Sunday, 25 January 2009

No more heroes.

Sorry. Spiderman is busy right now. Please solve your own problems in the meantime.

(Picture nabbed from here)

Humans are remarkable things. Born without fur, teeth, claws or stings, with no toxins in their bodies, not too strong, not too fast, we are nothing but walking easy meat for any predator on the planet. Pit yourself unarmed against a lion or a panther if you don’t believe me. Take on a bear or a wolf. You have no chance.

And yet humans are successful. We don’t have fur to keep us warm so we steal other animals’ fur, either whole or knitted. We have no teeth or claws but we can work stone and wood and metal into something similar and we can throw those things, or fire them from bows and guns. Now we can hit targets on another continent. We are not fast or strong but we can build machines that are, and ride in them or control them remotely. A human alone would find it difficult to catch a rabbit but a human with a gun (or previously, a bow, sling or atlatl) could bring down a cow. Working together we can bring down a mastodon or catch a whale.

We can fly faster than any bird. We can talk to someone on the other side of the world in real time. We have holiday snaps of Mars and pictures of most of the planets and moons in our solar system. We can save millions with a vaccine or kill millions with one bomb. We can turn desert into garden and salt water into fresh. We build and obliterate cities on a whim. Not bad for a bald ape.

We do this because we have powerful brains. And yet, we somehow resent our success.

Gods arise because humans can’t quite accept that they can do things for themselves. Humans did not rise from the apes of Africa on their own. A god did it. Humans did not win any war. God decided the winner. Choose your god, from the pantheon available, and hand over credit for your achievements. Your body, with its fantastic immune system and capacity for repair, did not save you from disease. God did it. It was a miracle.

This is not about religion. I don’t care whether there’s a God because if there is, he has demonstrated quite effectively that he doesn’t care about me. I have no bone to pick with the religious. It’s an example. Nothing more.

What it demonstrates is the human inability to believe our luck. Biologically, we are the least equipped species to survive on this planet. We have no fur to keep us warm. In a fight, we have piddling little teeth, no claws, no armoured skin, nothing. And yet we rule this planet. Tigers and wolves get out of our way. They know what we’re like. We are the bespectacled playground weed who finds the big kids running away and can’t quite grasp why.

So we pass the buck. We can’t have done this. Someone else must have. Someone watches over us (I’m not getting into an argument over that, so forget it). We continue this with our superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and lately V for vendetta and the Watchmen. We don’t have to do anything. The Heroes will save us. So now we don’t do anything. We wait for the Hero.

The Righteous have never attempted to ban superhero films because they play right into the hands of the Righteous. They leave us with the impression we don’t have to do anything. Batman will sort it out. We don’t have to battle the creeping oppression of government. V will deal with that. The Righteous delight in this. It makes us complacent and pliable. We wait for our Hero to sort things out.

We wait, and we wait, but the Hero does not come. The Hero is not real and never was. Whenever there has been change in the world, it was brought about by people. Gandhi, Luther, Washington, Pankhurst, name your heroes and realise they were no such thing. They were human. No climbing walls, no flying, no shark-repellent Bat-spray, no trains filled with explosives and no spangly costumes. Human. Just like you and me. Nothing unusual or supernatural about them at all. No super powers, no super weapon… just words.

Still we wait. When the Righteous shut down dissent with their cries of ‘racist!’ we let them. The Hero will come. When they add more cameras to the stacks, we let them. The Hero will come. When they ban and control the things we enjoy, we let them. The Hero will come. We have backed down to the Righteous on every point, every argument, every ban and every new insane law and they have responded by becoming bolder and more arrogant. And still we wait for someone else to deal with them. There is no someone else. The Righteous know this. The only ones they have to fear are us and we are under their control. Because we allow it. We allow it because we think someone else will save us, but nobody will. Slowly, people are realising this.

The Righteous are frightened now. Their panic is evident. In their pretence that all homeschooled children might be abused, in their attempts to send those same children home to nag their smoking parents and thereby invite a whack, in all their rapid and hysterical pronouncements, their fear is evident. They fear loss of control, and in their fear they try to impose more, but with no logic or reason. They are running now and they are vulnerable. The cries of ‘racist-Nazi-bigot’ no longer work. Instead, they are using implications of paedophilia and child abuse, but their accusations are becoming shrill and less credible. The Righteous are ready to fall. They can recover. If we let them.

For years they have cowed us with words. When they stated that anyone opposed to immigration was racist, who stood up and said ‘That’s silly’? When they brought in the smoking ban, we talked but how many of us flouted that ban? When they fined people for overfilled bins, we complained but how many of us turned up at the council offices to demand explanation? When they turned our children into litter-spies and smoking-spies and odd-behaviour-spies, we were appalled but how many of us responded with more than mumbled complaints?

