Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Playing the extremes.

(Image stolen from a very funny page).

An MP (note, not someone with any medical or psychiatric training) has declared that dyslexia doesn't exist. It's all just a made-up excuse for people who can't be bothered learning to read.

Well, it does exist. I've met a few people with genuine dyslexia, who have actually done rather well for themselves since the appearance of word processors and spell checkers. They're not likely to be bestselling authors but they do okay. Dyslexia is not illiteracy, which is what this MP is talking about. Dyslexia limits written communication, less so now that computers will handily fix most spelling errors, but dylsexics are not necessarily illiterate.

On the other hand, one of the courses I used to teach on had a very small Honours year. We'd get no more than eight students on that year, sometimes only two or three, but every year, without fail, at least one would claim dyslexia.

The condition exists but it's not common. Certainly not one-in-eight common. Most of those claiming dyslexia just couldn't spell. They didn't write letters or numbers reversed, they didn't just mix up letters within a word. They simply could not spell. Shown the correct spelling, they could get it right from then on. A dyslexic could not.

Lunatic teaching experiments in schools left many with only phonetic spelling ability or none at all. Attitudes such as 'we aren't concerned about spelling' left many with no ability to read, because they had never been taught the correct spellings of words and could not recognise them in print.

At the other extreme we have the dyslexia industry. Centres, charities, associations, and a lot of money made, somewhat ironically, from writing many, many books about dyslexia. So many Righteous now ride this particular wave, it's no wonder they don't want schools improving literacy levels. The few real dyslexics won't keep all these busybodies occupied. They need an army of bad spellers they can excuse as dyslexic to swell their client base.

So we have an education system that de-emphasises spelling ability, followed by a troupe of Righteous ready to seize on these uneducated kids and label them with a condition they don't have. They then encourage those kids to feel sorry for themselves, to become dependent and to feel Entitled to all kinds of benefits which are naturally, funneled through these same Righteous. It's a big industry.

Naturally, this industry doesn't like being interfered with.

About 6 million people suffer from the condition, according to the charity Dyslexia Action.
Six million dependents. They won't be letting go easily.

"Once again dyslexia seems to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons," said Shirley Cramer, the charity's chief executive. "It is frustrating that the focus should be on whether dyslexia exists or not, when there is so much evidence to support that it does."

Yes, there is evidence to support that it does, but it's been extended to cover plain old illiteracy as well. It's used as an excuse for poor spelling and worse teaching. It's used to excuse the experiments the socialists have played with in our schools, and which have failed, and which are then replaced with even more idiotic ideas. It's used to feed the Righteous lust for control.

There are a few real dyslexics but the Righteous have extended this to be one in ten of the population. One in ten! Does anyone really, honestly believe that's possible? When Nicaragua has nearly 100% literacy, how can one in ten of the population be dyslexic?

Dyslexia is not illiteracy. The former is a rare condition caused by a small brain defect, it's controllable and manageable and most of those who have it find a way to get by. The latter is a common situation in the UK, and it's entirely caused by socialist meddling in education and exacerbated by Righteous people-collecting programs.

The MP is wrong to say the condition doesn't exist, but he is quite correct to call the surrounding masses of support groups an 'industry'.

It's not the only one, either.


Anonymous said...

Are you illiterate?

If so, write to the address below for your free leaflet.

Anonymous said...

who was that 70´s actress blonde hair,beutiful who brought dyslexia into the light on blue peter or john cravens newsround?
what i find disgusting,is when you can spell the cunts nit pick on punctuation!
but what i say is, fuck off you cunt if you know what i mean

K. MacEgan. said...

Susan Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

fuck me m8 just looked it up!

Anonymous said...

Under this MP's analysis sickle cell amaemia can't be real either.

JD said...

DNA = National Dyslexics' Association.

Anonymous said...

100% literacy statistics? There are lies, damned lies ... etc.

electro-kevin said...

Add to this phoney disability the misdiagnosis of ADHD.

I have friends who are school teachers. Parents deliberately badger their GPs so that their children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and prescribed Ritalin.

Why ?

They can claim more benefits, of course !

This is a country of cheats and slackers. I have to say that many of the people in it thoroughly deserve the economic tsunami coming this way.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Like others, I knew a lad labelled 'dyslexic'; he was an utter whizz on a computer screen, able to absorb information at a frightening speed but could barely write his own name and then only in a baboon like scrawl.
He simply had never been required to write out in longhand till he got it right "the cat sat on the mat" or better still "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog".

