Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Nothing to hide, so it's okay to hide it.

MP Paul Flynn explains the basics of conversation.

(picture nicked from somewhere everyone should visit)

Soon, the massed ranks of the Bloated 646 will vote on whether they can hide those tedious little expenses from us. The ones we pay for but have no right to know about.

This week, I have to pay my tax bill. The one generated by a tax form on which I had to account for all my expenses with receipts and justifications. Expenses I, and nobody else, paid for.

The taxman can call me and demand an audit any time he pleases and demand proof that every paperclip, every envelope and every biro was used exclusively for business purposes. I haven't spent anyone else's money. The 646 want to be exempt from this kind of thing. They spend everyone else's money. Something odd here, perhaps?

The Libertarian party (note, I'm not a member. Of anything). has urged everyone to contact their MP and ask them to vote this insanity away.

The Righteous Paul Flynn, Labour MP for some obscure corner of Newport, Wales, states that it's all in our imagination. There is no scheme to hide expenses. It's all blog hysteria and press babbling. He doesn't know which way he will vote yet or whether he'll bother at all. On what, Mr. Flynn? The non-cover-up non-change to the non-legislation that isn't being proposed?

He'll vote. I know which way he will vote.

How can I know this?

Simple. The Brown Gorgon is fully in support of this scheme and has imposed a three line whip to make sure his Children of the Night vote as instructed. So poor Mr. Flynn will be voting as he's told for a measure he doesn't believe exists. The doublethink involved here is truly breathtaking.

Well, he can count himself lucky. This is one of the few things MPs get to vote on now. Even if they have to vote as they're told, at least they get a vote, which is more than they had on Heathrow or bin tax or job adverts, all done through little paragraphs hidden in other legislation that grant the Gorgon and his coven the power to ignore Parliament. That includes you, Mr. Flynn. Yes, they don't care about your opinion either.

Some Labour MP's have said they oppose the action. Frank Field, Mark Fisher, Kate Hoey, David Winnick. I take off my hat, heavy though it is, in appreciation of the last remaining semblance of reasonable behaviour in the Labour party. If they do vote against a three line whip they'll suffer for it and they deserve respect for having that courage.

The Cameroids fare less well, with only two opposers named so far and nothing but incoherent mumblings from 'Hello Dave'. Little Clegg of the Dim Liberals has stated this action is wrong, and good for him. (Still won't vote for you, Clegg, but do give my regards to Compo).

And yet Mr. Flynn insists there is no expenses cover-up planned. The Gorgon supports it, several of his own MPs decry it, a three line whip insists he must vote for it and yet it doesn't exist.

It must be amazing to live in such a mind. Timothy Leary would turn green with envy at such a kaliedoscope of realities.

Ignorance is strength.


Fidothedog said...

Yes I saw Flynn's article.

I will be leaving it until the voting is done, to see what he does.

Yes I expect him to vote with one eye on this, to protect his perks in his dotage.

I do note that an excuse that has gone around is that of security, MP's not wanting their addresses to be known.

Well if that is the case, if we publicise their addresses security is not an issue any more.

I happen to know Paul Flynns address so over to him...

Gareth said...

I thought MPs addresses were required to be published in order to stand for elections?

If security were a genuine concern the answer is a doddle - Parliamentary credit cards. No cash advances. No submitting of expenses claims. No donations to any kind of charity or group. Every statement made publically available. Every statement reviewed and anything found to be inappropriate is reimbursed by the MP and an equivalent 'penalty fee' is levied.

"Well, he can count himself lucky. This is one of the few things MPs get to vote on now. Even if they have to vote as they're told, at least they get a vote ..."

I'm not so sure. MPs can't effectively have their democratically mandated say in representing their constituency as the whips rule the roost, much is already out of their hands thanks to the EU and the Government has introduced many enabling laws.

Better to do away with the charade isn't it? Cheaper and more honest. Would concentrate our fire on the few targets that matter rather than the humong shields on the back benches.

Half the battle against such abuses is getting the public to even notice them.

How can we destroy the whips? Could every vote be made a free vote? Perhaps make it so any whipped votes require being sat in the Commons for the entirety of the discussion, rather than just leaving the bar to vote as your party tells you.

mikey said...

"Take off and nuke it from space, it's the only way to be sure".

I've already emailed Iain Duncan Smith about this. I am awaiting his reply. Honestly! these cunts appear to have no idea how fucking angry we are getting. It ain't going to be pretty when we decide we've had enough of their constant piss taking and two fingers up to us and our wallets. Fuck them all to hell I say.

Anonymous said...

Might I humbly suggest that people who are fed up with the Government phone 10 Downing Street and ask to speak to Gord.

Tel 020 79304433

Fax 020 79250918

JD said...

I can feel a lamppost and some piano wire coming on.......No, make that 646 posts, with wire. I will claim it as a legitimate business expense.

Ampers said...