I can’t claim any moral superiority. Like you, I railed and shouted and did nothing. When the PC lunatics decreed the word ‘black’ was offensive even when applied to a blackboard or a telephone or a cat, I was incensed but did nothing about it. It was a small thing, easily bypassed. They were all such small things, weren’t they? Christmas turning into ‘winterval’, nativity plays cancelled, parents not allowed to photograph their own children at school, trainspotters arrested as terrorists, all tiny details that could be easily forgotten. Little things, minor irritants, another camera here or there, new rabid pseudoplods and Litter Hitlers walking the streets, new powers to enter homes, and through it all the mantra ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ calmed our fury.

I stand outside the pub to smoke now, even though everyone, even the staff, are often out there with me. I have not defied the ludicrous Righteous rules. Like you, I have waited for someone else to show the way. Someone with strength. A Hero.

There is no hero. There is no someone else. We stand alone.

There was a bit of a fuss lately over the radical atheist posting of adverts on buses. ‘There is probably no God, so just enjoy your life’, or something like that. Whether there is a God or not is immaterial to this argument. There is a more appropriate slogan for our times.

There are definitely no heroes, so if you want something done, do it yourself.

Demand explanation and don’t accept platitudes. Keep asking the same question until they have to admit they have no answer. Ignore deflection and strawman arguments, favourites of the Righteous, and keep asking the same question over and over and over and as loudly and publically as possible. We don’t need violence to bring them down. They have controlled us with words. We can fight back with the same weapon. They will try to stop us speaking – they already have – because they fear that weapon more than any other. Riots they have prepared for. Persistent argument is what they fear most, because that will reveal them for what they are.

Should we? Can we? Are we the leaders we’ve been waiting for? Have we been, all along, the ones who can do something? Should we prepare an underground army, a secret cabal of anti-Righteous warriors?

No, because organised rebellion has already been modelled in their predictions and ways of dealing with that have been arranged. We don’t need weapons. They can fight weapons. They cannot fight words once their manipulative ways are exposed. They can fight an organised response, they can fight a one-man response, but a mass of individual responses cannot be fought. There is no leader to target. There are no platoons to take out. Each stands as individual but there are millions of those individuals and silencing one makes no difference to the rest.

I’m not a member of the Libertarian party but I took part in sending a copy of ‘1984’ to all the MPs last November. The response, what response there was, was aimed at the Libertarian party. The organisation, not the individuals. These people can cope with fighting organisations. They can’t conceive that individuals can be mobilised with a common aim.

That is what I suggest. They cut us down with small things, here and there. We can fight back the same way. Small rebellions, here and there. Think up something you can do to make life difficult for a Righteous, and do it. Nothing violent or illegal, there’s no need. Small irritations are all you need to do. Deflect, distort and disparage their arguments, the same thing they’ve done to us for years. Drop hints and start rumours. Keep them busy with minutiae.

Don’t concern yourself with the egotistical notion that they must know who hit them, because it’s more effective if they don’t. It does not matter that they know who has taken revenge, only that it is done, and if you remain unidentified then you can strike again. Never crow about what you do, never admit to having done anything at all. They can fight rioters. They can fight organisations. They cannot fight shadows. Look at their responses to anonymous posters on their own sites. It terrifies them, even though they always respond as ‘anonymous’ when pitching their responses to others. Stay below the radar, as they have done, and poke them once in a while. If enough are doing this it becomes unbearable.

Don’t look for leaders and don’t wait for heroes. You are both.


Anonymous said...

No good waiting for the Return Of King Arthur to slay Mandelson then ?

Good post, thank you.

Anonymous said...

As soon as this pub closes, as soon as this pub closes the revolution starts. In the meantime don't hold your breath.

TractorStats said...

Thailand style protest, the only way left. Bring the whole country to a grinding halt. After all its virtually broken down anyway due to total lack of routine maintenance by the disabled, one eyed driver.

The very fact any labour supporter is a supporter to this criminally insane unelected pathetic excuse for a leader means they need to be kicked so hard they never get up ever again.

Take to the streets now and start with evicting Labour ministers from their ill gotten properties and raze them to the ground.

Boot them out of the country with all the other millions of uninvited parasites.

Or continue to be walked all over and trodden into the dust by scum of the earth, British politicians.

Get planning now. Raise an army, fight back.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. My first thought on hearing that MPs wouldn't have to provide receipts for expenses under £25 was 'fine, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me and HMRC can whistle all it likes.' Another one is the so-called Bin Tax: rubbish collection is included in Council Tax so I'm not paying over and above - they can have their separate payment but I'm deducting it from the council tax. Same for all their other crap.

Guthrum said...

Each of should choose which course of action we must take; education,conventional political action or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes,

But let it not be said we did nothing

Ron Paul

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


Resist at every level !

Polaris said...

Well put LI. I have already started irritating them. The problem we face is that in order for us to succeed we do depend on the Main Stream Media or / and the Internet - and the limited reporting of the problems in Iceland and Eastern Europe demonstrate just how unreliable they are.

mikey said...

A nice piece but to be honest I've grown so tired of taking their shit and am thinking how come every other country is taking to the streets but us? I'd like it to be short, sharp and over quickly. I have a feeling there are many in the armed forces who, let's face it, have been shat on more than most who feel the same.

Anonymous said...

There are many other people who think like you - a large number of them met up yesterday:

Harrithebastard said...

