Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New LPUK Campaign - one we can all do

Douglas Carswell MP (One of the good guys hiding in the Tory Party) has decided not to go with the flow of MP's hiding their expenses and is going to publish his accounts to April 2009 in full. H/T The Devil

We have been looking out for a campaign that would follow up the November 5th send your MP a copy of George Orwell's 1984.

How about the following as a standard letter to cut and paste.

Dear Sir or Madam

Members of Parliament published expenses

I am sure that you will agree with me that one of things that causes such lack of confidence in MP's is the constant attempts by Members of the House of Commons to claim for expenses at charge to the hard pressed taxpayer and then not to publish their expense accounts in full.

Personally I fail to understand why my employer and the HMRC require all expenditure to be properly receipted, yet members feel that they should not supply receipts for expenditure under £25 and have a special exemption under the Freedom of Information Act to cover their expenses.

Will you confirm to me that you will be following the commendable example of Douglas Carswell MP, who has made a public declaration that he will publish his expenses in full upto April 2009.

If you feel that is not something that you want to do, can you explain on what grounds you do not wish to follow Mr Carswell's example.

Yours Sincerely

A Constituent

If you would like to let us know at 1984@lpuk.org who you have written to and by St Valentine's day, Feb 14th we can send a Valentines card of shame to the House of Commons with all of those MP's who have ignored you, refused to give a committment to publish, or fudged the issue. Remember that your MP is only required to respond to his Constituent, who is in effect his employer.

Please pass this on in your blog


Old Holborn said...

My local MP, the resident Westminster Village Idiot, Brooks Newmark published an article in the Grauniad demanding "transparency".

Let's see if he means it, eh?

The Penguin said...

Have done.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Good one.

Me too.


Anonymous said...

Charles Hendry MP

I emailed him and will follow with a letter.

Your readers could use ths:

find your MP:



Old Holborn said...

Charles Hendry used to be my MP until I moved.

He is a pompous cocktard of the highest order

Best of luck

K. McEgan. said...

Wouldnt work in Northern Ireland.Too fucking tribal white bway.

Red Biro said...


Guthrum said...


Aardvark said...

For me I think sending a letter to my local MP about expenses would be a waste of a postage stamp given that it’s that great Westminster political icon of standards and probity Derek Conway. Undoubtedly one of the fattest pigs in the Westminster pork barrel. A great credit to the constituency of Sidcup and Old Bexley.

Earthlet Nigel said...

I have written to Francis Maude MP

Your email link doesn't work. Email returned.

The Last Of The Few said...

A guess which spunkbubble I have.
Willie Rennie.

I have a face to face meeting with this loon on the 23/02

As per every other letter no reply will be forth coming me thinks!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I've written to my resident fuckwit. The cunt didn't even bother to acknowledge my letter.

Cleast Intwood said...

Email sent to my local MP - Peter Soulsby. We'll see what happens...

Anonymous said...

if you mean the link I mentioned. I got a reply:

Your email has been sent to the MP for your area;- Charles Hendry , the content of the message is below

Your MP : Charles Hendry

Message ID : WV1232459602W4975d752b4e5b

Name: xxxx DZ
Postal code :

Postal address :

Email address

Constituency Searched for: Wealden

Constituency From Postcode entered : Wealden

This person is in your constituency

Message :
Dear Mr. Hendry, Will you confirm to me that you will be following the commendable example of Douglas Carswell MP, who has made a public declaration that he will publish his expenses in full up to April 2009?

I'll check that I didn't spoil the link and will revert.

Anonymous said...


DZ again.

I checked the link: it worked. I copied and pasted from here. No suggestions, sorry.

Here it is again:



fuchsia groan said...

I already wrote to my MP (NuLab), via the TheyWorkForYou website. I pointed out that they would be publishing the result of how MPs vote this Thursday on the disgraceful attempt to exempt themselves from FOI re: expenses. Am not hopeful of getting a reply. If he votes the 'wrong' way, I will follow up with a letter to my local rag. He has a wafer thin majority, so is toast come the next election anyway

Anonymous said...

Had copied your letter, intending to write to my MP. When I followed the link to confirm who was my MP I found the good news that Dear Leader has chickened out & there will be no vote - it is cancelled! Snotgobbler really is to courage as a piece of shit is to good food!

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