Fact is everybody "benefits" from a dyslexia diagnosis because it excuses them from failure. Parents, it's not their fault for raising a badly behaved feral child; Bad Kid, "not my fault I got dislxsha innit"; schools, it's not their fault for maleducating a child who is 'ineducable' because of ADD/Dislexia or any manner of other 'conditions'.

In addition those schools recieve extra funding for caring for children with these numerous conditions, yet another reason for exageration.

Old Holborn said...

I've posted this elsewhere

My new 12 year old step son has been diagnosed as being dyslexic. By a 25 year old "expert" teacher.

He has been diagnosed by me as being a useless lazy fucktard cunt who can't be arsed to read a book whilst Assassin's Creed is on his playstation.

His playstation is now in the bin and he is down the library every Saturday morning.

Let's see, eh?

timbone said...

I used to be a dyslexic comedian, but I kept changing colour

Anonymous said...

Graham Stringer,The ex dear leader of the Peoples Republic of Manchester must be lysdexic himself because if he looked at the books before he left to join the exclusive club and thought they looked OK. As he left Manchester with bigger debts than some third world countries. When he was in charge the vans had signs on the side saying providing services, defending jobs, They could have saved a few bob on paint by just writing defending jobs,they had 26,000 on the books notice I didn't say workers as they don't unless you call making tes work.

stonker said...


OwlHoot said...

Isn't Ed Balls dyslexic?

In the late 90s there were some good political discussions on the soc.culture.british Usenet group, and someone fairly cogent and articulate but with abysmal infantile spelling occasionally joined in to defend new (as they were then) Labour. I wondered at the time if he might be Ed Balls.

Unfortunately soc.culture.british, like most of the Usenet text groups, has since been trashed by gibbering nutters and spammers and is now unusable.

Obo The Yobbo said...

Please come to my blog.

6000 said...

It's the word verifiction on Blogger that turns us all into dyslexics.

And with that, I give you: "pokedrim". Seriously.

Lord Mandy of WankingBois-on-Sunday said...

I do love a poked rim.

Neal Asher said...

All part of the culture. He's not a lazy fucker, he's dyslexic; he's not undisciplined little prat, he's got ADHD; he's not a criminal, he's just not had the opportunities of the rest; he's not a work-shy tit, he's ill and needs disability benefit.

Ad nauseum.

You have to understand that to the authoritarian socialist all problems can be fixed using sociologists, psychologists, counsellors, and a variety of people employed through the jobs pages of the Guardian. Oh, and large quantities of of our taxes.

The Penguin said...

Absolutely spot on, Leg Iron and commenters.

It's not just dyslexia. Just look around at the vast numbers of "causes" all requiring quangos and charities and support groups and lobbyists and hangers-on.

Even the fucking police are on the same trip, if they wanted to get a fucking grip they could, but then they might not be able to justify demands for bigger budgets and more macho toys and stuff.

The Penguin

Shirking From Home said...

Penguin 09:55, Can't agree more.

Friend of Carlotta said...

Children with "wrong names" taken into care

Labour Hater said...

Obo The Yobbo said...
Please come to my blog.

15 January 2009 08:19

I will if you will!

Anonymous said...

To Neal who wrote
"All part of the culture. He's not a lazy fucker, he's dyslexic; he's not undisciplined little prat, he's got ADHD; he's not a criminal, he's just not had the opportunities of the rest; he's not a work-shy tit, he's ill and needs disability benefit"

Are you sure that's not a quote from Atlas Shrugged? It sure is the same whining "it's not my fault" tone

Chalcedon said...

I sometimes transpose numbers. I've always done this. Can I claim? LOL. Dyslexia is not as common as these pressure groups think it is. I agree they are lumping in the lazy illiterates and those taught badly.

Now ADHD............I've examined this and concluded that it is a behavioural state not a mental disorder. Children have to learn to pay attention and sit still. It's not innate behaviour. Tearing around, shouting, swearing and being a venomous little bastard means lousy parenting and a naughty child. A quick slap of the legs every time this happens usually cures this problem. Ritalin is not the answer.

Henry Crun said...

Old MacDonald was dylsexic
oh ee oh ee eye

haddock said...

I go along with Thora Hird in an Alan Bennett monologue in which which, I think, she said .....'of course we didn't have dyslexia in those days, they were called remedial and they sat at the back doing raffia-work.'

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