Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tension starting to build

Thirty years on from the Winter of discontent that brought Labour down, social unrest about threats to jobs starts in the UK


Anonymous said...

Its like being prodded with a stick to see how far you can be pushed.

Nearly there

Anonymous said...

I want the place to fucking erupt. Get the greedy fuckers out once and for all.

JPT said...

Shit and fan my boy, shit and fan!

Oldrightie said...

From little acorns? A really good bust up would also ensure future governments acted better.

Mitch said...

Brown and his gang of pederasts are like children hitting a wasps nest and when they get stung stupid they wont understand why.

K. McEgan. said...

New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Dick the Prick said...

They had the HR manager (the difference between personnel is?) on Rd4 PM tonight and he was drivelling utter shite. Cunts, the lot of them.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

If you want a nice new H&K to fight these Hoons with, there are plenty in the hands of brain dead uniform carriers.
They lean against walls chewing gum.
two on one
Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Seen this?

Armed police stopping drivers in Kettering
Drivers were being pulled over on the A43 northern bypass near Telford Way industrial estate in a check for motoring offences such as driving without insurance.

"We hope people won't be overly concerned "
Mark Lacey


Anonymous said...

They should worry.

I lost my job at BT last year. Didn't get the contract renewed.

Within 5 days of my departure, an Indian contractor was flown in and was sitting in my seat and doing my job. The agency he works for has a blanket dispensation from all UK tax for all of its contractors. Individual contractors pay no income tax or national insurance while in the UK. They can also get all their VAT back on departure from Heathrow.

Hence BT can pay these contractors a little over half of what they pay their UK staff, while still giving them the same take home pay (wouldn't want to get done for racism now). BT is so happy with this arrangement that it celebrated by burning out laser printers printing P45s for their British staff who were promptly replaced by Indians. Brits are now in a minority in some departments.

The contracting agency is based in India so it pays no UK corporation tax, VAT, employers NI, pension contributions, maternity pay etc. Better still, the agency is based in one of India's special economic zones so it pays no tax in India either.

Is it me, or can anybody think of some advantage of putting Indians in a position where UK workers can't compete with them and then issuing work permits purely so they can put people out of a job? Is this all part of Gordon's grand plan to save the world from poverty?

W.W. said...

I live quite close.

I might pop down tomorrow swell the numbers, spread a bit of malice.


Anonymous said...

Spread some malice for me too please while you're at it.

Don't forget to tell the strikers about Gordon p****** his pants at the press conference. That should be good for a laugh.

Leg-iron said...

Even the socialists don't like this sort of thing:

They still have knee-jerk 'racist' shouters in the comments, even though it's all British workers, of whatever colour, that are affected.

I wonder if the BBC will blank out riots in the UK, as they have with other countries?

In fact, I sometimes wonder if they already have.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the middle classes on this blog praying that the white working man will ignite the country on their behalf, will you join in when it kicks off? Nah! bad form innit, and what would they think down the golf club.

bofl said...

better demonstrate quickly.......

ten years for a photo!!!!!!!

of course it is all about terrorism.........

i wonder if we/the public can be protected from the terror of gordon/harriet cuntface/jacqui five bellies/ etc?

all deranged criminals.

Anonymous said...

So it's down to the White Working Class yet again to actually lead the charge, whilst the middle-class wank-stains are busy attending their oh-so-trendy 'anti-war' and 'pro-gaza' demos, real British people are losing real jobs and real British communities are bearing the brunt of this governments treachery.

The Unity Union have chosen to ignore their plight, yeah right, we all know the priority of the Union backsliders is to promote any anti-British sentiments, witness the time and effort they will put in to promote their anti-BNP Euro election campaign. String the Bosses from the lamposts and their Union lapdogs is what we need to do.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Call that unrest?

I've seen better unrest on the streets of Paris. Girlie French students have more backbone than Brits when it comes to letting the state know how they feel.

OK, so the CRS punch out their front teeth with the aid of batons, but that doesn't make them Timms ugly.

Time we changed tactics. If they can have pepper spray and batons, why can't I?

Feets Do Your Stuff! said...

They're marching down to Lincolnshire. If they keep on marching south they'll be ten of thousands strong by the time they reach Parliament Square. The day after hundreds of thousands!

Please please please!!!

The Penguin said...

Calm yourselves - and get ready for the long hot days of Summer. Great time for a barbecue. And it gives you time to get some pepper spray (for the steaks and sausages) and maybe a 6-cell maglite (so you can see to walk home in the dark)

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

You know, there's a pretty good chance it won't even have to come to an all-out protest to get shut of Crash Gordon. All of his schemes so far are reliant on his being able to sell lots and lots and lots of government bonds to pretty much everybody.

The thing is, what happens when people start looking at Britain and thinking "Socialist morons in charge, declining industry, declining banking, reduced gold deposits; what's the chances of this bond being paid off?"

When that happens, then the demand for bonds is likely to dry up without much warning and very, very suddenly. At this point you'll not really be able to even give bonds away, at which point the Government suddenly has to live within its tax revenues.

Since at present the UK is pissing away 14 million pounds per hour of borrowed money, then the hangover after a party of this magnitude is going to be very, very nasty indeed; millions of civil servants and worthless chavs will need to be dispensed with almost overnight, which ought to pretty much end the government with a bang, no riots needed.

Gareth said...

You know, there's a pretty good chance it won't even have to come to an all-out protest to get shut of Crash Gordon. All of his schemes so far are reliant on his being able to sell lots and lots and lots of government bonds to pretty much everybody.

Quantitative Easing is being pushed as a solution to the Global Financial Crisis that Started In America which the UK is Best Placed To Weather.

The markets cannot mop up the huge amounts of debt the various nations are going to want to sell. Already there have been days when Government debt (so far US and German bonds I believe) have not sold. This will worsen. QE is the only means to continue if few or no attempts are to be made to reign in Government spending and taxes aren't to shoot through the roof. They have cherry picked half an economic theory that that fits their politics - one that calls for a massive, debt funded, spending splurge to get economies moving again. The other half of that theory called for people and Governments to save when times were good. We haven't.

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