Superb LI , and as a plus to myself you have probably saved my bonce from the thick steel end of plods truncheon?

It was only yesterday i felt the need to root around Grandads old army trunk, circa 1914,

Gasmask ( requires new asbestos filter) ... check

Lee enfield, minus barrel, trigger and most of the stock ... check

tin hat ( no chin strap ) ... check

Furry moth eaten combats ( minus gaits ) ... check (Are flares still in fashion? )

hobnails polished to a mirror finish ... check ( i have been reliably informed that trenchfoot is not recommended )

Rusty bayonet ... check

They won't like that up em Mr Mannering.

So here we go, all for one and one for all its every man for himself, muck & bullets and all that.


Anonymous said...


I was a bit surprised to see in the clips the behaviour of the Rejkavik police: hostile and a bit violent. This in a country where almost everybody knows each other. It tells me something of the power of the state in even a mini-state: the police didn't care what the protestors thought. But your point is that the protestors protested.

The Righteous know that. That's the problem for us. Notice that nobody in a position of power in this country thinks about dismantling the abuses of the welfare state. Perish the thought. They think we are bought lock, stock and barrel and dare not bleat about the behaviour of the owners. They have built a system that suppresses protest.

It is instructive that the Countryside Alliance could get an impressive demonstration together - not too many welfare recipients there - but it did not prove effective.

Maybe you are hoping for a Jarrow March - but was that effective?

In the end, it will be the ballot box that causes the change. Whether or not that change is effective is up to us, and that is where we can attack them - at the trough. Get at the Opposition. It is no use bleating to those with their eyes and ears submerged in the slurry they call feed. Make them understand that they need to act.


Ampers said...

This will travelk.

It is going out to everybody I know on the Internet and for the more elderly and computer challenged, I am printing it out - sod the paper and the ink.

Well done for finding this, LegIron but the link you gave for where it comes from seems to be the wrong link.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Anon @ 9.53. Re the meeting of the British Constitution Group yesterday, will the speeches go online? I'd really like to read them.

Anonymous said...

Will make sure that all follow up information from the British Constitution Group is circulated widely

JD said...

Nice piece. My tactics precisely. Keep writing letters and asking awkward questions to keep them occupied. And speak out against PC whenever possible.
I have always believed in calling a spade a spook.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant article. Thinking about it, the powers that be really have removed the power to protest.

Currently there only seems to be an 'underground' movement of people, like us, who really understand what is going on and how fucked we are. (Or is it more commonplace but people are just scared to do anything??)

How can we get the BBC-informed masses switched on to all this?

Old Holborn said...

They have only removed conventional ways to protest.

Ghandi managed to bring down an Empire by using non conventional ways.

Think outside the box. Send the Labour party 1p donations , take a walk with me on November 5th, gate crash their meetings and embarrass them, remind them at every opportunity that they are but 646, we are 60,000,000, frighten them by using what few liberties you have left

Take control. You have ONE life

Jeff said...

LegIron said: Should we prepare an underground army, a secret cabal of anti-Righteous warriors? No, because organised rebellion has already been modelled in their predictions and ways of dealing with that have been arranged.

If anyone needs confirmation that the Righteous are already looking to prevent the crude masses (such as ourselves) from making our protests, have a look at the Police Inspector Blog. In amongst the comments about Prince Harry's use of the word "Paki" there are some gems. Try this from a serving officer. I replied, and then he agreed with my view of ACPO, even if we disagree about some of the other stuff.

I am certain that in the private limited company, which is in equal partnership with our elected government, we see our next government. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you (FX: drum roll) ACPO.

Leg-iron said...

Ampers - the link refers to the picture, in case the owner gets miffed that I didn't credit it. I'll fix that.

The words are my own disjointed ramblings ;)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great stuff. We could start by making sure November 5th is huge this year.

And write letters, lots of them, and tell others to do the same. It's the majority who are angry, they just need to be encouraged.

polaris said...

Anybody up for writing for I have registered the domain with a vague idea of countering comedy duo Prescott & Campbell's new improved Labourshit.

If you are email me.

Anonymous said...

Well do something about it then. Join (or at the very least vote for) the BNP. They are this nation's *only* hope.

Any thing less and I'm afraid you are just a part of the problem you complain about so much.

Oh, and before any of you start, save your infantile Nazi comments for someone else - they just don't wash with me I'm afraid.

Leg-iron said...

No need to start off defensive, Anon. The membership of the BNP are not inherently racist, despite the shrieks of horror from the racist Righteous whenever you're mentioned. I know a few, and theyre not skinheads, they've just had enough of what Labour have done to the country and don't see the Tories or LibDems as being any different.

Unfortunately your party does have policies I strongly disagree with, to the point that I couldn't vote for you. I'm talking about the skin-colour policies here, naturally.

So, BNP parliament next election? I doubt that very much. A BNP MP or two? - I wouldn't be at all surprised.

If you could just get rid of that white-power stuff, you'd do a lot better, I think, but it's your party.

AngryDave said...

Excellent post! i could not have said it better myself.
Count me in.

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