I have decided to treat these people as my employees - here is the
letter I wrote:

Dear Mr Vis,

As your employer - and I am your employer - your salary and lavish
expenses are paid for from my money, I demand that you publish your
expenses in full.

There is a precedent for this. Douglas Carswell has promised to do so.
Not quite sure who he is but I have been assured he is a member of

This is not negotiable.

Andrew Taylor
Tax Payer and employer of Members of Parliament.

I mean, lets face it, this is a lot politer than I would have been if a
member of my staff said to me: "Sod it, you can forget me listing any
expenses under £25 boss."


Old Holborn said...

I prefer,


Show me the receipts or I'll nail your fucking head to a coffee table. I know where you live.

Your boss.

The Penguin said...

Stop beating about the bush, Old Holborn, and get to the point!

Being polite to the scum won't help :-)

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

I've just reminded the tosser that there are 646 lamp posts within 1km of Westminster

Angry of SE1 said...

Cleggover and Cameron are whipping their MPs to oppose. Anyone feel another deal with the Ulster Unionists is on the cards?

The Penguin said...

I have asked Kerry where she stands on this. I suspect it will be right up Gordon's Browneye.

The PEnguin

defender said...

I know you have a plan for the 5th Nov., thats a long time away. Care to join us in organising something before then. Its them or us lads, time for a bit of unity, enough of this division between us, we are all in the shit. What say you, are you up for it. United we stand, devided we fall as a nation

Now is the Time
January 20, 2009 by BNP News

Great Britain today is at the cross roads of her long and proud history. We the British people are trapped between the evil corruption of power that is the EU and the fascist megalomania of New Labour. The time has come, my fellow countrymen, to answer the call to arms; to answer the beat of Drakes drum. The knights of King Arthur have risen from their slumber and are riding to England’s cries of pain and we as patriots must rally to the cause and return this land to democracy and freedom.

The three main parties are playing games with our futures and those of our children’s children, for the sake of power; for the chance to sit in that great place The Palace of Westminster, the Mother of Parliaments and live a care free life on expense accounts paid for by the tax payer. They pay no heed to the suffering of the people and care not that we are drowning in poverty, taxation, regulation and unregulated immigration.

A call must go out across the country for change and for freedom; freedom from endless taxation and freedom from tyrannical government.

The BNP must unite the people in the cause of democracy and regardless of the outcome be proud of its stand in the name of all that is precious to the people of this great island; of all that our forefathers fought and died for; for all that we want for future generations.

This is not the time for political squabbling amongst the suits in the corridors of power; It is the time of the people.

Legislation has been passed in the last two weeks that allows the Bank of England to print money as it sees fit without any need to report its actions to anyone. The number of notes in circulation will now rise to a level that will bring Britain down to the same place as Zimbabwe.

Legislation has been passed that allows each and every dustbin to be micro chipped in order to levy a new tax on the people.

Of the two items that Labour has passed the later is the most sinister. The creation of a new tax without proper Parliamentary consultation and approval is a breach of our constitution and an overt act of aggressive oppression against the people of this fair land.

In breaking the constitution the Labour government has set this nation on a path that could lead to civil unrest and a break down in law and order. This must not be allowed to happen.

There is only one course of action left to the people of Britain in order to prevent our beloved land becoming a strife torn third world nation of rampant inflation and oppressive government supported by a politically motivated police force.

As loyal Englishmen we have no choice but to stand before Buckingham Palace in our many hundreds of thousands and request the dissolution of parliament in the name of democracy. We must call on our friends, relatives and work colleagues, regardless of their political thoughts and persuasions to stand up for something greater than Cameron or Brown, for something worth saving; our country.

We must beseech the Crown to intervene on behalf of the people.

One day, that is all it will take to bring real and lasting change to this land. One day in the Mall and all the evil apparatus of the police state can be dismantled. One day and the bankers can be called to account for the countless billions they have demanded from us causing the suffering of the working British people. One day and the possibility of freedom from the EU is within the grasp of the people.

We have before us a task of the most difficult and serious kind. We have before us hard work and struggle to end our nations suffering. We must call for action against a tyranny, only surpassed in the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

Use all avenues of media to which you have access to get the call out to the nation, use all your energies to gather those that care about the future to answer the cause of democracy.

Henry Crun said...

"Show me the receipts or I'll nail your fucking head to a coffee table."

You are Dinsdale Piranha and I claim my £5

Oldrightie said...

If this vote were lost it might help change my forecast for labour's UK legacy a tiny bit!

Afghanistan Banana Stand said...

Fidothedog said...

Yes I saw Flynn's article.
I happen to know Paul Flynns address so over to him...

Sadly, he's my MP.
I haven't been past his house for a while, though.

Dave said...

Mad Gordo's caved in and has blamed the Tories for not siding with him.

The utterly despicable cowardly cunt.

Another u turn. How predictable is he?

Anonymous said...

Harperson will be trying another angle to be released shortly. The shredders are running white hot.

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