Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Subliminal Zionist Propaganda*

Spotted at Stansted Airport last week.

*For all the mentalists currently calling for my head on a plate and threatening death to all my children over my views on the Middle East, this is a joke.


K. MacEgan. said...

But you say that like its a bad thing.

Obnoxio The Clown said...
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Old Holborn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Penguin said...

The joy of not being a fascist- or socialist-leaning wanker is that I can happily have differences of opinion with someone and not fall out with them because of it.

I do not agree entirely with OH's view on the Gaza cluster-fuck, but that will not stop me reading his blog or agreeing with him on other issues. And disagreeing as I see fucking fit when I choose.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

I'm not slagging the LPUK off.

Never have, never will. I've simply resigned because it appears my views are the exact opposite of at least senior member of the NCC and a few other high profile bloggers (yourself included) have decided to attack me personally because I have the audacity to hold a different opinion from them and the outright GALL to resign. Your posting of the link above just proves that you will stoop as low as you need to go to make sure I am "punished" for leaving the LPUK. What next? Posting my name and address on your blog with a map? Photo's of me and my kids? Wouldn't be the first time, now would it?

If you want to drag up years old unrelated shit on other sites, go ahead. It really is winning your argument on the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Anyone considering joining the LPUK might like to study hard how some members treat "seditionaries" or those who do not share their remarkably unlibertarian views views. Are you sure the UKIP wouldn't be better for your good self?

Daisy said...

that is sad that you had to put the part about it being a joke...jesus i thought we were all adults here...but oh well...
seems there are some things we disagree on but quite frankly i just state my position and move on...i kind of figured in life that happens...i don't really understand why people take that crap so personal...

Dick the Prick said...

Is there a Jew Juice flavour? Golda Meyer - whoa, fuck the cooking sherry, take me to the meth factory.

Thud said...

you have been working with those friggin Germans way too long.I don't agree with you one iota about Israerl and the palis but what type of prick is threatening you and your family?

Old Holborn said...

Anonymous said...
Jesus, this is my last visit to this blog. I dearly hope some Zionist puts a bullet in you, OH, you slap-headed anti-semitic fuckpig. Oh, and kills your wife and children too. Cunt!

30 December 2008 12:26

Rob Farrington said...

I was going to add my usual flavour of intelligent commentary, but I've just got up and only had one coffee yet (someone hid my snorting straw so I had to drink the damn stuff, instead), so I'll just say this:

What Daisy said.

She's right. Listen to her, for she is wise - can't we just let her bang all of our heads together, and move on?

Wow, I love a strong woman. I'd love to see a pic of her posing with an AK47.

Matt Davies said...


Don't chuck your membership of LPUK, because of a disagreement with one (albeit, positioned) member of the party.

His view is one end of the spectrum, your's is the other. LPUK's policy on this one issue is different to both of them.

I'm lucky, because on this issue, I am with LPUK. I'm not on all issues and you know what? It makes sod all difference. I'll still state my views and still argue my case, even if the whole of LPUK think I am mad on that issue.

I stay with LPUK because

1) It is still by far and away the only party close to my views. I bet that is the case for you in the main too.

2) I can still do my own thing anyway.

Up to you bud. I think you should scrap to your hearts delight over particular issues, but don't chuck the baby out with the bathwater eh?

Making Britain a free country has to be the first priority. Sorting out the worlds issues, we can all do our own thing on.

Rob Farrington said...

OH, I didn't read that comment the first time round. I don't blame you for being pissed off - people can call me a cunt and that's fair enough, but once they bring my family into it, then that's totally different.

Anyway, that (anonymous, now why is THAT a surprise) fucknozzle shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the internet. Unfortunately, his mother can't always monitor what he's doing, what with him being stuck down in her basement behind all those life size cardboard Buffy cut-outs and things.

She's probably hoping that he's just visiting dating sites, and might finally, after 42 years, end up with one of those 'girlfriend' things.

Evil Twin said...

It's nice to see you retain a sense of humour, although it is indeed sad that you had to qualify it.

Daisy is indeed wise.

Old Holborn said...


I'm afraid Obo has just pushed the nuclear button. He has chosen to publish a link that would reveal my name, address, phone number, a photo of me and my kids, all published without my consent of course, with the intent of causing me harm.

I haven't done anything other than hold a different view from him and resign from the party and he has chosen to expose the real me and my family to the real world as some sort of "punishment".

Fuck that. I can do without that sort of colleague, thank you. I value my privacy for a very good reason. I'm thinking of advising people to stay clear of the LPUK in case Obo does the same to them if they dare to disagree with him.

I thought it was just idiots like the BNP that did this shit.

Anonymous said...

I happen to hold the same opinion as you over Gaza. Women and children are being murdered as they sit in that piece of land they have known as a prison for all of their lives!

