Thursday, 8 January 2009

Last word?

Leg-iron here.

I don't pretend to know the details of what has happened. I have never met OH or Obo, I don't know what history there is or how far back it goes or anything at all, really. I don't consider it any of my business.

OH might shut this blog down and close his account on Blogger, or he might allow me to keep the place warm until he returns. The decision is his, I'm just glad he decided to take a few days to think about it. Obo is also thinking about whether to continue as a blogger or not.

For myself, I will stop when the power goes off or when the ever-tightening legislative noose finally silences the last protesting voice.

Because it's about more than spats between individuals. It's about more than personalities. It's about more than whether we agree or disagree on any single issue. I know blogs typically have small readerships. I don't even collect stats on mine. I know blogs are largely read by those who already agree with the author and by a few of those whose smugness oozes from the screen as they 'refute' the blogger's post with an irrelevant or distorted comment. I know blogging will not change the world.

But if we don't try, who will? Nailing a proclamation to a church door was once a very effective protest, but it will achieve nothing today aside from a column-inch in a local paper saying 'vandal sticks nail in church door'. Picking up salt on a beach was once the start of a movement that liberated a country. Now it would achieve no more than a fine based on some obscure environmental law. Hell, our so-called civil servants don't even need a law to arrest someone any more. Just ask a photographer.

Maybe nobody is reading this. Maybe nobody ever will. Maybe anyone who happens by will just snort at the rantings of an old cripple and laugh it all away. Maybe nothing I say will ever cause so much as a ripple in the world. Or maybe it will. All I can do is say it, and see what happens. That's all any of us can do.

I noted the gleeful encroach of several anonymous Righteous in this spat. I'm not talking about friends of OH and/or Obo who have taken sides as they see fit. I'm talking about those who would exacerbate the spat and who would extrapolate it to the party of which both were, until recently, members. OH has left the party but that does not deter those who would like to see the whole libertarian ethos quashed. I have seen frequent references to 'right-wing libertarian' which seek to portray the entire idea as something from the mind of Goebbels. I have seen many attacks on both these bloggers, while they are both at a low, designed to shut either or both of them down.

We have heard, so many times, about the EU and the government's desire to shut down the dissenting voices of the blogs. Why? If we're no more than an irritating background buzz, why shut us down? Why are the Righteous so delighted at the silencing of this blog and Obo's, when they publicly dismiss all such blogs as the rantings of paranoid lunatics? Why the continued attempt to ostracise libertarians with the 'right-wing' or 'xenophobe' labels? Why is the Gorgon's favourite circus midget so intent on stopping these rantings?

We don't agree with each other on a lot of things. We each hold our own opinions and will defend those opinions. We do not speak with one voice, as the Righteous do. We believe in free speech, including the rights of others to speak, even if we think they talk rubbish. We are not a 'blogger conspiracy'. Most of us have never met and never will. We do not take to the streets with placards, we do not advertise our blogs on billboards. Blogs are found by those who are looking for them. They are not something you come across by accident. So where's the threat?

The threat is in that sheet of paper nailed to the door. It's in a handful of sandy salt. In themselves, they are nothing, seen by few people, and are easily dismissed - but it's what they represent that matters. They represent one man's refusal to accept that things Have To Be This Way and his enunciation of hs beliefs. What happens next depends on how many are of a similar mind, how many are prepared to stand up and say 'Enough' with him.

If the Church could have taken Martin Luther's paper from the door before anyone saw it, don't you think they would have? If the British could have slapped the salt from Gandhi's hand before anyone saw he held it, don't you think they would have? Someone, somewhere, will post something on a blog that will change the world. I don't know who or when, but the more blogs there are, the more readers see them, the more likely it is to happen.

The loss of OH is more than the loss of an entertaining writer and sweary blogger. The same is true of Obo, if he decides also to call it a day. They are the loss of chances where that one post, that one earth-shattering set of words, could appear and change the way we all see the world. Every silenced voice is more than the loss of one individual's opinions. It is the loss of a chance to be shown a way out of the mess we live in now.

