Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Paxman interview with Osbourne

JP: Why won’t David Cameron let you make these announcements publicly?

GO: Well I…was there today, I’ve been involved in all these things…

JP: Yeah, you were listening, he was speaking?

GO: Well he is the leader of my party.

JP: OK. There’s a problem isn’t there? Something has happened since you had your unfortunate difficulties on a yacht and since then you have made one public speech about the economy, which is the role of the shadow chancellor, and he’s made nine?

GO: Well first of all I just completely reject, I don’t know where you’ve got that from.

JP: By totting up the number of speeches that have been made.

GO: Jeremy everyday, indeed today if you open the London Evening Standard there is an article by me which actually came out before David Cameron gave his speech, I was on the World At One, I have just done before doing this a whole stream of interviews on not only the BBC but believe it or not some other news organisations…

JP: You’re like the man who walks behind the horse with the bucket?

GO: Well…

JP: All these media interviews afterwards, the actual announcement of policy is made by the party leader. Why not by the shadow chancellor?

GO: Well I have to say this is the most meaningless line of questioning I have ever heard from you. The shadow chancellor and the party leader in this party, the Conservative Party, unlike what we saw with the Labour opposition ten years ago work incredibly closely together.

JP: George Osborne thank you.


Craig said...

JP: You’re like the man who walks behind the horse with the bucket?

Brilliant! Now if he'd only give that cunt Broon the same treatment.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

One on one, Paxman v Brown.
Now that would be fucking interesting.
Gordoom would be tied up in knots and for all to see.

Surely even that twat, as one eyed as he is, wouldn't be stupid enough to let Paxman expose him for the complete incompetent that he is.

Would he?

Ampers said...

I remember real interviewers. Anyone remember Robin Day? I only found out which party he supported after he had retired. That is what an interviewer should be. We all know where Paxman stands don't we?

Another thing. I have thought, recently that Paxman is no longer the brilliant man he used to me and has now fully passed his sell-by date.

The Penguin said...

Robin Day - aaaah, those were the days. Remember him giving Sir John Nott such a hard time the Secretary of State for Defence ripped the microphone off and stormed out.

He'd fillet this shower (from all sides of the political "divide" - also known as both cheeks of the same shitty arse)

The Penguin

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I don't know if Vincent Kane is still in the interviewing game, but if you'd ever seen him ripping into a politician - any politician - you wouldn't think much of Paxman.

Paxman is a brute force merchant, like the Romans at Cannae. Kane was a Hannibal - he manouvred his enemy into a completely untenable position, where even a non-answer wasn't an option given what had already been said in response to the apparently inoccuous questions during the manouvre phase.

Death by Kane was a joy to watch.

Gareth said...

Unfortunately Paxmo knows bugger all about economics. Gideon and Chancellor Brown are just the same, but they come to any interview with a slew of slippery answers to wriggle out of a tight spot. They are also very well briefed, and we all know what Paxmo's briefs are like.

A better bet would be Paul Mason or get back Jeff Randall n Hopkirk - the only media tart I can think of to have shown Brown up to be the sweaty, shifty, stupid shit he actually is.(And that's giving shit a bad name.)

Brown is utterly incompetent on matters economic. Always has been, always will be. He has defiled prudence and debased the word 'investment'. Yet few dare to take him to task on it even not to his face, let alone within punching distance.

I wonder... is there something about Chancellor that they know and we don't, like wot with Chuck Kennedy. It can't be as simple as not wanting to lose access to the shit, can it? We know he wheels out the ghost of his dead child now and then, plus the duff eye, the son of the mince schtick and his sickly bairn. He's as much a devious and mendacious politician as Blair or, frankly, most of the other 645 who are growing fat at our expense. Yet he gets away with it. This seemingly inpenetrable wall of statists, liberals and media mongs jump into the breach to take one for the team.

The Penguin said...

Simple. The cunt has more power of patronage than the queen. No one in the charmed circle wants to cut the chance of being appointed to some well paid cushy number, and all of those appointments are in the gift of the Gorgon.

Soon as he's thrown out, then watch the stabbing frenzy as the pent up hatred boils over. I can hardly wait!

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

Paxo shafted GO right and proper. No wonder McBroon won't go up against him. Not when Andrew Marr is so nice to him.

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