Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mandelson in trouble?

From Guido

Andrew Gilligan is digging into how Lord Mandelson can afford to buy a £2.5 million Regency villa on Regents Park. After all he has been a poorly paid public servant for over a decade...


Daisy said...

i want that mat!!!!!!
i NEED that mat!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

3 surgeons 1 from iran, 1 from germany and 1 from the uk.

Irainian doc says we are so good that we can take a healthy kidney and put in to a man and and have him looking for work in one week.

Thats nothing says the german, we can take a lung from one man and put it in another man and he can be up and looking for work in 3 days.

The brit says, thats fuck all. We took an asshole from scotland put him in no.10 and now every fuckers looking for work

The Penguin said...

Meanwhile, Lord Mandelbum has still not returned to Dolly's Dump to answer the questions or respond to the comments, despite his promise to do so.

Still, not like it was a manifesto commitment!

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

@ Anonymous 13.51


Guthrum said...

But I don't think he has been a poorly paid Civil Servant, he was an EU commissioner, which means he would have spent very little of his 'salary', as he would have charged all his living expenses to us. Easy to save a million or so, when you do not have to pay for board and lodgings.

That is the real scandal

Ampers said...

2.5 mil? Three months profit on expenses!

Harrithebastard said...

Ampers said...
2.5 mil? Three months profit on expenses!

13 January 2009 15:47

Okay , fuck it where do i sign.

It gotta be better than actualy working for a living , i will even succumb to Ronaldo doing the dirty on me? and going in dry . no pain no gain ... thats my philsophy .

man in the street said...

Fucking nasty piece of work. Encapsulates all that is rotten with westminster.

Reinaldo said...

Pete's not in the shit again is he?

Old Holborn said...

Oh, the Evening Standard published my comments

Harrithebastard said...

Whilst i can safely assume that the Meddlesom one can take good advice from no one ... but some dodgy mortgage advisor , whilst under the deranged influence of much absinth and a plentifull supply of vaseline by the bucket full ... i may not be at John Holmes the ' beast' standard !

But i can assure his Lord this one and frank thing .

You would most definaltley not want it on the end of your nose aa a fucking wart ...

PS: Ones arse would resemble the end of a wizards sleeve quicker than one could obtain a dodgy mortgage anyway ...

No shame , no honour ... but one hell of a tool .

Fuck it , if its wet and its warm ! its good enough for me .

Fucking delicious! said...

The Boudoir in Marrakesh is still in the process of cleaning up after the Mandelson party visit. I believe they’re still trying to get the shit stains out of the white linen bed sheets. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Fucking Delicious!

Obo The Yobbo said...

Where is the cunt?

Dave H said...

From the Standard link, Mandy's box looks quite large & red. I hope he's not been overdoing it.

The Penguin said...

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Labour Hater said...

13 January 2009 13:51

Hope you don't mind, after I stopped laughing I borrowed the joke for my place.

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