That's why the ginger midget is scared. That's why the government and the EU is scared. That's why the Righteous want the blogs silenced. Not because of what we say. Because of what we might say.

If OH agrees, I'll keep this blog running but on the understanding it's his blog and he can take it back anytime. I will not take sides in the OH/Obo fight because it's none of my business and because both of them are necessary components of the fight against our Righteous future. I hope, in time, they will both be back.

I don't want a future where everything is banned except those things we are permitted. I don't want a future where our choices are made by the Great Ones and we have to agree or face re-education. I don't want a future where those who seek a little independence are punished.

That is what we have to look forward to, if we let the Righteous silence us.

OH here: My blog is now your blog. It is an honour to hand it on to you. You are one of the top 10 bloggers in the UK . I will continue to comment wherever I please, be a general pain in the arse to all and sundry and fuck the 646 with a handful of broken glass. Read my blog list, they are amazing people. Ask them to contribute, comment on their well thought out rants and the very best to all of you. But especially Leg Iron.

"Make it work, Charlie" from the Italian Job.

I'm off to do something vey big indeed.


Ampers said...

Well said. Mr Cripple, Bleddy well said. I'll carry on reading everything you have to say.

Ampers - Decrepit old age pensioner.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Like I said on the previous post, OH could do far worse than just give you the keys to this 'blog for the time being.

RogueTrooper13 said...

keep posting...i'll keep reading

polaris said...

Yup I'll go along with that.

Freedom of expression is all we have, whether we agree, or agree to disagree with each other, differing opinions should not figure in the decision of talented and motivated writers to scratch their scrawl on the wall - if anything a reaction and a moments consideration of the other side of the argument is progress.

See you soon OH? or whoever...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be arsed to read all this post. It wouldn't be a tragedy if OH gives up blogging - it would show he is completely gutless. Perhaps he is worried that assorted chavs, mobility chair users and other public sector parasites read his blog and will come knocking at his door. Come on OH! Remember you're British and show some back-bone. I can't see Marlborough, Nelson, Wellington or Churchill retreating to the corner of the room, assuming a foetal position and weeping.

p.s. the fact that I am posting anonomously shouldn't be taken to mean in any way that I am a spineless twat panicking about my safety.

polaris said...

@ 23:15
You are a spineless twat

nightjack said...

We are all short levers but we are levers. I'll keep reading

marksany said...

well said, leg-iron

RogueTrooper13 said...

its all a shit!

Anonymous said...

Very well said, And, judging by your post, I'm going to enjoy this jsut as much as I have enjoyed the last 6 months of OH. Oh, and OH, I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never donna turn around and desert you. Keep it up, behind or in front, anonymously or otherwise. Just keep it up. you have the right ideas and the determination to carry on.

Best of luck for the future.


Alan said...

Spot on as usual LegIron.
OH, your blog went from illuminating and encouraging to despairingly tabloid and annoying. I enjoyed reading and wouldn't want you to retire.

W.W. said...

OH, I have read your rantings on Guido's blog many times, you are one of the few people on their worth reading.

I hope you don't quit, someone needs to hold the fuckers to account, the press certainly don't.

I can understand fear for the sake of your family, but they are what we are fighting for, for their freedom.
Freedom of expression, and freedom of thought. Which is under threat like no time in the history of our country.
People have to make sacrifices, most people won't, some because they don't know, some because they don't care, and some because they can't be arsed. But if no one puts their head above the parapet we are all doomed to the thought police.
We must never give up, never give the fuckers a break, never get off their backs, scrutinize everything they say and do, expose their lies and hypocracies.
This is the early days of the battle, like the cold war it may take decades, it me be our childrens children who finally gain the victory, but we must keep the flame alive.
The likes of Mandleson, Brown, Balls, Harman, Mcnulty, Hain, Barraso and all the rest of the useless, pointless power hungry fanatics must never be allowed to succeed. Because if they do, god help us all.

Fuck me is that the time, I'm off to bed.