I often post here under my blogger ID. On this subject however, I have posted my support with you anonymously.

Taking into consideration the behaviour of some "adults" on this occasion, I'm glad I did now!

How "unLibertarian" not to able to have your own opinion. I was thinking of joining the organisation myself, but I have reconsidered now.


Dungeekin said...


For what it's worth, I agree with you about the way Israel are treating Palestinians.

While it's detestable for Hamas to lob rockets at innocent civilians, the disproportionate Israeli reaction is just as criminal.

Israel's actions toward Palestine have parallels in history, sadly they're mostly ignored.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm afraid Obo has just pushed the nuclear button. He has chosen to publish a link that would reveal my name, address, phone number, a photo of me and my kids, all published without my consent of course, with the intent of causing me harm.

Oh, puh-lease! See this? It's the world's smallest violin, playing just for you.

When you post photos of anyone else here, do you ask their consent? What's all this crap about causing you harm? You chickened out of a face-to-face meet with someone you claimed was out to do you harm, and now you're wittering on about it again.

Jesus. Get a fucking grip, you overwrought drama queen.

Old Holborn said...

Sorry Obo, I've just recieved the first threatening Email

From: Anonymous [mailto: youwish@haha.com ]
Sent: 06 January 2009 14:00
To: Old Holborn
Subject: Sucker

Ha Ha. I know who you are, fucker. Let's see how mouthy you want to get when I pay you a visit.


See that? You did that. Thanks. My kids are eternally grateful, as ever.

Guthrum said...

Thanks Chaps

The Hitman. said...

Anonymous said... 13:54

How "unLibertarian" not to be able to have your own opinion. I was thinking of joining the organisation myself, but I have reconsidered now.

You've opened a can of big fat worms O.H. ( What do we do next mate, I'm with you)

Merlin said...

I disagree with a fair bit of what you write OH, but you're bang on the money here. Keep going.

Nancy's stout said...

Your blog OH, your right to say what you like. Obvious, one would think.

Ps: Obo has done a stupid and nasty thing, damn his eyes.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Obo has done a stupid and nasty thing, damn his eyes.

Stupid and nasty thing showing people what an overwrought drama queen OH is?

If you'd followed the link, you'd have seen that OH has form for this kind of thing and made very similar claims last time around.

All total horseshit, of course. He blamed the world and his dog for that crap, but chickened out of a face-to-face meeting with one of the people he blamed so egregiously.

Seriously, if he was that worried about keeping his family out of anything, he should have chosen not to blog as someone traceable. The information is all still out there, freely available to googlers around the world.

And he can't claim that he wasn't warned, there's 50 pages of warning in that thread about the dangers of swinging your genitals around because you think you're not traceable.

It's utterly ludicrous to think that I'm some sort of internet supervillain, capable of exposing everyone to danger and harm.

Old Holborn took on a bunch of cunts and lost. Proof of that is all that exists in the "dangerous link" I posted up.

Old Holborn said...

So let me get this right Obo

As a member of the LPUK, you decided to publish my name, address, phone number and photo.

May I ask why?

old McCarthy blog said...

This is getting as good as Kerry McCarthy's blog.

i.e rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Have the Arab Defamation League (ADL) been starting to harass you? Do publish any threats you get.

As for ANY political parties, waste of time voting for them because they always put party before people. It's strictly Independents for me.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I didn't put that information in the public domain, OH.

You did.

There is nothing in that thread that was found with anything more devious than Google. Much of it was explicitly put up by yourself as well.

This is nothing but a smokescreen to hide from the fact that you have form for throwing your toys out of the pram when you paint yourself into a corner. (If I may mix metaphors.)

Thud said...

Oh...I couldn't give a fuck about all this lpuk bollocks but your family being drawn into this in any way whatsoever is beyond wrong. I still think you are being a dick over the Gaza issue but I would imagine most of us would help familywise in any way we could..not that there is much we could do...sorry anyway.

Neal Asher said...

Fuck Israel and fuck Palestine. The moment Gordon Brown says, "What we must do is.." my reaction is: how about you do the job you're paid for (not elected for) whilst keeping your nose out of stuff that doesn't concern you. No, I don't want you to throw another ten mil of our money at Gaza. Fucking hell, you can't solve the problems here so stop trying to save the world. Prick.

AntiCitizenOne said...

death to all juice!

Chalcedon said...

I concur with da Penguin. I love the rants but don't always agree.

Anonymous said...

Totally out of order to purposely post someone's personal details in this manner.

Bad form and you know it....


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Totally out of order to purposely post someone's personal details in this manner.

I agree, Old Holborn should never have done it. However, given that he did it, I can't see why he's picking on me or coming up with all this crap about the LPUK splashing details out all over the place.

