Sunday, 25 January 2009

No Plan B

Well, it looks as if we are going to be handed another £50 BILLION bill thanks to the vain queens who "run" our country.

The banks will no longer provide funding for the much commented PFI/NHS scheme

And to quote our Lords and Masters

What fun. There IS no more money. Gordon spent the last of it years ago.


The Penguin said...

Frankly, I'm pissing myself laughing at this. We don't need shoodily built new hospitals, we need to get the fucking cleaning done and the staff slapped into shape in the existing ones, so patients don't catch C Diff and shit themselves to death. We need joined up services so patients can go home rather than block beds. We need to cut layers of bureaucracy.

It is also funny that it has erupted in McBroon's face now, and that even the fuckers on the BBC can't ignore it.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

There was no plan A either, just spend the fucking lot as quick as possible on the most monumental useless bollocks imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Read this, what the fuck is going on?.

Britain was just three hours away from going bust last year after a secret run on the banks, one of Gordon Brown's Ministers has revealed.
City Minister Paul Myners disclosed that on Friday, October 10, the country was 'very close' to a complete banking collapse after 'major depositors' attempted to withdraw their money en masse.
The Mail on Sunday has been told that the Treasury was preparing for the banks to shut their doors to all customers, terminate electronic transfers and even block hole-in-the-wall cash withdrawals.
Only frantic behind-the-scenes efforts averted financial meltdown.
If the moves had failed, Mr Brown would have been forced to announce that the Government was nationalising the entire financial system and guaranteeing all deposits.
But 60-year-old Lord Myners was accused last night of being 'completely irresponsible' for admitting the scale of the crisis while the recession was still deepening and major institutions such as Barclays remain under intense pressure.
The build-up to 'Black Friday' started on Monday, October 6, when the FTSE 100 dropped by nearly eight per cent as bad news on the economy started to multiply.
The following day, Chancellor Alistair Darling began all-night talks ahead of an announcement on the Wednesday that billions of pounds of taxpayers' money would be used to pour liquidity into the system.

Mitch said...

"Britain was just three hours away from going bust last year after a secret run on the banks, one of Gordon Brown's Ministers has revealed."

sounds like bollox to me,this would have leaked much sooner.
I smell brown being bigged up by his puppet.

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