Saturday, 24 January 2009

Not Even An Apology?

The Grauniad have an article about trying to get a simple apology from Sir Fred The Shred Goodwin, the arrogant prick who fucked up the Royal Bank Of Scotland with his egomania.

Not surprising, he fails to get one. Instead he gets hassled and threatened by the plod, and bollocked by his editor following a call from Phil Hall, the former editor of the News of the World, has been employed by Goodwin in a minder capacity.

So, insulated by the millions he has trousered in salary, bonuses, and payoff, Sir Fred probably thinks he's got away with it and can enjoy the world's golf courses and his beloved classic cars while the rest of us struggle in the recession. (Thank God there's no more Boom and Bust!)

Now, while I am not for one moment suggesting that anyone take the law into their own hands, or do anything illegal, there must be things that can be done to show our anger and disapproval?

I seem to recall a few years ago a farmer who had an dispute with his bank used his agricultural skills and machinery to pebbledash the bank with cowshit. We don't all have that option, but there might be ways and means to try to bring Sir Fred (and any of the rest of the ilk) a little taste of the misery he has dumped on so many ordinary people.

The Penguin


Chalcedon said...

All the top honchos of these banks, financial institutions and most hedge funds should be publically beheaded and their heads placed on spikes above traitors gate at the Bloody Tower. It's kinder than they actually deserve.

Anonymous said...

Or you could just take a shit at the bottom of his drive.

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