'Never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee'

And it is tolling.


Rob Farrington said...

Great that you're keeping the blog going, Leg-iron!

I've been a fan of Underdogs for a while now, and have both blogs bookmarked.

Dick the Prick said...

Spot on post Leg-iron and cheers chaps for an excellent accomodation.

I don't have kids or stuff but whilst Leg Iron has written about the noble aspects of blogging, at no point should that detract from the less savoury, the fact that there are some right fucking loons out there, high on fuck knows what, thinking that they're some kind of judge.

Cheers boys, this blog is the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic News!

You guys will give Guido and Iain Dale a REAL run for their money!

Anonymous said...

don't froget, Obo is the Clown!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Glad to hear the blog aint closing. I enjoy it very much. Keep your chins up OH!

Henry North London said...

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.
Winston Churchill

He said it

Dont fret OH

The Voice of Treason said...

No offence to LegIron who is, let it be said, one of the most thoughtful, astute and inspiring bloggers bar none, but this blog is DEAD.

Old Holby misjudged the mood with his ill-considered attack upon Israel; which on this occasion the majority (ie. Not the BBC) believes might just have right on it's side. Rather than graciously back off (even a little), Holby escalates the situation by posting a video purporting to show an Israeli attack on innocent victims. The video is later discovered to be a self inflicted Palestinian massacre from years back. When this is pointed out to Holby by DK (and others) he rails against the entire UK Libertarian movement instead of making an honourable admission of error. Within hours he's seeking sympathy like a crybaby claiming death threats are "pouring in" and yet he offers not a shred of proof. He very publically announces that another blogger has posted his most private details on the internet but even a blind man can see the barefaced lie in those words.

It's then that any reasonable person begins to wonder if any of Holby's previous grandiose claims about himself are true? Just how many lies is this guy prepared to sow in the name of inflating his own self importance or to wiggle out of a tight spot?

This blog is dead because its become the home of dishonesty. Its author runs away rather than admit what is obvious to others.....

If it wasn't for so many being suckered by your lies, it would be funny.

Old Holborn, the William Joyce of the internet age. RIP.

Thud said...

I have some worries about the vid episode but I'll stick around and give it a whirl.

Mummy's little helper said...

VoT - have you ever kissed a girl?

Barnsley Bill said...

For fucks sake.
When i first stumbled across and found OH and OBO I was ecstatic. At last I realised there were people as angry as me. I immediately linked them to my blog and it soon got to the point where this blog was receiving 10% of its traffic from New Zealand. That is down to me. I have promoted the fuck out of this site for you OH and now to see you throw your toys out of the cot really shits me.
I would never post something anonymously that I would not say publicly.
You are pouring shit all over OBO without foundation.
Your running off with your tail between your legs is probably for the best.
In the spirit of not giving a flying fuck and being prepared to man up to what I say; my name is Russell Beaumont. I live in kerikeri New Zealand and will never return to the fucking shithole that is England, you clowns have gratefully taken it up the shitter from Blair, Brown and the rest of those felchtards and you are now getting everything you deserve.Any body that is not happy with what I write can SUCK MY HAIRY ARSE.
OH, you disappoint me.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Do the world a service Leg-iron and continue OHs blog until he gets angry enough to return, cheers.

Lao Harbo said...

Jesus H. Barnsley Bill... You're the man. Must have some sense in ya because you got out this hell hole.

Been reading all this crap and was starting to think all these we luv ya Holborn fanboys had no balls

The dude is a lying sack of shit and he would sell his kids if it got him a few extra clicks.

"Here's a photo of me, at my best mates Sikh wedding, with my best friend and my kids" - Old holborn No shitting ya!

There are blokes [and shelas] working real hard in blogging who speak the truth. So who needs some washed up two faced twat telling the folks only what they want to hear? Big mouth, big man, big joke.

What a fucking waste of time youve been buddy - thanks for nothing!!!!!

This will prob be deleted I guess.

stonker said...

Well done Leg-iron, you keep writing I'll keep reading.
A toast, to the demise of the poison dwarf.

crackers said...

