Thursday, 22 January 2009

The State Cannot Protect You, Smith is lying

Harriet pops out for a scratchcard in a leafy English village today

As further evidence of the freefall panic this Government is in, Jacqui Smith is calling in the Police and 'other interested parties' to a conference to combat the upswing in violent crime and burglary cause 'by this recession' (for recession read Government).

We now know that the Police from a FOI request have been downgrading the real level of violent crime (for downgrading, read lying), we know that repossessions are up 92% from figures released today.There is serious distress out there. We always knew that the Police figures did not tally with the Hospital admissions records for knife wounds, and yet Jacqui Smith peddled the lie that this Government was presiding over year on year falls in recorded crime.

This crime busting 'conference' will not protect you, we all know that the Police cannot get to you for days,let alone instantly.

You have the unalienable right to self defence of yourself and your property, the sooner the Minister of Justice and the Home Secretary admit that to themselves and to us, and that the State cannot protect you and has failed entirely in the last ten years, the sooner we can reclaim the streets.

The Chief Constables should be all placed on notice, that if they wish to retain their jobs they will be required to stand for public election on their record, and that no matter how many Cops in Cars and Cops in Helicopters PR programmes they put out, we know that they have failed.


Please make this stop ! Fined for standing still too long !
The only role of the State is to protect us and our borders. Everything else we can manage ourselves. I want a refund.


bofl said...

my neighbour used to be a sargeant in the met...east london........
the edict from on high came down that the burglary figs were too each time he went to a burglary it was reported as criminal Voila!!!!!!!!!

ARE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!

The Penguin said...

It is worth remembering Farmer Tony Martin, jailed for defending his property and person from Pikey thieves. The useless plod failed him time and again. And now we learn that even if caught 40% of serious criminals are let off with a caution.

The pikey cunt that died only died because his mates fucked off and left him to bleed to death from pellet woulds in his legs.

Had Farmer Martin wanted to top the scrote he could have given him both barrels and taken his fucking ugly head off.

Advice from a copper I know - "Shoot the cunt by all means, but in the face not the back of the head! And then use the line 'I was in fear of my life, officer.' Then we can recommend you for a medal not a prosecution."

The Penguin

Gareth said...

The State has weaseled and conned it's way into almost every facet of our lives. It didn't use to be this way.

Time was when the Police were merely the point man for upholding the law. Robert Peel's men were founded on such a belief - that they were ordinary members of the public paid to give the law their full attention, as opposed to the rest of us taking responsibility for our communities as and when we could. Now we are told to keep our noses out of the Police's business, stay indoors behind twitching curtains and under no circumstances attempt to uphold the law yourself. This is not in our interest but in theirs. They have a monopoly on upholding the law that they do not want to see broken.

Yet they are our laws and it is for us to uphold them where we are able to. The Police cannot be everywhere all the time. The sooner people realise this the better.

The sooner people understand all Government statistics are prone to fiddling the better too. Gaming the system is rampant in the public sector.

Education is a prime example. Time was school was about giving children the capacity and skills such that they could support themselves. Now it is about dossing around and leaving sixth form still unable to read and write. And yet we've never had it so good with exam passes!

An example of how badly the State does for us is the banking crisis. Once the Government put money in the banks became the driving force. It is our money. Government won't stop putting money in for fear of shitting away even more value. It is our money. Government won't stop putting money in for fear of shitting away even more votes. It is our money. Government can't stop putting money in for fear the system collapses and we will sort things out ourselves, to our own satisfaction. It isn't even the money we have now they are spending with gay abandon, it is the money we might earn for the rest of our lives.

Another example - sex education in schools. A recent news story alleged children were to be taught about pornography. At some point in the past it was decided that schools should usurp the parental role and teach children about sex. Teenage pregnancies keep increasing and the solution they have come up with is more sex education. Ever more lurid and to younger and younger children. A better answer is for the State to say to parents - they are your kids, you tell them.

It is not in their nature to retreat. We must find ways and means to make them.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

(When the republic is at its most corrupt the laws are most numerous)

Tacitus (ca. 56 – ca. 117)

Almost 4000 new offences created since 1997.

The Labour Party.

Harrithebastard said...

The Pengiun mentioned 'Pikeys'

But i bet the penguin was not aware of this.

A new EU initiative has decided that you are no longer allowed to use the word ' pikey ' one must now use the new phrase " Caravan utilising nomadic travellers"

Or C.U.N.T's for short?

Anonymous said...

Almost 4000 new offences created since 1997.

The Labour Party.

22 January 2009 16:17

By introducing lots of new laws they have more pretexts for monitoring and controlling us. They can also use the ever increasing number of laws for easy collars and thereby boost the figures.
Most of the new laws are the sort of laws that target the generally law abiding middle/working class of course.

AngryDave said...

The laws regarding self defence are adequate, but could do with some modernisation. The problem is that the government dont want us to defend ourselves, so they dont tell us clearly what our rights are. They want us to live in fear so we will be more willing to handover control of our lives to them through fear of being victims.
It is not the responsibility of the state to protect us on an individual level. It is ours.

As for the new 'offences' that labour have created. It is easier for the bastards to act against the general population than it is to act against the criminal classes. The new 'laws' make it easier to target us and boost the detection rates. The fact that normal people rarely commit crimes that require a custodial sentance, means we will get a FPN (fixed penalty notice) or something else similar. Not only do the fuckers get e 'detection', they also get a money through the fines we pay, and an excuse to take our dna and fingerprints.
But, as it only us who suffer, and get a criminal record, who cares. Not these cunts!

Anonymous said...

I have decided that since the State fails to protect me, I must protect myself. Therefore I keep a baseball bat handy. As a burgling cunt is likely to turn around & charge me with assault, with full support from Plod, anyone unlawfully in my home will not leave it alive. That way, s/he can't make any complaints.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Re update "A spokesman said: "The council enterprise and protects consumers"

WTF does that mean ?

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