Monday, 5 January 2009

Learning MUST be fun. By Order

Come here, you little shit. I'll fucking teach you to deal crystal meth in the fucking playground. Raasclaat, innit.

Apparently, OFSTED are going to crackdown on dull teaching. Every moment of the “learning experience” must now be fun packed and vibrant.

For the love of fucking Jesus, just let teachers fucking teach! If Wieman Junior is bored, it’s because he’s been told to sit down, shut the fuck up and get on with his work. Except that isn’t allowed anymore, is it you cunts? It breaches his human rights. Oh boy, is Wieman Junior in for a surprise if he applies for a job with me.

UPDATE: Just spotted that the Head of OFSTED is also the wife of Minister Tony McNulty. Isn't that nice?


Anonymous said...

How about the primary school that is dropping the word "school" as it might put the little darlings off going. I believe its going to be called a learning establishment thats much better, so they can play hookey from an establishment instead of school.
As private Fraser said in dads army "we are all doomed I tell you, doomed" do you know I think he may be right.

Dick the Prick said...

So not only do parents have to raise them, provide for them, shit themselves stupid about their welfare but now educate them which will be harder as it'll be in contradiction to the diversity cunts.

Labour - we fuck more kids than Sydney Cook.

marksany said...

Leave teachers alone and their lessons will be more fun,and children will learn more. Teaching will be more fun too, and that will increase recruitment and retention. It is government by diktat & target that is driving all fun out of all life.

In this context, fun doesn't just mean having a laugh, it should include engaging, interesting and rewarding.

Chris said...

*squints* Is that a guest post by Frank Chalk perchance?

Education: can't be *that* difficult, otherwise Socialists couldn't do it. Oh, wait...

The Penguin said...

What that fucking cretin whose "troops" gave Haringey's Child Welfare Department three fucking stars even after they had colluded in the murder of Peter Connolly?

Oh, how the elite Righteous like to keep it "in the family".

Fucking Cunts.

The Penguin

someday said...

Fuck teaching. Wouldn't recommend it to a dog.

Anonymous said...

Education is nothing new and is successfully done abroad by foreigners. Why pay a bunch of failure academics to reinvent the wheel? Copy the most successful foreign country.

Chalcedon said...

I would last 2 minutes as a teacher as the first little bastard who swore at me would get his face slapped. Then when he shouted it again the other side would be stinging. That's me in jail. It would be worth it though.

I think they don't actually know the difference between teaching and learning. Teaching is what the master (yes, ours were called masters and most had MAs in their subjects too)does. Learning is what pupils do, or are supposed to be doing when they aren't earning more than their teachers by selling crystal meth and crack in the playground. If it hasn't been flogged off for housing that is.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I was chatting the other day with some young prick who turns out to be towards the end of his post grad teaching thing. He's just off to his first placement but does not agree with calling places " schools " or their inmates/Service Users " pupils " coz it's demeaning.
Cunt, Plymouth will learn him.

" So you prefer to regard children as small adults ? " says I.
"How very retro, the Victorians thought that way too and mistreated children accordingly."

Shut the smug fucker up.

Daisy said...

perhaps if all the students weren't drugged it would be a more exciting adventure for them, eh?

Letters From A Tory said...

Could they crackdown on dull politicians while they're at it?

We wouldn't want double standards now, would we.

AngryDave said...

I teach martial arts and see children and teenagers who have been sat in front the tv all their life, usualy by the parents, and cannot concentrate for a second if you are not jumping about or have flashing lights around you.
The answer, i find, is to get them to do press ups until they learn to concentrate or quit and go back home to their sofa and tv.

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