Good luck Leg Iron. Don't go overboard on the Juice though - can damage your health.

Guthrum said...

Good Man

6000 said...

"I'm off to do something very big indeed."

Hmm. A commiseratory curry will do that to you...

Nice work, LI.
See you soon, OH. (meant in a non-threatening way...)

iskanda said...

Wise words Leg-iron. And, as long as there is someone taking the time to write, I'll be taking the time to read.

Cato said...

Good work Leg Iron, I'd have missed this festering, vituperative blog.
Keep it going.

Shades said...

Bloody well said, Leg Iron.

Keep biting upwards, when it comes to blogging you have sharper teeth than Obo and we are all underdogs now.

The Penguin said...

A pretty good compromise in the circumstances. Leg Iron's writing is among the finest out there - and if the grumpy OH pops in from time to time, excellent.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

The Voice of Treason @ 01.45, why don't yuo fuck off you cunt. OH didn't misjudge the situation. He was spot on that is why he was threatened.

Friend of Carlotta said...

Seems like OH was right about the Yids

Turns out there's trillions of cubic metres of natural gas just off the coast of Gaza and Hamas were demanding it be part of any negotiations.

No wonder Israel wants them all dead

Dave said...

Keep blogging.
They hate it.
Isn't that enough?

Shirking From Home said...

Excellent post.

bofl said...

as obo isnt taking comments i will post both need to take a good look at yourselves.......the enemy are the traitorous useless tossers that infect this country under the banner of Labour.all lying scheming bastards and i susoect communist plants.think i am crazy?
remember philby,mclean etc?apparently harold wilson was playing for the other side at times.....

i like both blogs but i think you need to grow up and find some what if your mugshots are on the net?

By both doing and saying stupid things you bring yourself down to the level of the 646 braying twats in westminster. you are not setting a very good example.........sure on my own page and in comments i let rip.........nothing wrong with that.......but the many people in this shithole want MORE people to make a noise-not run away and let the shitbags off the hook!

so now as i have blown your cover you can kiss and make up!

Gordon Brown said...

"I'm off to do something vey big indeed."

Ooh, can I join? I am aboot ta bust in ma nappy.

Thatcher's Child said...

Leg-Iron, I like your post, you seem a decent person.

OH - you are a tosser!

I was wondering how OH would regain the eyeballs you have collected - nobody just throws 70k visitors away on a whim. By handing the blog to someone else, he can still run away, but keep your ego intact.

I am convinced OH will be back swinging his dick at chavs within a month or so - and I will have moved on.

Credibility is what really counts on the net. OH has none, and that must really hurt.

Good Luck Leg Iron - I wish you will!

The Heresiarch said...

This is unalloyed good news. With the genius Leg-Iron in charge OH may even be worthy of its over-inflated stats. I will certainly be reading more often.

Anonymous said...

Wise words Leg Iron! Keep writing, I'll keep reading. Divide & rule is how ZaNuLab maintain the status quo & when we get involved in fighting amongst ourselves we do the work of Dolly Draper's Rebuttal Trolls for them. There will always be many opinions, we need to work together on the ones we share & leave each other to work alone on the ones we don't. Personally, as an example,I didn't agree with Guido's stance on Gaza & I did agree with OH's. However, Guido's blog is his space & he can support what he wants there. He does lots of other good bits so I merely commented that I couldn't agree with his viewpoint & left it at that. But I've been back since & commented on other things & I'll keep going back. On OH's blog I said that I agreed with him on Gaza, there's other bits I don't agree with him on - that's life! Hopefully, at some stage both OH & OBO will return. Until then (and afterwards) I'm sure Leg Iron will blog magnificantly & crusade against the Righteous. Good Luck!

is still getting comments. Gordon won't be pleased!

max the impaler said...

Good blog LI.With you all the way.

