Saturday, 17 January 2009

Mandleson's Second Life hijacked

Hat tip to the Penguin
Update: Dolly's shit has been cloned. With NO moderation.
From their contact us page:
LABOURIST loves open and free debate. We encourage readers to comment on stories we harvest from We have a laissez faire moderation policy and will only remove comments that are obvious spam, reposts, commercial links, unnecessarily abusive or racially offensive.

Everything else is fair game.

If you are a Tory, Labour, LibDem or Green troll, fill your boots. However, given that you have the opportunity to comment on the policies, actions and strategy of our Government, please use your voice wisely.
We particularly welcome comments from those who oppose Government policy and can articulate the reasons why. A free press and the checks and balances that it affords is essential to a healthy democracy.
If you wish to contribute an article to LABOURIST, we would be happy to consider your submission. In the first instance, please send a message using our
contact page. We are unable to financially compensate you for your submission but you will receive full attribution. We welcome content from Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and political commentators from all sides of the political spectrum.
Most of all we want to hear from voters outside of the ‘Westminster Village’. We simply ask that you make your point briefly, succintly and make a reasoned argument. If you can do that, you will already be at the top of the pile. If you would like to become a guest blogger for LABOURIST, we would also like to hear from you.


The Penguin said...

And Dolly's LabourLick.cum has been cloned.

The Penguin

Ampers said...

Yes, alas she found too many articulate discussion from old-school genuine socialists!

Labour Hater said...

OH, exchanged an email with Guido. Not a nice experience, so thought I would bring my sensitive but agressive persona as "i hate labour" over here. Any probs with that you can do as Guido and tell me to "fuck off"
Looks a though the anti-labour stuff is gonna be stopped after all!

Labour Hater said...


It's not the number of comments that matter, just that a blog exists!!!!!!!

Shirking From Home said...

Has LabourList run out of steam already? Not many comments left.

K. MacEgan. said...

I may play with their minds.Now wheres the fucking semtex?

OwlHoot said...

I can hardly believe all that malevolent crap they're spouting on the Fabian Conference

The Newt Fancier wants to send tanks into Guerney, part of the UK, to massacre the hordes of tax avoiders there (in his fevered imagination).

He mentions invading the Channel Islands again in another topic. So it's obviously some sick fantasy dear to his heart.

Another other crazed bint wants to abolish private education, although (in fairness) even the other muppets seem to think that is a step too far.

A loony called Maguire proposes an "anti-self-employment" squad, to ban self-employment, as the self-employed might otherwise evade his proposed cap on earnings.

God, it's like lifting up a stone and watching all the bugs and slimy things exposed to the light. Is this really how socialists think?

Thanks God they'll soon be joining Red Ken, kicked back into well-deserved obscurity.

Shug Niggurath said...

Welcome back OH, thought when you said you were finished posting you really meant it, so good to see you posting again. It's important that people stick to their guns.

Bishop Brennan said...

I fear the Mail was forced to airbrush that picture of M'Lord Mandelson...

The original (taken in Marrakech) clearly showed a small Arab boy in the process of, ahem, entertaining M'Lord...

Katabasis said...

"Has LabourList run out of steam already? Not many comments left."

Well that would have a few more if not for deleting mine - and I'm sure a great many others' comments.

This new site is genius, I hope we can help to spread word around and ensure it eclipses Draper's censoring abomination.

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