Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Jacqui's Boot Boys strike again.

Are you a constituent of the Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski? Have you written to him recently?

If so, you'd better read this as a matter of urgency.

Police now believe they need no warrant to enter an MP's parliamentary offices and demand copies of a constituent's correspondence. They know about your emails, your phone calls, and which websites you visit, and they don't need to intercept your written letters. They can just demand them from the recipient.

Even if the recipient is an MP.

But we aren't a police state. Oh, no. That's just paranoia.

Update: Penguin points out in the comments that the police claim there was an appointment and that the MP handed over the letter voluntarily. The MP claims the police demanded to see constituency correspondence and that he heard of their appearance in his office when he was busy giving a speech.

It's not clear cut yet but someone is lying big time, and this won't end without egg on someone's face. Either we can't trust the police or we can't trust our MPs or both.

I suspect the answer might well be 'both'.


K. McEgan. said...

Here is me pondering about how to mess with Babylon.Small unpaid fine.Political offence-I must have been thinking or something-anyway London plodscum want me.Soooo if I go to the Outer Henrides how much will it cost them to send me to London?

Red Mist said...

Posted this on Iain Dale's blog, but seems perfectly relevant here. Maybe you know something I don't...

"From what I understand, without an official search warrant having been prepared and signed by the correct senior official, a search of premises cannot take place.

Why are the police themselves breaking the law by performing another illegal search?"

Shirking From Home said...

Good days to bury and nick stuff. Half the domestic media have fucked off stateside too. These arseholes must be stopped.

The Penguin said...

Hang on, just a mo'!

The BBC report seems to suggest that there was an appointment, and that the MP is ashamed that he rolled over.

Can we have some more facts before we go ballistic?

The Penguin

Leg-iron said...

They do use the words 'by appointment' (in quotes) but the MP's statement:

"I received a note from my office that there was a police officer in my office demanding to see correspondence."

..suggests he didn't know they were coming.

The MP is a spineless weakling for handing over the correspondence, the police wrong to demand it without a warrant. Appointment or no, something odd is going on here.

The Screech said...

Brownies Boot Boys eh? Wind 'em up and watch 'em fucking go.

Earthlet Nigel said...

A worrying trend is developing with the activities of the police state becoming ever more overt.

Where will the Snot Gobbler erect the first Gulag?

And instead of meekly handing over the letter why didn't he seek counsel.


Dick Puddlecote said...

MPs and Police. This lot look after us apparently. Neither has a fucking clue.

I'm scared.

Lucky I'm taking shooting lessons with a great big shotgun, eh?

Anonymous said...

I think Jackboots is too thick for all this. It's the nameless suits who are trying to run the show.
It stinks of pompously incompetent civil servant department management who have got too big for their boots.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


"Where will the Snot Gobbler erect the first Gulag?"

The former Air Force station at West Raynham. It's already been prepared.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Truss da Babylon?
My Grandfather was a copper for 12 years, and he always told me never to trust the Hoons.
Thanks Mr OH
I now out rank that plotting cunt by1 when it comes down to a legal detention (+:
I have the feeling that this Nov
I will arrest and detain the next jumped up Nigerian illegal immigrant that tells me I cant watch people walk about in fancy dress out side the HOC

Anonymous said...

The point is that this MP is a coward and only cares for the constituents when it comes to voting time, people credit the police with too much intelligence (the cerebral kind-not other peoples information!) they were obviously sent to 'test the water' and it is this MP who needs to be locked up and left to rot, he is moaning about the police action to hide his own craven and cowardly act.

Hopefully this will prove to the masses that any contact with their so-called 'political representative' is dangerous to ones health literally, and if they need anything they need to use their own initiative rather than absolve responsibility to a representative of this repressive State, they already know that any faith placed in the police has long ago proved to be negative in EVERY sense.

Anonymous said...

Let us get rid of these incompetent pricks ASAP. We are real people out here. This is no longer a joke.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Unbelievable arrogance on the part of the Police while the Damian Green case is still up in the air.

Time for MPs to attend courses on Self Assertiveness and Confidence Boosting.
Police do routinely bully and act in an overbearing manner but any self-respecting crim knows the actual extent of their powers , what they can and cannot do.

AngryDave said...

It is getting quite scary now that we can no longer trust a single state employee.
Not even some of my co-workers at the jail where i work.

Roll on November 5th, i am working again, but i am going to try and book it off as leave. Probably not a good idea to tell them what for.

Guthrum said...

If they cannot uphold their own liberties they will not uphold ours.

The man is a craven coward for giving into the Police without a murmur

Anonymous said...

We all know that Labour is out of control but what the hell are the Tories up to? Why isn't Cameron shouting from the rooftops? Even Clegg is taking the lead in slagging of bankers bonuses. Without a viable Opposition we are stuffed.

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