Daisy said...

leg iron...very thought provoking post...i agree...i had to privatize my blog and now have to watch what i do because of co-workers misinterpreting what i said and taking it out of is a sad state of affairs when people are silenced for their own thoughts and feelings, right or wrong...and without a voice what are we but puppets for our respective government...oh yeah and active tax payers...

Gareth said...

"Someone, somewhere, will post something on a blog that will change the world. I don't know who or when, but the more blogs there are, the more readers see them, the more likely it is to happen."

Perhaps. But not in this country.

The more blogs the more noise to drown out and distract from whatever fights are worth fighting. A lot of them are echo chambers for likeminded people - a bit like gossiping down the pub. The sheer number of blogs makes straying from familiar territory a hassle. The most immediately good thing about blogs that springs to mind is the distributed processing it creates. Many minds and many eyes can be brought to bear on seemingly trivial matters to uncover abuses and injustice. Guido manages it at times.

OH's walk is the kind of thing that gets establishments shitting themselves but it wouldn't have needed a blog to do it. Perhaps in a perverse fashion blogs can be counter-productive, allowing many to lend their support without requiring any hard graft.

I don't think the nailing stuff to doors will be done by bloggers as such, but by people who would do it anyway who happen to blog. If that makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

Where is Obnoxious these days. Stupid wanker.

Anonymous said...

OB saw this coming , hence the "Shut-down".

UK e-mail law 'attack on rights'

Its the next nail in the coffin.

Welcome brave new world.

Craig said...

VoT 09 January 2009 01:46 - you're a cnut. Try reading my post over at Guidos about proportionality.

FWIW, Leg-Iron I'm very impressed by this piece. Not necessarily a call to arms, no Barack-Obamaesque "Yes We Can" moment but still a well-meant, moving post.

OH - please come back occasionally but if you're going to may I suggest you either create a closed user group for commentary or that you refuse to accept anonymous commentary from the Israel-is-great mob?

The Penguin said...

If this is your first encounter of Leg Iron's brilliant prose, try taking a wander round his own blog.


The Penguin

Northern Softie said...

Well ranted, granted.

Thank feck.

You go, Leggy Ron.

This blog has saved lives.

Mine included.

jwcuibono said...

Excellent news!

Confusion to the enemy! said...

On the new email laws - not a way round it but just an irritant to Brown, Ginger Dwarf etc - for every email you actually send, send another, blank if neccessary or full of the silliest twaddle possible to a govt dept, Do the same for every email you receive. Forward your spam to all govt depts. They'll have to store it. Sign up now for web email - hotmail, yahoo - I'm sure there's more, giving a non-EU country as your address & use that rather than your ISP's email.Or are there webmails in non-EU countries - there must be - sign up with them. So it's lying - and? Play the bastards at their own game, pay lip service to the Righteous Rules & then subvert, avoid, twist & abuse the rules at each & every opportunity. Bombard your local council with FOI requests, comment on their every action, question their every decision. Even if they eventually delete your emails on arrival, you've added another bit of traffic to their network

breakerg said...

Well said, leg-iron.

We have enough work to do cutting down on the Righteous without fighting amongst ourselves.

electro-kevin said...

You're right, Leg Iron. Blogs won't make much of a difference, nor will mainstream polemicists ...

... but by heck economic collapse will. I thank God it's happening now - before they could completely sieze power or outbreed us through uncontrolled immigration.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Nu Lab be in power when it happens.

Because who will stand up for them ? Don't the fools realise that no-one hates them more than rank and file coppers and soldiers ?

JD said...

This is very good news. As long as the blog is here I will be reading it, and making the occasional comment, no doubt. You are right about blogging being important. Blogs are a great medium for the exchange of ideas, which can move the world, and as we know, "Ideas are bulletproof" (V).
Anyone else up for a walk Nov. 5th?
(blog: )

Curly said...

Listen Leg Iron, put some sugar in the grumpy old bastard's tea, eh?

Stewart Cowan said...

I too will visit this site more regularly with LI writing. I admire OH for being in the fight to try and put the country back together, but I found the effing and jeffing depressing.

Maybe it's depressed him too?

Methuselah said...