He's obviously just tired of the LPUK and looking for a suitably dramatic way of bowing out. Back to the Lib Dems, no doubt.

Old Holborn said...

Now now, Obo.

Don't tell lies. You're in enough trouble already. You also posted them on the Libertarian Party Blog as well.

Not even the BNP do that sort of stuff. Can't think why you are so angry with me as to publish my familys details etc all over the internet? All I did was resign from the LPUK because of my stance on Israel. Anyone would think I had resigned from MI5 like Number 6. Will I be waking up in "the village"?

The Grime Reaper said...

Fuck me Clown you are Obnoxious.....

The Penguin said...

Anyone with even my cursory knowledge of the internet and an ability to use google could use the information bandied about here and on grumpy cunts dot com to add two and two together and arrive at an answer not a million miles from Stansted.

Shame you don't do Financial Recruitment, OH!

The Penguin

Elby the Beserk said...

Off topic, but why not potter off here?

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign due to gross financial incompetence in running the British economy.

Submitted by Alex Wallace – Deadline to sign up by: 15 January 2009 – Signatures: 592


Anonymous said...

Obo reminds me of one of those twerps who desperately try to be different but never become anything else but a boring person desperate to be different. The kind of nuisance who forever holds back anything trying to go forward for absolutely no reason at all. Bog off Obo, you boring fart.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Obo the Clown,

I don't agree with OH on this, but that's seriously childish. I'm taking you off my blogroll (admittedly the worlds least visited site) until you see the error of your ways and apologise.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Right, so let me just get clear what I have done wrong:

1. Old Holborn throws his toys out the pram.

2. I point out that he has form for this and provide a link to 50 pages of similar behaviour.

3. Old Holborn immediately leaps on this as some sort of conspiracy to expose his family to harm, even though the said posts have been available to anyone with google since, er, 2005 and all the information thereupon was put into the public domain by Old Holborn.

4. I read the first four pages of this tedium and didn't find any reference to OH's personal details, but I accept they may well be in there somewhere. HOWEVER, it took Old Holborn to raise the alarm about personal details (which were all freely available anyway.) Most people would have read two pages, yawned and gone on with their lives.

5. I suspect that most of the "offending" pictures in the thread were linked from Old Holborn's own posts elsewhere, because they all seem to have gone now. I can't be sure, because I really can't be arsed to read them all.

6. For three years after said 50-page post, Old Holborn continued to post on that awful forum. So whatever his beef, he was clearly happy that his family were not going to be slaughtered in their beds. Until today for some reason.

So, in order to appease the dark gods of the blogosphere: I apologise without reserve for linking to a three-year-old posting on an obscure forum.

I hope you will forgive me for this.

Old Holborn said...

The last time this happened with Obo, it resulted in my 11 year old daughter receiving phone calls from perverts

(They posted my old mobile phone number on a dogging site. They got the number from the "whois" record on my website, which they leaked to all and sundry from my original registration at that site. I'd given her the phone to stay in touch whilst she visited friends)

So no, Obo. I don't forgive you. You've done it before, you did it today and you'll do it again. You and your feral buddies simply can't help yourself.

I would advise anyone who dares to have an opinion other than Obo's to make sure they are truly anonymous. I thought I was, but alas, I hadn't reckoned with "moderators" simply publishing my details "for a laugh"

Now go and sit on the naughty step and think about what you have done. Yet again.

And as I said earlier, if you EVER come after my family again, for whatever twisted reason, you will pay dearly.

lilith said...

Well, I googled Old Holborn and his real name (which I detected and can explain how to OH if he's interested.) I came up with a thread where Old Holborn was getting just the kind of shit he is describing.

Obnoxio is well named. Leave OH alone. Go down the pub and have a punch up or join a "firm".

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Jesus wept.

If anybody could be arsed to actually READ the whole thread, I'm sure they'll find I had NOTHING to do with identifying you, I just happened to be there at the time, along with about 50 other forum members.

The last time this happened "with Obo", it also happened "with" about 50 other bystanders. Why am I being singled out for this?

I have never "come after" your family in the first place.

My post had nothing to do with your opinion and everything to do with showing proof of your being an overwrought drama queen. All this flummery about me "coming after" your family or "twisted reasons" is utter cock.

I have "done" nothing before and I have "done" nothing "again".

And people have blindly swallowed your reasoning as to why I made the post. Well, I suppose you should be pleased with the credibility you have.

I would merely make the observation that I simply grabbed the largest of Old Holborn's many "shitbins" and posted that. You can choose to believe that or not.

I'm not going to defend my post any more. I've made my position as clear as can. You can smear away as much as you like.

You win.

Old Holborn said...

I can deal with shit. It's what I do.

Bring my family into it and everything changes.

I didn't do a thing today Obo. You did it all by yourself.

