Monday, 12 January 2009

Send them back to Africa

From Miss snuffleupagus @ To Miss with Love

It is assumed by most people that bad kids are bad and good kids are good. What I mean to say is that somehow they were born that way. Or they were made that way in their early years by an alcoholic mother and nothing but massive intervention strategies will get them back on the straight and narrow. Schools, teachers, parents, social workers, and police officers have to help these kids to become good. We set up systems like nurture groups (from a few posts ago), pastoral support plans, mentoring facilities, support groups, smaller classes and so on and so on. And these systems have some effect. If they didn't, we wouldn't set them up. We may be blind, but we're not that blind.

What I find interesting is that over the years, I have noticed that the number one thing to help black children get on the straight and narrow is to 'send them back to Africa'. The same happens if the parent chooses to 'send them back to the Caribbean' of course. As long as you catch them young enough. Do it before the age of 14, and a miracle is in store for you.

The most unruly, most deranged black boys, who know nothing of discipline and respect get shipped off to Ghana and within weeks, they are transformed. Suddenly they respect their teachers, do their homework, speak politely and obey every command.

The question is why?

Because suddenly they find themselves in an environment which does not tolerate dissonance. There are no support groups, only the whip. There are no mentoring sessions, only expulsion. And the other children all sing to the tune of the school. In such an environment, no child would dare to upset the apple cart. And after a few weeks, one's child is transformed.

I always find myself feeling sorry for the white working class as they do not have this option. Some of the black British parents don't have this option either of course. But those poor white Scottish children in Dispatches cannot be wheeled off to a haven of discipline and order in another country. Unfortunately for them, they have to depend on their own country which lets them down at every turn.

There was a television programme recently which I wrote about where badly behaved white kids were sent to Jamaica and India and other places. For the first time, white British children were able to benefit from the discipline in the developing world. If only the change were permanent. The sad thing is that if the child returns to the disorder of the West, they return to their 'bad kid' status. Their only hope is to remain in 'Africa'. But to remain in 'Africa' is to have fewer opportunities, less access to university, fewer advantages overall. So you can see the dilemma for the black parents who crave the order of the developing world but also value the opportunities of the western world. Send them back to Africa, I say.

It is better to be a well-mannered, well-educated store manager in Nigeria, than a terrorising gunman in Brixton any day.


Anonymous said...

In depth analysis of the Gas fields in Gaza.

"1) The short-term objective is to allow Israeli and Anglo-American unchallenged monopolization of the Gaza gas reserves, and continued apartheid-style domination of the Territories.

2) The long-term objective is to create permanent conditions facilitating Israel’s re-encroachment on the Territories, encouraging Palestinian emigration and expulsion from their homes, and absorbing their remaining lands under renewed Israeli settler-colonization programs. "

The Penguin said...

That's well off topic, congratulations.

Back on the subject, how dare you write the truth and expect not to have the PC Righteous screaming "Racist" and demanding your resignation? Good for you!

The Penguin

K. MacEgan. said...

A bit Teilhard de Chardin pour moi.

Shirking From Home said...

Could not agree more.

AProlefrom1984 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daisy said...

congratulations for still feeling the freedom to say they just EXPECT everyone to take care of them...

Ampers said...

Very good.

I saw all this happening decades ago, with the breakdown of the family unit.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

The ancient Spartans had an effective way of keeping their boys in line - so effective that Spartan teenagers and young men were considered the best behaved, most polite, and respectful young people in the world (When they weren't eviscerating you in battle, that is).

They just thrashed the living fuck out of them for even the slightest infraction of the rules. Occasionally to the death (they were certainly well-behaved after that one).

Every adult was responsible for the discipline of every child. A child addressed by an adult had to put his hands out of sight and look at the ground.

All adults could read and write (unique to Sparta in the ancient world), including women (RARE in the ancient world).

Sounds good to me. BTW, I'm a BNPer.

A couple of months back I was talking with a bunch of teenagers (you would call them chavs) about this country in general and the BNP in particular. Told them they wouldn't misbehave in school if there was a BNP government because if they did it would hurt too much for them to ever repeat the experience. Things like burgling, ditto. They all said that that sounded like a good idea to them (especially the girls).

Y'see, our chav youngsters know that there's SOMETHING wrong in their lives - everyone's lives - but they're deliberately kept so dumb and unable to think for themselves that they're unable to pin down exactly what it is, or so inarticulate that those that do pin it down, can't express their anger any way other than wrecking something.

I got two thrashings from teachers at school - one was deserved, but the other was (and I quote) "You think too much). Here I am 54 years later and those words and the bitch that did it are burned into my cortex. The dumbing down started a long time ago. Fancy that eh? - being told in an educational institution that you think too much.

Now: as for the Spartan type discipline, I was lucky: I enlisted at age 15 and found myself as an apprentice at RAF Halton. The discipline there was feared the world over by people in the know. IT REALLY DOES WORK.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


42 years later.

"... the other was because ... "

The Penguin said...

If I should go strangely silent, please rescue me from Creedy's Black Bag.

The Penguin

Bob's Head Revisited said...

Yes, I saw this post yesterday. It's excellent. Good on Miss for saying it.

electro-kevin said...

I'm surprised - and glad - to see Ms Snuffles posting here. Was it with her blessing ?

She speaks an awful lot of good sense.

Harrithebastard said...

Now i have not read all the text to go with the pic ... but i will get around to it , now is the little boy waving around a job offer or a birth certificate naming the possible ' daddy ?

Injin said...

Before we re-take methodologies we've long since given up on because they don't work, let's ask ourselves why they were stopped.

Oh yeah, that's right. If you brutally train people to do whatever they are told by an authority figure, hundreds of millions die in pointless wars the second some loon takes over the government.

No thanks. If I were you I'd stick to vaguely inconsiderate youngsters over having my family wiped out in a genocidal rampage.

Henry Crun said...

Miss S, the difference being that in Africa education is valued highly and recognised as vital in order to better oneself.

Whereas in Britain, if you have no education, no matter, the govt will shower you with oodles of cash and worthless training opportunities.

Chalcedon said...

We all know that there has to be discipline which is enforced for pupils to learn. Where are the sanctions though? How can discipline be enforced? Physical punishment worked. Pain is universally understood. Unfortunately some teachers were rather sadistic. It's a fine balance.

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