In safe hands. Reason and good sense prevail

bugger my bollocks said...

'..but I found the effing and jeffing depressing.

Maybe it's depressed him too?'

What the fuck you on about you daft cunt? What bleeding effing and fucking jeffing are you on about?

i hate labour said...

Well said, Leg Iron. Count me in. OH, keep good and do as I do. Hate Labour more than any other fuckwits.

Anonymous said...

Go for it!

You've got an inertial audience.

The worst that can happen is you get ignored. Somehow I doubt it though.

Anonymous said...

Continue OH's tradition.........

Raise awareness about the 1.2 TRILLION cu ft of gas discovered off Gaza's coast.

Perhaps this is explains the recent invasion / occupation?

Seendalite said...

I have followed the links. I have read the years old posts on various fora. I have seen with my own eyes that Old Holborn is indeed an attention grabbing drama queen.

This is very sad. I quite liked his postings and rants. But the man has previous.

But no more.

Give it up, Leg-iron. You are better than this.

Anonymous said...

09 January 2009 13:13
Blogger Daisy said...

leg iron...very thought provoking post...i agree...i had to privatize my blog and now have to watch what i do because of co-workers misinterpreting what i said and taking it out of place..

Do fuck off you stupid cow, nobody on Earth gives a fuck what you say on your stupid private blog. You never had an original thought in your stupid head. Fuck off or better still go and lock yourself in a room where nobody can even see what you look like never mind read what it is that you think you think, you fucking moron. This place is like fucking Woman's Hour. well said harbo, barnsley and seendalite

Daisy said...

anonymous 4:24
whenever you get the balls to post an actual name behind your bullshit comments i will give them validity...hint you have to remove your hand from your fucking cock long enough to type the name in...

Jenni Murray said...

@ anon 04:24

You misogynist fudge packing half wit, fuck off - permanently...

Katabasis said...

LI I think your post deserves applaud. I'm pleased to hear you are posting here and that OH will continue to contribute.

"We must never give up, never give the fuckers a break, never get off their backs, scrutinize everything they say and do, expose their lies and hypocracies."

Amen to that.

I'm another one of the (alleged minority) of libertarian leaning people who does NOT support Israel, and remain utterly bewildered as to why so many supposedly Libertarian people do support the West's Great Golem.

Out of all the Western "democracies", Israel is the basket case, having certain features that should give apoplexy to anyone who is of a freedom, or human centered mind.

i) The very "nation" is founded on religious fuckwittery of the kind Libertarians are supposed to be fundamentally opposed to. But nope - it gets a free pass.

ii) contrary to myth it isn't a wild west that has been carved out by brave frontiersmen on their own. From the start it has been heavily subsidised, especially by the U.S. and the Israeli Amen corner in U.S. government (though Old Blighty's been no light touch in this regard either).

Again, a free pass with regard to subsidies again from supposed supporters of the freed market.

iii) It's intelligence operations and activities interfering in other nations have been amongst the most despicable and damaging outside the anglo-american axis. Moreover, it's actions are often directly inimical to anglo-american interests (just consider the multiple espionage scandals with Israeli officials in the U.S. over the last few years). Plus it has been (and probably still is) a key hub in the A.Q.Khan nuclear proliferation network.

Despite these odious actions a free pass - again.

iv) the only area I have some sympathy with is in discussion of the realpolitik and strategic issues of being a country surrounded by potential enemies on every border, with regular provocations occurring.

Yet the positions often advocated in support of this by "Libertarians" often do two things:
a) treat the issue as if Israel had suddenly appeared today and not itself carried out any provocations and
b) treat the collective interest of a nebulous "state" as being superior to the interest of innocent people caught in the crossfire. In other words, contrary to individualist thinking, many "Libertarian" supporters of the Great Golem appear to think that - in this case - breaking a few eggs to make an omelette is absolutely fine.

I really don't understand some of you people.

Chalcedon said...

Well said, Leg Iron. Keep up the good work. Also pleased that OH will still be posting. Something is better than nothing.

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