Monday, 19 January 2009


Yup, that’s how you will force a general election. That’s how you will fuck THEM

Gordon has promised to pay your mortgage for two years. If you have debts, the Human Rights Act will protect you from bailiffs. The dole will keep you alive. Tax credits, child benefit, and incapacity benefit. It’s simple. Karyn Matthews knew it.

Just stop.

When the Government has no more money, no tax payers money, it will collapse.

I ain’t joking. Stop it. Stop the commute. Stop the 12 hours days. Stop handing thousands of pounds to HIM. TAKE thousands off him instead. He will pay for EVERYTHING.

Imagine spending all day with your kids. Every day. Imagine walking in the sun. Imagine a life with no boss. Imagine no deadlines, no stress, no targets. Wouldn’t that feel great? Free?

Imagine the one life you have taking a well deserved holiday. You may not wake up tomorrow. Who knows? When did the tax man ever attend a funeral and say “thanks”?
Do it. Gordon has made it possible. The unwashed realised this years ago. When will YOU take control of the ONE life you have and simply live it, regardless of “quantitive easing”?


Anonymous said...

Will you be the first on the streets to reclain the country?

No, you'll leave the initial risk to the "dolescum" and then if all goes well you'll jump in and claim victory.

Anonymous said...

Posted at 11:59pm by OH.

Meanwhile, one hour and fifteen minutes earlier:

OH you are Atlas, and I claim my £5.00

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nice idea but it would mean dealing with all the dirty squalid people at the Jobcentre Plus, not to mention the claimants.

I suppose I could rent some slag and her brood from the local junkie park to provide evidence of my familial responsibilities and thus boost my freebies.
Sounds awfull, maybe that's why they do so much Stella ?

Shirking From Home said...

Just find a job every, say, six weeks and the 'social' will give you £100 for returning then resign again.

Oswald Bastable said...

I would just have to drop back to a 40 hour week and two towns start running out of water on a regular basis!

BrianSJ said...

We would be doing what the Prime Mentalist wants. Remember all his tips in 'Alternative Edinburgh', including the half bricks and empty cans trick to take to parties, and
Social security hand-outs should be regarded as "free money", the "so-called welfare State" should be used wherever possible and there's nothing wrong with squatting or being a "parasite".

JPT said...

You want everything to collapse?
Then just stop spending.
Be careful where you put your money though...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The way this government is handling the current crisis its not going to need any help in bankrupting the nation - but fuck it, we should do it anyway !

Anonymous said...

"Imagine spending all day with your kids. Every day. Imagine walking in the sun. Imagine a life with no boss. Imagine no deadlines, no stress, no targets. Wouldn’t that feel great? Free?"

It is and I do as I could see this balls up coming a few years ago. Sold all the properties in the UK and buggered off. Christ on a bike some of my mates in the UK skilled men and all that had if you don't mind a "finacial advisor" one advised my mate to get into equitable life Henry, BT, Railtrack this was in the 90's I said buy cheap houses and do them up. Well he went his way and lost about £35,000 I live in the tropics.
Finacial advisors my arse, I have alaways been wary of people trying to do me favours everyone wants money from me. What I do know is this when people with money meet people with experience two things happen. The people with the money get the experience and the people with the experience get the money.

K. McEgan. said...

Survive on the dole?Sixty quid for seven days?Even in Sunderland that is fucking impossible.I tried!

Robin Hood Robin Hood Riding Through The Glenn said...

The Govt are not that stupid with refence to personal debts (after all you are nt a bank)thats why they are quietly altering the bailiff laws to allow forced entry to your home for things previously exempt like credit card debt, or unpaid council tax, they have also intoduced laws allowing bailiffs to 'physically restrain' householders who, quite stupidly may try to prevent shaven headed thugs invading their homes for a £200 fine

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