the people they say they represent. Blair's posturing on the world stage as a 'Peace' envoy in the Middle East has been blown apart by the invasion of Gaza. Whilst the shells rained down on Gaza he was receiving his piece of tin from Bush. This embarrassing episode not being widely covered here.

We are not equal before the Law, political protection will grant you freedom to do virtually anything in the name of the State.

That is Labours legacy


The Penguin said...

Meanwhile the Permanent Secretary at the department responsible for Universities is planning to get some experts in from outside so that this year's departmental report can be drafted in plain English.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Ask your local MP why he opposes impeachment of crooked politicians.

Guthrum said...

Turkeys voting for Christmas ?

Ampers said...

Who needs muggers, burglars and thugs around when we have politicians?

Dick the Prick said...

It's mental that expectations of these odious cretins has dropped to the level of not starting illegal wars.

Chris said...

Oh don't be silly dear; it's only the little people who are bound to obey the law of the land. Those who make it are *far* too grand to attend to such minor details as expenses, or who lied to parliament when...

Sue said...

The whole system is a disgrace. Politicians and others in power must be held accountable and suffer the consequences of their actions in all areas.

They certainly ensure that we (the people) are made accountable for the minutest of misdeeds (rubbish, cigarettes, obesity etc).

Daisy said...

i think it more that you can do anything with people who have enough influence to back you and postpone any action against you with smoke and mirrors...

Anonymous said...

Nope, I've read Daisy's comment three times and still none the wiser.

Daisy said...

oh ffs now i am supposed to educate you...it's not even 6am here yet...give me a break!

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