Thursday, 22 January 2009

Peter Hain you are a very naughty boy now be off with you

The Standards Committee concludes:

We agree with the Commissioner that Mr Hain's failure to register donations on this scale is both serious and substantial. We are bound to take this into account, notwithstanding the facts that Mr Hain has apologised unreservedly, and that he acted with commendable speed to rectify his omissions once he discovered them, without waiting for others to invite him to do so. Because of the seriousness and scale of this breach and noting the considerable, justified public concern that it has created, we would ordinarily have been minded to propose a heavier penalty. However, we accept that there was no intention to deceive and Mr Hain has already paid a high price for his omissions. We therefore recommend that Mr Hain apologise by means of a personal statement on the floor of the House.

H/T Guido

The man has to apologise to the House ??? What about the rest of us ? An MP is a Lawmaker, any minor Magistrate or Judge would have to resign for a speeding ticket.

Ye Gods- the man fiddled £100 000 and all he has to do is apologise to the House of Commons.


Jack Straw also told he is a very naughty boy For Crying outloud he is the Minister of Justice

These people create the Laws that are shackling your lives, they break the Law and nothing happens- until they do the Law has no credibility and what moral right do these people place sanction on us.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's get as much publicity as possible over Tango Man breaking the rules & then getting a mere slap on the wrist. But then he's NuLabour - that's what they do best - break the rules & lie about it.

Anonymous said...

Not like the Chinese eh! That's serious punishment :)

Dave said...

Acted with commendable speed?
You're having a laugh

Tangoman was set to brazen it out until Guido outed him

Fat slimy oily orange bastard

Wordver= pasted
Not pasted. Hung drawn and quartered

The Penguin said...

Ah, but in this Brave New World where all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.

Did Voldemort get done for mortgage fraud? Cherie for not having a ticket? Tonee for bribes and corruption? Blunkett for misuse of a travel warrant? Prezza for assaulting a member of the public? Wendy Bendy for donation difficulties? That Scotch cunt for stealing our pensions?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Euthanasia for Government anybody ?

The Penguin said...

Jack The Slippery Weasel Straw has been featured quite a lot on my blog, and some cunt called me anti-semitic and threatened me for pointing out the unvarnished truth about the sad inadequate lying twisting corrupt waste of skin.

So of course I have desisted!

The Penguin

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