Wednesday, 14 January 2009

RIP Patrick McGoohan


GrumpyOldTwat said...

Oh dear that is a shame. Another important person in my formative years has moved on.

God Bless.

Cato said...

I always thought he was a bit stilted but it's still a darn shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh shite.

How come he's dead when Brown, Blair and Mugabe can blithely steal our oxygen?

I remember 'Danger Man' from when I was growing up - too young to understand 'The Prisoner'.

K. MacEgan. said...

Sad to hear it.Couldnt understand The Prisoner.

Old Holborn said...

I was a British Airways flight to Zurich once and he got on carrying a suit.

He tore a fucking strip off the stewardess when she refused to hang it up for him.

"This is business class isn't it? Sure? THEN HANG UP MY BLOODY SUIT. IT'S WHAT THEY PAY YOU FOR, YOU STUPID COW"


Anonymous said...

Ice Station Zebra.

OH - did he tell the pilot "your job is to get me there"

Ampers said...

Anonymous saud: "I remember 'Danger Man' from when I was growing up - too young to understand 'The Prisoner'."

I was too old when Dangerman was showing :-(

RIP, I loved him in Ice Station Zebra.

someday said...

One of the greats.

Be seeing you.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

One of the greats?

One of the great twats, that is. I too saw him tear a strip off a woman - when I was a kid and they were filming an episode of Danger Man where I lived. I knew the woman - as nice as could be.

He was a bully, and fuck him.

JD said...

I thought he was just a number.

Anonymous said...

HHMMMMM, possibly underrated as a performer but vastly overrated as a human being. Now how many people in the public eye could be tarred with that same brush?

The Penguin said...

I don't much care what actors / actresses do in their real lives, if they are unpleasant cunts it will usually come back and bite them on the arse somewhere along the line.

Some will be outstanding human beings, such as Paul Newman ($250 MILLION raised and given to charity!) and others will be scrotes, it is human nature.

In terms of their screen and stage performances, there I do think I have valid opinions.

McGoohan was one of those rare actors who the camera seems to "love". He dominated every scene he was ever in, in films are diverse as Dr Syn and The Silver Streak. As for "The Prisoner", I don't think it was meant to be understood - but it was great TV for it's time.

The Penguin

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes Pen - I suppose you're right.

Hard for him NOT to dominate any scene he was in - he was a physically large and imposing man, with piercing eyes.

And as for 'The Prisoner' ... I believe it was meant to be allegorical - it represented what this country was about to become - and indeed has become. You'll note of course, that despite all his protestations, he accepted the position of Number 2 by the end. Everyone sells out to the system in the end.

I still think he was a bully and a twat.

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