I'm finished with you. Any more shit directed against my children though and you will face the consequences.

Anonymous said...


What views do you have on the Middle East? The ones expressed in the comment threads of previous posts?

If they are they don't make any sense but sound like wind-ups to get extra traffic to your site.

Old Holborn said...


If I wanted extra traffic to my site, I'd declare myself a gay Tory and be "lovely" to everyone.

I don't care if just I read this blog.

Bristol Dave said...

I'll be honest, and no offence to OH here, but I couldn't give two flying fucks who he is. I'm sure him and pretty much everyone else who reads my blog couldn't give a flying fuck who I am either. I just enjoy reading it. Some opinions I agree with, some I don't, but isn't that the point?

For the record, I certainly couldn't give a flying fuck about the whole Palestine/Israel/Gaza bollocks.

Houdini said...

I think the bottom line is, is that this is your blog and you can say and agree with what you like. Guido and others said the same and quite right.

However, that doesn't mean that everybody should agree with you, and if they feel that strongly they don't have to come and make posts. I did that with Guido and said it was a great pity, but should he have been hounded by me or anyone else? No of course not.

If they don't like it they don't have to answer and agree with you, and how many answer every thread anyway?

however is an adverb said...

Don't worry, mate. They'll all be out celebrating; schools bombed, civilians slaughtered, infant wog babies all laid out dead in a row; the bold boys at Guido's will be wetting themselves. As usual.

As for you, Houdini, the bottom-liner, you are one of the grosser, holier than thou arseholes to infect cyberspace with your arch, mannered, cliched, pseudo-libertarian, self-reverential, hippyshit tripe.

Why don't you just shut up until something worth saying comes into what you are pleased to call your mind. Try some Zen, just wait for something to bubble-up. We can read platitudes like yours in the Readers Digest. And that's where they belong. (cue, "but it's OH's blog, how dare you tell me to fuck off ?" It may well be, shithead, but nobody in their right mind comes here to read you. Not exactly stanislav, are you ? You worthless whinging prick.)

Or maybe you should go and post your doubtless banal and predictable Desert Island Discs over at Liliths, if she's stopped slagging her ex.

Nit-picking, judgemental, hypocritical, accusatory, humourless, ill-educated - you must be a fucking Presbyterian. Why don't you fuck off and count your small change and leave proper anarchy to proper anarchists.

Difference between you, matey, and 45 Govt., is that he is forthright where you are over-rehearsed, self-censoring, marching to your own internal penny-pinching little drum; 45 Govt is unashamedly patriotic, speaks often for Everyman, you meanwhile, mutter primly in corners, purse-lipped, tight-fisted; sermonising, etiquetting you monstrous, shit-eating hypocrite; 45 govt is a craftsman, confident, self-assured, rumbustious, makes his own way; you are an odious, mouthy little parasite prick, haunting cyberspace, looking for someone to lecture, someone to correct, like some horrible, mis-shapen Jesuit, you ghastly little turd.

It is precisely because of people like you - storemen, administrators, clerics-in-plainclothes, moral jobsworths, self-appointed adjudicators - that the Internet needed to be invented, now that it's here you have found your level, you are the dogshit on the information superhighway.

You are not equipped to mount a response to this but don't take that to heart; instead, do as you are bid. Fuck off and reflect quietly and - we beseech you in the bowels of Christ - privately upon what it is that you add to the public good by acting as a self-appointed arbiter of the conduct of others. Do you want to be remembered as some tiresome, pretentious creep, eternally monitoring the unmonitorable or do you wish to stimulate, provoke and amuse; If it is the latter, take a rest and consider your dismal output.

Don't normally do this but for your especial, nit-picking, moralising judgemental benefit, starting a sentence with However (However, that doesn't mean that everybody should agree with you, blah blah blah....) is a grammatical blunder. Innit?

Houdini said...

My my, you do have issues don't you...LMFAO!!

45 Govt is a craftsman etc. etc. shows where you lie...ROFLMFAO!!

I wouldn't want to mount any response to this because it shows the depths to which the likes of you have plumbed when a simple spat over an issue results in some stupid cretin spending inordinate amounts of time and efforts composing a diatribe of shite designed to do no more than solicit a response, that you're not going to get. Did you expect crying? Ranting and raving? I'll leave that kind of puerile response to the likes of you, frankly I am amused and think it is funny.

lilith said...

however is an adverb/my friend up north said a lot of words in grammatical, accurate Inglish without identifying himself said....

"Don't normally do this but for your especial, nit-picking, moralising judgemental benefit, starting a sentence with However (However, that doesn't mean that everybody should agree with you, blah blah blah....) is a grammatical blunder. Innit?"

Such self awareness is so awesome.

Daisy said...

sorry Rob Farrington...i only have a 12 gauge and 22 gauge shotguns both...:(

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