Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sunday Times

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Lord Truscott, the former energy minister, said he had helped to ensure the Energy Bill was favourable to a client selling “smart” electricity meters. Lord Taylor of Blackburn claimed he had changed the law to help his client Experian, the credit check company... [Lord] Taylor told the reporters: “I will work within the rules, but the rules are meant to be bent sometimes... Taylor, a former BAE consultant, said he would not table the amendment himself but offered to conduct a “behind the scenes” campaign to persuade ministers and officials. After agreeing a one-year retainer for £120,000, he said he would discuss the amendment with Yvette Cooper, chief secretary to the Treasury, and talk to officials drafting the bill.
Truscott, his Labour colleague, was also keen to help “behind the scenes” – for a fee of up to £72,000: “I can work with you . . . identifying people and following it . . . meeting people, talking to people to facilitate the amendment and making sure the thing is granted.”He said he would identify and talk to people who could be persuaded to change the legislation. He offered to contact MPs, peers, civil servants and John Healey, the minister in charge of the legislation.
Moonie offered to help for a fee of £30,000 a year and Snape indicated that he would charge £24,000. By contrast Lord Rogan, the Ulster Unionist peer, said: “If your direct proposal is as stark as for me . . . to help to put down an amendment, that’s a nonrunner. A, it’s not right and b, my personal integrity wouldn’t let me do it.”


Katabasis said...



Can't wait to see Dolly's spin on this.

How much more of this will we put up with.

Ampers said...

{weary sigh} So what's new in the State of Denmark?

Is this all they could find?

The trouble is, with all this shit hitting the fan, the public have the shit so ingrained in them that they don't take any notice in the next pile.

But I guess it is good news all the same.

Neil Hamilton said...

ha ha, got em
Just watch pravda try to get round this.

Katabasis said...

More here

"BARON TRUSCOTT of St James’s took a bite of his teacake before explaining to the two lobbyists in front of him just how much it would cost to hire a peer of the realm.

“Rates vary between £1,000 and £5,000 a day,” he said quietly, his voice almost drowned by the chatter in the House of the Lords dining room. It was a question, he agreed, of getting the right person rather than haggling over the money."

DiscoveredJoys said...

No, no no. You're obviously missing the opportunity here. Instead of electing polictians we should 'buy' them. If we all chipped in a few quid we could get our bought politician to raise amendments to kill the ID card bill, or medically retire Gordon Brown, and so on.

Might I offer myself as a potential Member of Parliament for Scrapping All Speed and CCTV Cameras? I do good work, cheap.

And unlike other MPs, once bought, I stay bought. I'm an honest MP, honest. Trust me. Straight up. Innit.


Katabasis said...

And as if their contempt for us wasn't already clear enough:

"Within earshot of Lord Ashdown, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, and Lord Lawson, a chancellor of the exchequer under Thatcher, Taylor bellowed: “There’s more business done in here than what’s done in most government offices, or most offices.”

Katabasis said...

Pathetic reporting by the Beeb.

Tyburn Jig said...

I shall be buying shares in a rope factory.

Guthrum said...

This is nothing new- we know they do this everyday of the week.

Until we say no further and refuse to be governed by these tapsters and wastrals it will go on and on

The Penguin said...

Lord Scumbag of Death - stick Lord Taylor of Blackburn into Google, but beware of the stench.

The Penguin

mikey said...

Fuck me! that Lord Taylor of Blackburn really is a twenty four carat cunt.I've had enough. What are we going to do and when fffs? I'm not sure I can take much more of this...

Tom Paine said...

You can read it online now at

Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay.

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